Forty-six years later and still looking for an answer

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   Is it a hoax? How could anyone be skeptical of Manmade Catastrophic Global Climate Change? That’s what I get when I write that it seems to be a hoax. The controversy started about seventeen thousand days ago.
            April 22, 1970 was a pleasant Southern New Mexico day on the campus of New Mexico State University. I was a sophomore Journalism major covering the first Earth Day.
            It was a shock to me when an organizer proclaimed most people on Planet Earth would be dead within ten years (1980) from Manmade Global Cooling. This would drive the temperature of Earth down.
            I asked a question that afternoon that was not answered then nor has it been addressed in the forty-six years since even though I keep asking it. I’ll get to that question after I explain why I became a skeptic.
            That afternoon I thought it would be nice to drop the temperature in New Mexico though it would be a problem for farmers in Canada. Occasionally, over the next few years there would be stories predicting Global Cooling but nothing happened.
            Ten years later in 1980, the theory changed dramatically to identify a completely different danger: Manmade Global Warming. All people on planet Earth would be dead within ten years (1990) because the planet would become too hot. Shuckins, I thought, first cooling was going to kill us and now warming. I became skeptical and wrote that it seems a hoax to give government more power and money.
            Some readers roasted me for my skepticism in advance of the theoretical roasting from Manmade Global Warming. Then ten years went by without any change.
            In 1990, it was twenty years after the introduction of Manmade Global Cooling and then the change to Manmade Global Warming. The proponents of the theory now said we would all be dead within ten years (2000) unless everyone on the planet stopped using fossil fuel. Also, the word “Catastrophic” was added.
            Fast forward to the year 2000 when Catastrophic Manmade Global Warming was certainly going to kill everyone on the planet within ten years (2010) per the mainstream media. But our climate didn’t change as had been predicted for thirty years.
            With the Internet becoming so prevalent there came many false stories claiming vast climate changes unsupported by scientific data. Rather, political agendas drove the research where millions of dollars were awarded to universities for finding the desired political outcome: there is Global Warming.
            Example: recently we learned the United Kingdom gave $11 million to the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Warming but the organization just published findings of Climate Change without doing any research. This fraud and others have been discovered but the mainstream media doesn’t care.
            This is now in the category of a religion where you must believe in the political advocacy regardless of the real data. This year we’re told Catastrophic Manmade Global Climate Change is more dangerous than nuclear global war. What utter crap.
            Since this is political there’s a huge push to silence skeptics. Valerie Richardson in The Washington Times April 14, 2016 wrote, “Bill Nye, ‘the science guy’ says in a video interview released Thursday that he is open to the idea of jailing those who deviate from the climate change consensus.”
            Regardless, the question I have asked over and over during the last forty years has not been answered. If humans can change the climate of Earth, what’s the best temperature? Before we change Earth’s temperature we must consider what is the best for all humans?
            How do we decide this issue? We have the push to lower the temperature via carbon trapping but do we want the temperature of Planet Earth to go down and have less carbon available for plant growth?
            In 1970, at the first Earth Day, I was introduced to the theory of Global Cooling. Forty-six years later I still call this a hoax designed to give power to governments. I am still upset that no one will address the best temperature on Earth question.
            If telling the truth about this political hoax is a jailing offense in our country, I will serve my time in a country without a Constitutional First Amendment.


