Grubesic: You Can't Seal the Truth

John Grubesic
Capitol Report New Mexico - Watching the fires burn in Egypt makes you wonder how bad it has to get until people act. What does it take for people to force their government to listen? We did it once, over two hundred years ago and we haven’t done it since. Why not? Because things haven’t gotten bad enough or because we have been lulled into a sense that those who govern care more about serving us than serving themselves and their friends? America is complacent. We are content to let those in power tell us what we need instead of figuring it out for ourselves and telling them what to do for us. What causes people to finally rise up and wrestle power away from a tyrant? What causes a nation, once content to be ruled by such a man to attempt to establish a democracy? To re-establish that power comes from the consent of the governed? I think people finally get tired of political arrogance. Politicians feel entitled to govern as they see fit and no one was a better example of this than Bill Richardson. Read full column here:

O'Neill Sponsors Lobbying Regulation Bill

Bill O'Neill
Santa Fe, NM – A bill sponsored by Rep. Bill O’Neill (D-Albuquerque) that would prohibit lobbying by a former statewide elected official, a former public regulation commissioner, a former state legislator, and a former cabinet secretary for one year had unanimous committee support today. House Bill 67 passed the House Health and Government Affairs Committee with a vote of 8-0. Rep. O’Neill said, “This is just common sense legislation and emulates the Congressional circumstance where former legislators are not allowed to lobby for 2 years after holding office. People in my district, as well as around the state, understand the need for this kind of transparency.” According to the Secretary of State’s office, anyone found to violate these provisions would be subject to the penalties set for in the Lobbyist Regulation Act. It provides for a fine up to $5,000 and revocation of lobbyist registration, or enjoinder of lobbying activities for up to three years. At least 16 states restrict former legislators from lobbying for one year after leaving office and six states have two-year restrictions. House Bill 67 now heads to the House Business and Industry Committee for consideration.


Garcia's Bill on Social Promotion Clears One Committee

Mary Helen Garcia
Santa Fe, NM – A bill that would help students achieve reading standards sponsored by Rep. Mary Helen Garcia (D-Las Cruces) House Bill 21 passed the House Consumers and Public Affairs Committee with a vote of 5-0. Rep.Garcia said, “I think this a turning point for the educational system. It will help students who are not proficient at reading at their grade level reach standards. As a former educator, I know how critical literacy is to the learning process. If children can’t read, then their comprehension and understanding of other subjects is hindered.” She added, “This will not require any additional funding­ – just the districts’ dedication to develop targeted reading programs.” House Bill 21 would require students who are not academically proficient in reading by the end of the third grade not be allowed to enter fourth grade until proficiencies are reached.
The bill requires notification of parents at the end of the third grade year that their child will not be promoted to the fourth grade and that a parental waiver will not be allowed for the student. Student assistance teams comprised of the student’s teacher, school counselor, school administrator and parent, will be required to immediately develop an academic improvement plan to ensure the student’s progress toward reading proficiency prior to entering the fourth grade. If proficiencies are not met prior to the new school year, the student will not be promoted to the next grade. The bill would also make it so students who are not academically proficient by the end of the seventh grade must repeat that grade before continuing to upper levels. House Bill 21 now heads to the House Education Committee for consideration.


Pearce Warns Legislators of Federal Deficits

Steve Pearce - SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce says Americans face a bleak economic future unless the federal government stops running deficits. Pearce told a joint session of the Legislature on Thursday that it will take a bipartisan effort to bring spending in line with revenues. He also said the nation must focus on creating jobs to reinvigorate the economy. Read full story here:

NM: Turning Into 3rd World Country This Week

Record cold temperatures have done more than shatter the global warming theories of those seeking social justice this week. They are endangering the lives of the citizens of New Mexico. Regulatory micro-management of virtually all viable energy producers has made assuring appropriate energy supplies an impossibility in the state. As News New Mexico was finishing up the final segment of programming this morning, its own flagship station (KSNM-AM 570 in Las Cruces) reported it had been knocked off the air by yet another rolling blackout. This also means heating in homes in the affected areas went off.
A single question remains. How long will voters sit back and allow New Mexico to turn into a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY? Policymakers in Santa Fe under the command of House Speaker Ben Lujan (Brian Egolf - House Energy Chairman) seem hell bent and determined to permanently damage resident's access to energy in the name of saving the planet. Not only are those holding this dubious viewpoint a small minority, their global temperature theories have been exposed this week. How many people will have to freeze to death before voters storm Santa Fe?


Unprepared for a Record Cold Snap

SANTA FE – This evening, Governor Susana Martinez continued to work closely with leaders across the state to provide emergency assistance to New Mexicans impacted by interruptions in natural gas and power services caused by record low temperatures. To hasten the supply recovery, Governor Martinez ordered state operations not providing critical services to close tomorrow in order to decrease the strain on energy supplies throughout the state.
The Governor will be holding a press briefing at 8:30 p.m. tonight with Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry at the Albuquerque Joint Information Center. “Due to statewide natural gas shortages, I have ordered all government agencies that do not provide essential services to shut down and all non-essential employees to stay home tomorrow, February 4,” said Governor Martinez. “I have also encouraged all schools that have not already announced closures to strongly consider doing so.
“As we work to restore natural gas services, I hope that all New Mexicans will do their part to preserve the resources we do have and care for those most in need by turning down their thermostats and assisting friends, family, and neighbors who are without heat. An up-to-date list of emergency shelters is available on the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s website as well as the Governor’s website for anyone who is experiencing unbearable cold temperatures in their homes. I encourage all of my fellow New Mexicans to take appropriate measures to stay safe and warm.”


Reality of Data is Setting in on Global Warming Gospel

Arizona Public Media - Temperatures in Tucson fell to 18 degrees overnight and dipped even lower in surrounding areas, according to the National Weather Service. The unprecedented lows--with wind chills that made the temperatures feel more like 3 or 4 degrees--triggered a number of utility outages affecting thousands of residents across Southern Arizona. Increased demand left 14,000 Southwest Gas customers without gas and heat. Additionally, 2,000 Tucson Water customers are without water. Officials with Tucson Water say the outage was brought on by the extreme cold, which caused electronic controls at various reservoir and booster sites to malfunction, automatically shutting down pumps. Other customers don’t have water due to frozen or burst pipes within their homes or businesses, says Tucson Water.
Several Tucson schools and at least six libraries affected by the gas and water outages closed for the day as a result. Reports from the Tucson Police Department linked the cold to two deaths, as well. Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup called the cold's impact on the region and its dangers "very real" in a press conference this afternoon. "We have to put our resources into making sure our people are safe," Walkup told reporters. To that end, Southwest Gas is urging customers who still have gas service to conserve it by turning down their thermostats and water heater settings. Tucson Water's Fernando Molina suggested residents check their water lines for damage and insulate any exposed pipes, particularly at the point where water enters the home, with rags or styrofoam insulation. Read full story here: