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The Beauty of Martin Luther King's Dream

Jim Spence
Commentary by Jim Spence - Four years ago Barack Obama’s election in 2008 suggested a turning point in American history. Beyond all else the Obama victory demonstrated that America was ready, willing, and able to elect a non-white person to highest office in the land. Few could argue that even the mere symbolism did not have great value for our country. If nothing else, Obama offered the promise of ushering in a new age. From 2008 forward only the content of character would matter and the color of skin would be irrelevant.  Martin Luther King’s dream has come true. It is a wonderful thing. 
Fast forward almost four years and see how Democrats are dealing with the good news. President Obama’s signature legislation involves the federal government taking control of 16% of the economy (healthcare). Is he willing to run on that so-called accomplishment? No way. The legislation remains so unpopular Democrats know full well it is political poison to bring it up let alone try to brag about. How about the economy under Obama's policies? This is an increasingly large liability. We are in the middle of the most pathetic economic environment since the Great Depression. Unemployment has been over 8% for a longer period of time than ever in history. It is pretty hard to brag about the track we are on after four years.
If you survey the landscape you realize that making the case for President Obama’s re-election is difficult. Not to worry. Democrats have a strategy plan. It can be summarized in two sentences. 1) Demonize anyone who has achieved success and give credit for what they did to the government. 2) Accuse anyone who is critical of Obama’s central planning economy of being a racist.
The bad news for those truly interested in King's dream is the Obama campaign has help with its race exploitation strategy. Columnist Michelle Malkin does a great job of explaining all the words used in the normal course of conversation and discussion that are now being cynically identified as code for racism by the Obama biased news media. You can read her column here. This is a bastardization of everything King stood for.
Susana Martinez was censored
In watching the television coverage of the GOP convention this week it became clear that though Martin Luther King’s dream was realized in 2008, the political exploitation of race is still growing stronger. In the face of an economy that is clearly failing, accusations of racism are now being hurled at anyone and anything that is not considered completely supportive of Obama. Conceding the realization of Martin Luther King's dream takes a valuable tool away from Democrats. They won't have it and neither will their friends in the mainstream media. Coverage of speeches by African-Americans supporting Romney were censored across America as a matter of routine this week. Devoted followers of Governor Susana Martinez found themselves scrambling to find mainstream media coverage of her prime time speech. It was remorselessly omitted by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. Her message did not fit the race exploitation narrative that Democrats now believe is the only hope Obama has left.
Not only is the Democrat's center-pieced race exploitation strategy horrifyingly cynical, it provides a sad commentary on just how hard they must think the Obama record is to defend. Hurling the charge of racism around in every direction is now crossing all ethical boundaries.
The hard truth is racism has nothing to do with Obama’s policy failures. The policies he has tried have never succeeded. What Obama has going for him that Jimmy Carter didn’t is all the goodwill the vast majority of Americans have towards minorities. Regardless of political affiliation Americans love the underdog. Unfortunately for Obama, he has failed in spite of all the goodwill he has been handed by a nation that was so eager to see the dreams of Dr. King realized. Americans now realize their preference for an underdog caused them to elect a man who was completely unprepared for the job. The economy is the proof.
Clint Eastwood might have rambled a bit on Thursday night but he got it right. When someone doesn’t get the job done you have to let them go.


Attention PBS Donors: KNME GM Makes $165K Per Year

NM Watchdog - For a non-profit organization dedicated to public service, KNME-TV pays its general manager more than its faithful supporters might imagine. Polly Anderson, the general manager of PBS New Mexico, receives $165,000 a year, plus benefits. Her non-profit salary is right up there with what for-profit corporations pay managers at far larger television stations. Though her staff is tiny in comparison, she makes significantly more than the people who manage the huge workforces of the City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.
“I’m offended,” said Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne Johnson when he heard of Anderson’s salary. “What does she do? KNME has become basically a satellite repeater. They don’t do the level of original production they used to do. The station once was all about education and what was happening locally. That’s not what they’re doing now.”
Johnson knows the station’s history. His mother worked at KNME for fifteen years offering an educational program for children called “Kaleidoscope.”
Johnson compared Anderson’s salary and less demanding responsibilities to the duties of Thomas Zdunek, the Bernalillo County Manager. At $148,000, he receives the highest salary New Mexico Watchdog has found so far in its survey of the payrolls of local governments. Albuquerque’s City Manager makes $144,773 for overseeing an even larger City Hall workforce responsible for public health and safety, as well streets, roads, parks, vast real estate holdings and huge capital projects.
“The Bernalillo County manager oversees 2500 employees,” Johnson said. KNME employs 49 other than Anderson, according to data obtained from the University of New Mexico’s Sunshine Portal.