Nobody seems to care

© 2016 Jim Spence - Every older generation finds fault with the younger generation. When we baby boomers were kids we heard it and heard it good from our parents and grandparents. They implied that our generation was not up to speed.
Some people would argue that the baby boomers rebelled. This is a misnomer. Most baby boomers did not rebel from the selfish and entitled attitudes promoted by Democrats and embraced by most of the members of the post-Depression generation. Most baby boomers willingly swallowed the absurd notion that more and more government was the solution to every problem. Yes, the majority of baby boomers have been drinking FDR's big government Kool Aid early and often. Worse yet, most baby boomers have participated in the gradual conditioning of America to accept corruption. 
It was not always this way. Forty years ago America had a profession known as journalism. Most journalists had a single agenda. They sought facts and exposed the truth. We watched the movie, All the President’s Men, again earlier this week. It is more amazing than ever to see how much energy the young Washington Post reporters, (Woodward and Bernstein) had for the pursuit of facts. Their work eventually exposed the widespread corruption within the Nixon Administration. Did Woodward and Bernstein do their jobs because they were anti-Nixon Democrats? Perhaps it is the romantic in me that wants to believe they did their work because they found corruption to be despicable. Coincidentally, the film, which was very accurate, lampooned a pathetic investigation by the FBI into the corruption of the Nixon White House. More than forty years ago the Nixon Department of Justice was a joke, just as the Obama Department of Justice is a big joke today. It would seem that politicians would not investigate themselves in the 1970’s, just as they won’t do so today. It took a couple of energetic reporters to stay after the facts of Watergate while the FBI tried to get the nation to look the other way. 
Where have all of these reporters gone and who is working in the press today? These days we are again seeing an “off again and back on again” investigation of the incredible corruption of the Clinton crime machine. Though the FBI said it was re-opening the Clinton files yesterday, the so-called investigative “efforts” of the FBI have been no less convincing in 2016, than they were when the Nixon FBI engaged in an investigation of “all the president’s men.”
Despite all of the astonishing revelations the FBI admitted it uncovered before FBI Director James Comey decided not to prosecute Hillary Clinton, it appears that the country is on the cusp of handing the keys of government to despicable people who behave like common thieves.
As easy as it is to blame the news media for looking the other way on corruption, the situation is much more circular and insidious than that. The news media, like our pop culture is simply a by-product of our failed education system. It has been quite some time since critical thinking was revered. Propaganda disguised as entertainment or news is everywhere. The examples are endless. Here are a few:
A children’s film, The Lego Movie, has nothing more than an animated film message teaching the viewer that all business is evil. It implied that business people favor the idea of big intrusive government and crony capitalism. In the film, the villain’s name is actually Lord Business. I’ll spare you the details of the film. By the end, it was clear that the intent of the script was for the term, “business” to imply the worst of motives. The great irony of the Lego Movie film is that it was made by the film business to sell legos……which it did. Business bashing business as a matter of doing more business……this is the 21st Century Hollywood business model.
If you have watched the conduct of the Clintons, you have to wonder when enough is enough. The Clintons went from insuring that grade school kids would begin to ask about blow jobs, to selling pardons to America's most wanted (Marc Rich) as they exited the White House sixteen years ago. These days the Clintons use their “foundation” like Vito Corleone used the olive oil business……simply as a cover for organized crime activities.
One question remains as we head towards Election Day. Why does the average American tolerate the Clinton’s brazen corruption? The answer to this question requires more questions.
Why do millions of Americans engage in texting while operating motor vehicles that weigh 3000 pounds or more and are traveling 60-80 mph on the highway or in tight traffic lanes in city traffic? The answer is simple. The millions of people who do this are stupid.
Why do preposterous propaganda movies draw huge audiences?The answer is simple. The millions of people who pay to watch this drivel are stupid.
Why does a backup quarterback with a bloated $100 million contract, who refuses to respect the national anthem, have the top selling jersey in the NFL? The answer is simple. The millions of people who buy Kaepernick jerseys are stupid.
Why would a recent survey reveal that nearly 100% of voting age millennials recognize a picture of Pikachu (a video game character) while only 61% recognize a picture of the Vice President of the U.S.? The answer is simple. America is terminally uninformed.
As we head into November of 2016, both major parties have every right to be ashamed of their presidential nominee. However, our domestic news media (minus Fox) only engages in the shaming of one candidate (Trump). If you pay any attention at all, the collusion of those running the news media outlets with the Clinton campaign is nothing more than a partnership. The contrived indignation by the news media over only one of two pathetic candidates…..begins and ends right there.

Nobody seems to care.


Swickard: Wind and solar are a-changin'

