First case of voter fraud confirmed in Rio Arriba Co

From - By: Kristen Garcia, - The first case of voter fraud in New Mexico this election has been confirmed by the Rio Arriba County Clerk's Office. According to the Rio Arriba County Clerk's office, a voter trying to cast an early ballot in Espanola Saturday was told he had already voted three days prior.
      The man told poll workers he hadn't voted. He was then shown the signature of the voter, but he says it wasn't his signature. Officials say they were able to confirm that the signature on the original ballot did not match the legal voter's signature on file.
       Poll workers allowed the man to vote on a provisional ballot, but election officials will have to determine whether the provisional ballot can be counted. Elections officials have no legal means of actually verifying signatures or confirming identification of a voter.
      "The poll workers and the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s office did a good job in responding to the situation, following all the procedures available to them," said Bobbi Shearer of the Secretary of State’s office Saturday, "I have nothing, but praise for their efforts to try to ensure integrity in the election. It is just that under current law there are no means available to poll workers to help them determine if a voter is actually the person he says he is."
      Shearer said the fraudulent voter's vote has already gone through a tabulator and cannot be identified or separated from all the legitimate ballots in the machine.  Rio Arriba County also fell under scrutiny just two years ago when campaign workers were caught offering alchol to voters. More