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   “I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t believed it.” Marshall McLuhan
            That’s the problem with the future which always creeps up on us. There are huge changes in our society coming but most people don’t see them because they don’t believe in relatively sudden technological changes.
            Example: many people don’t believe wind or solar power will have any effect upon them. They see it as the government throwing money so politicians can get votes and donations. Wind or solar to them are boondoggles when the government gets involved for political reasons. And in today’s world I must agree. Today’s world.
            That leaves the future of wind and solar generation which is much different and closer than most people realize. Currently, except for harvesting government subsidies these technologies are only of use in houses in the sticks where bringing a power line in would cost the same as building a battleship.
            However, the use of wind and solar will change. As 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature winner Bob Dylan wrote in 1964: For the times they are a-changin’ You must believe to see the changes coming. That may catch people and governments unaware and could mean they are today investing in the wrong technologies.
            Solar and wind generation has three major shortfalls compared to traditional generation: first, the density of the power while generating it. Secondly, the continuous dependability of the power. Finally, the transmission and generation cost. All three are deal breakers for adopting wind or solar in today’s world.
            There is another problem adopting the current commercial wind and solar generation. It is the thousands of dead birds smacked by wind generation blades or fried from flying into solar death rays. Our current efforts are not the way to have these technologies become mainstream.
            The change that will enable solar and wind generation to become mainstream is when innovation dramatically lowers the cost to store that wind and solar power cheaply at the end-user’s home. This would allow wind and solar generation to become the technology of choice without any government subsidies.
            Can this happen? Yes, here’s a way to look at that possibility of massive change.
            Twenty years ago, the technology in my life involved seven different media devices. I used a Canon F1 camera, a Sony tape recorder/player; a Motorola cell phone, a Gateway home computer with modem, a digital storage unit to back up my computer files and a VHS video player plugged into my Sony television.
            Seven devices that are now contained in my Samsung smartphone. And, I now have Wi-Fi which allows me as a writer to do things I could only dream of doing twenty years ago. Twenty years ago I had no idea so much change was on the horizon.
            That is the same scenario for the dramatic shift to home-based electrical generation and storage. It starts with the move to power vehicles with stored electricity rather than fossil fuel. Currently, the cost per mile of an electric vehicle is above that of gas or diesel powered vehicles. But like the change in my media devices, the core issue is the cost of storage which is dropping dramatically.
            Take computer memory sticks. Just a few years ago it was ten dollars for one megabyte of storage in a memory stick. Now it is ten dollars for a hundred gigabytes. All in a couple years. The same will happen in power storage which will allow homeowners to have their own wind or solar storage.
            I could write more but that is enough to point out that having the expectation of oil and gas being a major benefit to budgets in years to come might just be proven wrong by the dropping storage costs in whole home batteries.
            Stanford University’s Tony Seba has written about this in, “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation: The industrial age of energy and transportation will be over by 2030.” It is a very thought provoking dialog about how technology will change our world soon.
            It isn’t if conventional power will end being useful, only when. That point is when home power storage costs less than the transmission of traditional energy. Then it will make sense to change.


Zero Integrity - Democrats rig elections

© 2016 Jim Spence - You have to shake your head at the media dialogue surrounding a “rigged” presidential election. If you are under the delusion that voter fraud does not happen in virtually every Democratic stronghold in America, you should stop reading right now.
Democrats are not simply establishing all sorts of back doors that can be used to commit voter fraud. They are paving the way for a horrible end to American society as we know it. There is no fundamental value or integrity that Democrats hold sacred including the sanctity of citizenship and a fair voting process.
The sequence of voter fraud is actually pretty easy to follow. When we go to vote at our precinct we see our niece and sister's names still on the voting rolls. We have informed the Democrats in the County Clerk’s office at least three times that neither our niece nor sister has lived in the state for more than twenty-five years. While we have not checked to see if someone has “voted” on behalf of our sister or niece recently, we really don’t have to. We read the reports of dead people voting as well as more people voting than were actually registered in a precinct. These sorts of outrageous frauds and many others occur constantly. Investigative reports show that tens of thousands of illegal aliens vote. Even illegal alien felons are voting. Nobody is ever prosecuted.
How do Democrats get away with voter fraud on such a widespread basis? First, the people they use in their fraud schemes may not even know they are breaking the law. Second, if they do know they are committing felonies, they probably do not care because once again, they realize they won’t ever be prosecuted. Third, in the inner cities and rural areas where Democratic Party registrations are high, fraudulent voters are brought to voting precincts in vans by Democratic Party organizers. Those who commit voter fraud are often given alcohol and/or tobacco. They are taught how to sign someone else’s name on a voter card and often Democratic Party operatives go in the voting booth with them to pull the Democrat lever. Simply put, it is easy to vote illegally and fraud is an epidemic.
How could it be this easy? Think about what Democrats do to make sure fraud is easy. Want to use your credit card? Produce a photo I.D. Want to fly? Produce a photo I.D. Want to rent something? Produce a photo I.D. Want to cash a check? Produce a photo I.D. Democrats understand that you must have an I.D. to live in modern society. Democrats never object to the fact that if you want to fly or charge something you must have a photo I.D. They even support driver's licenses for illegal aliens to make it easier for them to function here illegally.
However, because Democrats know that voting in many Democratic precincts can be packed with people committing fraud, they become outraged whenever it is suggested that requiring a photo I.D. to vote is fundamental and should be the law of the land. Democrats block voter fraud reform efforts at every turn. Democrats have the audacity to say that requiring an I.D. to vote is.......racist. They get Democrat judges to agree with their positions and as a result of this judicial collusion, the fraud goes on and on.
Democrats help voter fraud by refusing to enforce immigration laws. As a result, working America subsidizes everyone's living standard who violates our border laws. Government agents on the taxpayer payrolls who get paid to secure our not do so. This leads to working America actually subsidizing over-crowded emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and clinics. Accordingly, Democrats have managed to destroy the best healthcare system in the world in less than eight years. It is overrun with freeloaders.
Working America continues to get conned every single day by the Obamas and Clinton’s and their adoring media. Anyone who calls foul on their dumb open border policies is a racist anti-immigrant. Along with all of these other costs, we also pay for an insidious process that enables voter fraud to rob us.
It is sad to see that Democrats have zero respect for the most fundamental nature of democracy. They are willing to promote racial paranoia to achieve the perversion of the sanctity of the vote. Democrats have no problem whatsoever with allowing voter fraud at every turn.
As much as I hate defending Trump......if the question is this: "Do Democrats rig elections?" 
The answer is is simple. Democrats rig elections every chance they get.
The great sadness with the way our society has devolved in the 21st Century is that Democrats no longer care about basic fundamental integrity.

Swickard: Unspoken terrorism in New Mexico

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  This month is the centennial celebration of a large dam in Southern New Mexico that was officially named the Woodrow Wilson Dam. Nope, that name didn’t stick. We know it as Elephant Butte Dam.
            The celebrations this month tell many stories about how the Rio Grande Project was started and how the engineers constructed the first phase of the dam, completing it by 1916. At the time it was constructed, Elephant Butte Dam was the largest man made dam and lake in the world. Electric generation was added in the 1930s.
            But there is more to the story of this dam. If we were alive one hundred years ago we would have been aware of German sponsored terrorism in the United States. Most people remember the Pancho Villa Raid on Columbus New Mexico in March 1916 but there was more terrorism going on at that time.
            There was even an attempt to destroy Elephant Butte Dam which historians note but isn’t mentioned in any of the celebrations. New Mexico author Eugene Rhodes wrote a story of this attempt entitled, No Mean City, in the May 17 and 24, 1919 Saturday Evening Post.
            Rhodes died in 1934. In 1975 there was a collection of his stories published: The Rhodes Reader: Stories of virgins, villains, and varmints. This is where I found the story. The book is still in print at
            The September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center was not the first major terrorist attack on New York City. There was a large terrorist attack on New York City at 2:08 a.m., July 30, 1916. The target was a huge munitions supply terminal called Black Tom Island.
            German terrorists attacked Black Tom Island because it was shipping ammunition, powder and artillery shells to the Allies. These were loaded onto ships bound for France and Great Britain.
            In 1916, America was technically neutral in the European War. However, America leaned heavily toward the Allies by supplying munitions to the French and British. The German High Command considered America an enemy so they created a terrorist organization inside America.
            The German saboteurs started fires in the ammunition transportation areas. The resultant blast leveled Black Tom Island and peppered the Statue of Liberty with shrapnel. Citizens in the New York City area were terrorized by the explosions that broke most of the windows in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
            The story is detailed in a 1989 book by Jules Witcover, Sabotage at Black Tom: Imperial Germany’s Secret War in America, 1914 -1917.
            The perpetrators were agents of the German government. In that era, the largest terrorist supporting government in the world was Germany. There were more than fifty major acts of terrorism in the United States from 1914 to 1917 sponsored by the German government.
            That same month, German agents attacked the Senate Chamber of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Several people were killed in that attack. Financier J. P. Morgan was shot but survived a terrorist attack. America struggled with how to control terrorism.
            But what is not part of that discussion was the attack on New Mexico’s Elephant Butte Dam. After talking to several historians, it seems plausible that the ultimate aim of the destruction of the dam was to keep our country home dealing with this instead of coming to the side of France and England. Our country already had ten thousand soldiers in Mexico trying to capture and bring to justice Pancho Villa.
            Even though the Germans were engaged in the destruction it appears there was an attempt to make it seem Mexico did this because of our invasion of their country. Or, worse, British agents did this to try to pin it on Germany.
            In 1993 I wrote a screenplay, Hero’s Choice: between duty and honor lies every hero’s choice. Unfortunately, the eight saboteurs were killed in the attack on the dam so much of what I could write had to be fiction because there were no German survivors to tell their side of the story.
            Still, in celebrating the one hundred years of Elephant Butte Dam, we should acknowledge some of the rest of the history. It was a dangerous time back then as it is now.



© 2016 Jim Spence - How did America arrive at this intersection of abyss and total despair? Don’t look to journalism to accurately report that Americans are shaking their heads. Questions that should be asked and answered are left unasked.
Why do we have a pair of slime bags who successfully won the two major party nominations? Why are all of the other presidential candidate choices excluded from the presidential debates when most Americans hate Trump and Clinton? Why must we choose from two presidential candidates who say horrible things about each other……..that are pretty much all true?
The answers to these basic questions are actually pretty simple. The process that got us here began with otherwise decent people compromising on basic fundamental principles. We began with what seemed like harmless little concessions. They were made to Franklin Roosevelt while the Germans were making big compromises to accommodate Hitler for the same reasons. Looking the other way to appease what turned out to be dangerous people started the process. The American cousins of Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao began to chip away at what distinguishes America from every other nation on the planet in the wake of the Great Depression.
For starters, productive people stepped aside so that forces in the Democratic Party were allowed to gradually dumb down the public schools while politicizing them at the same time. This simple abdication has led to one disaster after another.
Millions of American people know instinctively that public education stinks. It explains why the use of parochial schools and home schooling has exploded. Still, a sorry public education system has dominated the American landscape for decades now. And over time this has led to several generations of Americans that each contains a majority of citizens who have no idea how dangerously powerful and arrogant government has become, especially relative to a more vibrant free market. In the schools we have allowed a relentless bashing of free market capitalism, while any questioning of the cancer of an entrenched government bureaucracy has gone unchecked.
The effects of not properly educating the American public about the dangers of big government throughout history are widespread. We have seen a hypocritical entertainment industry develop over time. It shapes a self-destructive pop culture, while also cloaking itself in freedom of expression protections that are embedded in the U.S. Constitution. Greedy entertainment executives pretend they look out for the little guy while pumping out one violently exploitative film after another. A scandalous hip hop music industry does the same thing with its music lyrics. These two iconic influences on American culture make billions of dollars off the masses while bashing the profit motives of all others in their films and musical themes. The "entertainment" industry doesn’t stop there. It promotes phony racial narratives and belts out bogus predictions about environmental dangers. Their alarmist messages and bogus predictions make Chicken Little seem like a mildly concerned individual. Their reckless actions have led to the deaths of police officers and the destruction of energy jobs in America.
Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump will take corrective actions necessary to reverse the flood of negative trends. They are both simply mesmerized by power and they know that big government not a vibrant free market is the ultimate power in the country now. 
Unfortunately America doesn't need another compulsive liar, it needs cultural and economic chemotherapy. Trump and Clinton propose Band-Aids. 
If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency she will accelerate the nation’s demise by appointing a Supreme Court justice who will, along with the four other Obama and Clinton appointees, completely ignore the U.S. Constitution.
Our best hope for Trump is that he will appoint a Supreme Court justice who will delay the inevitable by appointing a judge who will follow the U.S. Constitution instead of perverting it. This alone is reason enough to give him your vote.
Why would I suggest the demise of America is inevitable? Because tomorrow when we all wake up we will still have a public education system that is dumbing down America. We will still have a pop culture with no clue about fundamental truths......cancerous pop culture will continue to influence millions.
Sadly, the demographic realities are simple. More people who were not dumbed down and poisoned by pop culture and bad education are dying each year as they age, while they are replaced by uninformed new adults who are total rubes. Young adults are mostly rubes simply because they have no idea why their lives are so comfortable. We have not taught them why the U.S. Constitution matters for decades.
As all of this this happens we become more and more like countries in Europe who are failing miserably. Why the European disaster is held up as a model I’ll never know.


Swickard: A nice society without punching

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   As a youngster, I had hopes for when I grew up that technology would help America become a better place to live. It was standard dinner table conversation to talk about the advances of technology. Why, we even had a telephone. That was something that my grandparents never had on the ranch.
            When I was seven we were at my grandparent’s ranch and witnessed the first object sent into space, the Soviet Launched Sputnik as it flew West to East. My uncle said to me, “Remember this moment for the rest of your life because with that up there our world is changing.”
            We didn’t have pavement at the ranch south of Carrizozo so it was a long dirt road to go to Alamogordo. When we were just North of Tularosa there was an overpass which was paved and then the road was paved the rest of the way into town. We would all say at once, “Ah” and revel in how smooth the road was when paved.
            When I was eleven we even got a television set, black and white of course. And then the world was at our call by getting a kid to turn the channel changer or deal with the volume or smack the side when the picture would roll.
            I was one of the side smackers when the horizontal oscillator would go out and the picture would roll. My brother and I would jump up and smack the roll out of the television until it stopped rolling. Occasionally, the television would just go dark. Go figure.
            We were a community with good and bad people, with saints and sinners side by side. But there was an overarching rule that people had to act decent within the community or would be cast out. The reason I am thinking fondly of a kinder gentler time is because I am up to my neck in rude people.
            When technology gave us a connection to most of the seven billion people on Earth I never thought that I would regret that technology. But I do since it seems to have brought out the very worst in our citizens. In the older days including when I lived as a young man in several small communities there was a price to pay for being rude to someone.
            Often it was a punch in the snout. And since everyone saw everyone at the Post Office and the local café if you were snarky to someone there would be an immediate consequence from that person and likely several of the town elders who didn’t like that kind of behavior.
            But we have a society that screams rudeness because even if you do not like the way you are treated it is next to impossible to find the culprit and administer the thrashing that the skunk deserves. So many citizens just write something snarky back and the circle continues.
            Worse, in politics it is required for people to lose whatever tiny bit of genteelness and be as rude and disgusting as their vocabulary allows, all in the name of politics. Where will this end? Who knows?
            Kids learn potty words from watching movies and are incredibly inappropriate with each other and adults. Yes, I understand that there is free speech, but that just means someone can say that your mother is a big pile of dog snot legally. And often illegally you will punch them in the snout. But not if they are online and there is no way to bring them to a moment of atonement.
            The worse thing about this rudeness in politics is we Americans who inherited a mighty fine nation from our parents and grandparents are not being good shepherds of that trust. Rather, we ignore the incredible debt being place around the heads of our children and grandchildren while we complain that we haven’t gotten enough political plunder for our votes.
            All I do now is shun those rude people when I notice them on Facebook or at a meeting. I have reached a time and station in life where punching people in the snout is not an option. Maybe I should design an app called the Snout Puncher.


The Las Cruces Sun-News

© 2016 Jim Spence - We cancelled our subscription to the Las Cruces Sun-News more than twenty years ago. Why? Let's see, do you have a few minutes?
The Sun-News is nothing more than a propaganda sheet. Virtually every headline on budgeting in the Sun-News is written to serve the political agenda of Democrat reporters and editors. Almost every story on budgeting contains words and phrases designed to shape the views of the reader rather than provide facts and inform.
Still, I need to look at the obituaries every day, so I log on to the Sun-News website to make sure I didn’t die. This morning I logged on and decided to surf the "news" stories.
Same old drivel.
There is a story in today’s paper with the headline “Students stage walk in to support public education.” If you glance at the headline the story seems harmless enough. But if you are even a wee bit informed, you quickly recognize that activist teachers are manipulating naïve children to support their Democratic Party political agendas. How wonderful it must be to get the local paper to write propaganda pieces to help your cause and call it "news."
The result data has been in on public education for decades. Public education is failing and failing in a big way. America has been throwing more and more money at education for three generations while simultaneously seeing poorer and poorer results.
Most school teachers, who are at the bottom of the resource consuming food chain in the public education monster, can tell you all about the deterioration of attitudes and behaviors of children who show up in their classrooms every year. Overcoming this situation is the most difficult aspect of their job. More money won’t fix this horrible problem. Teachers can also tell you they are shorted on resources with larger classroom sizes and onerous testing requirements. Administrators call for one size fits all curriculum that replaces teacher creativity. Mandates from above are a way of life for the once creative island know as the teaching profession.
The larger classroom sizes are real, though studies unequivocally show there is zero correlation between classroom size and academic achievement. Unfortunately what is NEVER part of any discussion regarding education in the Sun-News is the heavy hand of big government and of the teachers unions on the budget. Sadly, many school teachers who think political activism is the solution to problems simply call for more milking of the taxpayers. They never stop to think about how much money gets squandered before it ever makes it to the classroom budgets. Administrative jobs are thick at every public school as well as every administration central office. You want to be informed about budgeting in education? Spend a week observing bureaucrats killing time on the public school payrolls while wasting resources by the millions. Do so and you will never plead for more milking of the taxpayers again. Still this is exactly what the Sun-News article calls for without ever bothering to use a little logic and follow the money wasted by the public education monster. 
And of course the propaganda in the Sun-News is predictable in that Governor Martinez (the Republican), is the simplistic whipping girl of yet another sloppy hit piece.
There is another hit piece in the Sun News today. It speaks of a budget repair sent to the Governor by the state legislature. It focuses on the efforts of the GOP to reinstate the death penalty in New Mexico for the most atrocious crimes. The article quickly glosses over the basic problem in New Mexico, which is that despite the fact that the oil and gas industry pays the bills in New Mexico, Democrats are constantly poisoning the business environment for oil and gas as well as all other businesses. Other businesses are capable of taking on more of the burden from oil and gas, but only if they are treated more fairly with an eye towards long term growth. 
School teacher activists (Democrats) are the favorites of Sun-News reporters and editors so their partisan views are constantly trumpeted in the paper. In the real world of results, Democrats have two clear solutions right under their noses. Choice number one would be to call for the elimination of 20-25% of all administrative positions in the education bureaucracy so that those funds could be invested in more teachers and shrink classroom sizes. They could also stop biting the hand that feeds them and improve the business environment for the oil and gas industry and all others as is the case in every single state that borders New Mexico. Instead of helping with real solutions it is a sign of the times that journalists writing stories about budgets and their activist Democrat school teacher pals are so uninformed about the subject that they are reduced to blaming the only people who can actually provide real long range solutions.

No, I do not regret cancelling my subscription to the Las Cruces Sun-News decades ago. The only thing that has changed at the paper is the violation of basic common sense on budgets and finance is more blatant and ignorant than ever.


Progressive socialism is America’s fastest growing religion

© 2016 Jim Spence - The oldest rhetorical trick in the book is the old question …..”Have you stopped beating your wife?”
Essentially creating a false narrative to begin every discussion automatically sets up an imbalance that must first be corrected before anything meaningful can take place. If you can’t get the false narrative corrected, you are wasting your time.
Intellectually speaking, as a country, America is there. We are literally wasting our time.
In recent years I have learned that progressive Democrats are not merely people with strong political views, they are religious fanatics. As such, the progressives have created false narratives for almost all aspects of life. They can quote you socialist scripture on anything. And they are dominating almost all information sources.
All you have to do is watch news reports or read newspapers; false narratives are everywhere. Even if you restrict your consumption of information to fairly controlled sources, you will find yourself waking up and shaking your head all day. It goes on seven days a week in America now.
Forget about challenging a progressive about his or her presumptions. The responses you get will be mindful of the religious fanatic who insists the earth is only eight thousand years old. Facts will never matter to a progressive Democrat. They are 21st Century book burners.
If you have lived sixty years, as I have, you have noticed that the same old things are framed differently now. For the first forty-five years of my life we had lightening, rain, strong winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, cold spells, winter storms, blizzards, the occasional Indian summer in the fall, and yes even heat waves. These days when I check the Weather Channel in the morning, all of these normal things that have been occurring for millions of years are now called, “climate change.” The climate change narrative is carefully designed. All academic papers containing the powerful evidence against global warming is squashed by grant thirsty "researchers." Instead progressives insist on using contrived propaganda to convince you to hate coal, natural gas, and oil. You see, you need to hate these things even if you like it when the electrical power is reliable, your new I-phone gets made and delivered on time, your computer runs, there is food at the grocery store, and your car takes you where you want to go.
You hear from progressives about the tremendous value of “diversity.” You are supposed to universally demand more diversity throughout all aspects of society…….except for your favorite NFL or NBA team. On those teams Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Whites are completely under-represented in the work force. Of course, the lack of diversity "imbalances" are never mentioned by anyone in the sports media because it does not fit the progressive’s religious narrative on diversity. The fact that the NFL and NBA business owners do what every other business owner tries to do is a dirty little secret that should never be mentioned. Imagine that these business people always try to hire the best players they can possibly find. So strange. Progressives would have you pretend the NBA and NFL are the only places where business people look for the best talent. In all other endeavors, according to progressive's false narrative, business people practice racism as a matter of routine instead of looking for talented players.
Turn on the local news at ten and watch a local news reporter out in the field explain that some slime bag robbed a convenience store and then got shot to death when he threatened a cop and tried to steal the cop’s weapon. Flip to a different channel in another city and watch a news reporter talk about a couple of black drug dealing gang banger's killing of an innocent black child, who was hit with their stray bullets during a drug turf war shootout. Of course neither of these stories ever becomes national news. The situations come up in the inner cities all of the time. They are not newsworthy. Of course, IF the convenience store robber just happens to be black and the cop he tried to take the gun from just happens to be “white.” Then it will become national news and the progressive Democrats political/religious narratives will immediately kick in. Racism, racism, racism.
The false narratives are endless. If there is an unsolved problem you can be sure it is the profit-motive that is at fault. Every person working in the private sector either has impure profit seeking motives or they work for a company with impure motives. Every bureaucrat of course is an unselfish public servant, even the people destroying the Veteran’s Hospital system.
If gas prices go up oil companies are gouging. If gas prices stay down the oil companies have nothing to do with it.
The lies and deceit are so thick and permeate every nook and cranny of everyday life so much, there is no longer any place to hide. Sadly, hundreds of millions of Americans are clueless to the scam.
Progressive socialism is America’s fastest growing religion and Hillary Clinton wants to be the next pastor of that church. Please excuse me if I take a pass on every sermon.

Swickard: Arresting citizens before they commit crimes

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D. “…society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind. It is really extraordinary that our people refuse to apply to human beings such elementary knowledge as every successful farmer is obliged to apply to his own stock breeding.” Former President Theodore Roosevelt, 1913.
             It is revolting that the philosophy of eugenics from the past is raising its head again. Reasonable people destroyed the eugenics movement in the last century but we must confront eugenic thinking as it rises again.
            Note: America should take Theodore Roosevelt off Mount Rushmore and replace him with the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., or movie star and WWII B-24 pilot Jimmy Stewart. I respect Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln but despise Progressive Era eugenicist Theodore Roosevelt.
            In the late 19th and early 20th century the Progressive Era Movement embraced the philosophy of eugenics as a method of improving the dominant population by weeding out what elites considered undesirables. The German Nazi Party took eugenics to an extreme by killing millions of people.
            Fast forward to elites in today’s society advocating eugenics without the name. Example: people are saying the government must stop crime before it happens by identifying those undesirables who are going to murder, rape and rob in the future.
            They say an all-powerful government is needed to insure our safety. Already the elitist government can take property from citizens who are neither charged nor convicted of a crime. It is called, Civil Forfeiture, which the elites in government love for the power and money it brings. That leads to something even worse.
            In the website American Intelligence Report, Kristan Harris reports: (Chicago) Police are arresting people for crimes they’ve not committed yet using a new computer algorithm software that identifies criminal behavior and predicts future crime. Suspects were arrested this year as a result of being put on a predictive policing Strategic Subject List and Chicago Special Order S10-06 which equips law-enforcement with the ability to arrest citizens before they commit a crime.
            My concern is that the government will extend this to other classes of citizens. With the bitter fight for gun control in our nation perhaps the government will start with gun owners. They are already tagging members of the military and former members as potentially dangerous.
            But it isn’t just now that this is mainstream. Bill Mauldin in his 1947 book, Back Home, wrote: During a period when veterans were big news, every time an ex-soldier got himself in a jam the fact that he was a vet was pointed out in the headline… But the sad fact was that such headlines gave added impetus to the rumor that always appears in every country after a war that the returning soldiers are trained in killing and assaults and are potential menaces to society.”
            There isn’t more of a betrayal than to send citizens into battle and then view them as a class of killers who are dangerous to the society because of what they learned and did to protect our freedom. Today the leaders of our country, in general, didn’t serve in the military nor do their children serve.
            Returning veterans are not treated well for their sacrifices and as Bill Mauldin pointed out it goes back into World War Two and beyond. Journalist Tom Brokaw in his book, The Greatest Generation, praises the soldiers of World War Two fifty years after they served.
            But we have the 1947 words of Bill Mauldin to remind us that WWII soldiers faced an ungrateful society when they came home. As did the Korean and Vietnam soldiers.
            The politicians who see our former military members as dangerous and take action before these men and women do something are as bad as all of the eugenic progressives combined. We are already betraying our former soldiers by having a Veterans Administration that is shameful in provided care.
            Who knows what will come of the Chicago “arrest them before they commit a crime” but I sense that former military and gun owners are in the cross-hairs of this all-powerful government. Their eugenic moves must be stopped. And we should honor our military and former military members. Without them America would not be a free nation.