New Mexico Supreme Court Outdoes Itself

NM Supreme Court Justices
After appointing fellow Democrat Judge James Hall to hear countless hours of testimony in the House redistricting case, the state Supreme Court shifted into micro-management and Monday morning quarterbacking mode today. Astonishingly, it overturned a plan for the new district lines Judge Hall drew up for the state House of Representatives.
Demonstrating that when it comes to New Mexico's highest court, there are no limits on pomposity, the panel ordered Judge Hall to draw a "new" map.
Judge James Hall
Despite the fact that Judge Hall was the diligent finder of facts in the case, and was already in possession of all the relevant details after all sides were heard, the high court has chosen to waste more taxpayer dollars on, you guessed it, LAWYERS, and cast logic aside so the state can experience additional turmoil. What Judge Hall does next, since he has already done his best, is anybodys guess. A reasonable man would diplomatically tell the meddling pack of partisan Democrats sitting on the high court to appoint a more appropriate stooge so they get the outcome they had in mind to begin with. The court is not merely manipulative and meddling it is inefficient in the way it manipulates and meddles.


Martinez and King Support Sex Offender Bill

Susana Martinez
Today Governor Susana Martinez and Attorney General Gary King urged members of the New Mexico Legislature to quickly hear and pass legislation that would bring New Mexico into compliance with the federal Adam Walsh Act by tightening sex offender registration and notification laws. Martinez and King are throwing bipartisan support behind HB 179, which has yet to be heard in any House committee. Currently, it is scheduled to have a hearing in the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee tomorrow morning.

The language in HB 179 is based on recommendations that were sought from the Department of Justice by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, regarding the changes that needed to be made in New Mexico law to move toward federal compliance.
Gary King
“Protecting New Mexico’s children and making our communities safer should be a shared priority for all lawmakers,” said Governor Martinez. “This legislation will not only require registration for a broader set of sex crimes, but it will help provide law enforcement greater tools for cracking down on sex offenders through federal grant funds. I strongly urge the legislature to take quick action on this bipartisan legislation so we can take critical steps that will help keep our kids safe.”


N.M. Share of Foreclosure Settlement: $91.7M

From -A nationwide settlement over alleged fraud and abuses in mortgage foreclosures will net New Mexicans a share of the proposed $25 billion payout. New Mexico Attorney Gary King estimated the state will receive $91.7 million for mortgage relief, refinancing and direct payments related to mortgages issued by five banks: Ally, Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase. The deal requires the banks to reduce loans for about a million homeowners in danger of foreclosure and make payments of $2,000 to about 750,000 people whose foreclosures were handled improperly. The settlement resolution is spread over three years.


Joint Task Force Teams Up With Border Patrol

From - Joint Task Force North will be deploying military personnel and equipment starting in mid-February to support the U.S. Border Patrol in southern Arizona and New Mexico, according to a Tucson Sector press release issued Thursday. The ongoing collaboration between Customs and Border Protection and JTF-North supports the mission of the Border Patrol while providing training for the military, the release states.  The units and equipment will be under the control of the federal law agency.  JTF-North spokesman Armando Carrasco said because the mission will be under Customs and Border Protection, he cannot talk about specifics. However, he said there will be multiple active duty and reserve component resources from different military services involved. The importance is JTF-North continues to provide support to federal law enforcement agencies while at the same is an excellent avenue for the military to receive additional training, Carrasco said. The press Border Patrol release noted communities in southern Arizona and southern New Mexico should expect to see additional military personnel, vehicles and equipment traveling throughout the border region in the near future.  More News New Mexico

Mexican Drug Cartel Activity Increasing in N.M.

From -Officials say smaller, rural New Mexico counties are becoming staging areas for Mexican drug cartels because of their major interstate highways and back roads. KRQE-TV reports that New Mexico sheriffs recently heard about the increased cartel activities at a conference near the U.S.-Mexico border. Torrance County Sheriff Heath White said authorities may never know the true extent of the cartel operations in New Mexico because their purpose here is not violence.  Torrance County Sheriff Heath White said authorities may never know the true extent of the cartel operations in New Mexico because their purpose here is not violence. Instead, he said Mexican drug cartels simply want to move their drugs and remain undetected.  Investigators fear that's why the cartels here will likely remain quiet.  White said federal agencies like the federal agents are taking the lead in identifying and arresting suspects linked to the cartels, but local authorities also need to know how to identify them. 

Rail Runner Reform Blocked in the Senate

Capitol Report New Mexico - A provocative bill questioning how to handle the steep expenses heading down the track for the Rail Runner was unable to get through committee but it is sparking debate about the future of the train that serves the greater Albuquerque-Santa Fe corridor.
Senate Bill 247, which was introduced by Sen. George Muñoz (D-Gallup) addresses a question that number of voters who aren’t serviced by the Rail Runner have been asking ever since the train was unveiled six years ago: “Why are we paying for it when we don’t get to use it?” Muñoz said in an interview with Capitol Report New Mexico.
SB247 answers that question with a suggestion that intrigues some and horrifies others – creating an excise tax that would be paid only by taxpayers who live in the counties that the train serves and exempting those taxpayers who don’t.
“How are we going to fix this problem, $781 million in bonds we’re going to have to pay,” Muñoz said.
The bill was a longshot at best. First, because supporters of the Rail Runner hated the idea, as did a number of legislators whose constituents live in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Sanchez and Carruthers Highlight Friday Guest List

Garrey Carruthers
Two major newsmakers highlight the guest schedule on News New Mexico today. At 7:00am Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez will take questions from Michael, Rachel, and Aaron about the decision to drop his bid for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate. Sanchez, who first announced his candidacy on News New Mexico last year, made his widely anticipated withdrawal official yesterday in a press release. This will be his first live interview since the press release.
John Sanchez
Former New Mexico Governor Garrey Carruthers will join us in studio at 7:30am to talk about the thirty day session. We will ask him what he thinks about the performance of current Governor Susana Martinez so far this year. Also we will ask him to provide his views on the proposed Public Regulatory Commission reforms that are being stalled by Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez. Carruthers is associated with the policy think tank, Think New Mexico,which helped develop the PRC reform proposals.


Michael Sanchez is Blocking Reforms......Again

KOB TV - Legislation to reform the state's scandal-plagued Public Regulation Commission appears to be stalled in the state Senate. Thursday, Governor Susana Martinez and other reform-backers wonder what went wrong. Three proposed amendments to the state constitution would go on the ballot for voters to make the ultimate decision in the November general election, but a powerful lawmaker says - not so fast. Senate
Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez (D-Belen) calls the shots in the state Senate. Sanchez said the legislature should take another year to consider the PRC amendments.
"A 30-day session is a very short session," Sanchez told our news partners at the Santa Fe New Mexican. "I don't think it's enough time for us to vet these constitutional resolutions carefully enough. Let's do it deliberatively, not just do it in the next five days." The disgrace of PRC Commissioner Jerome Block Jr. inspired the reforms. He ripped off taxpayers to fuel a drug habit and currently resides in a prison cell.
The House of Representatives passed the amendment resolutions unanimously. Governor Martinez said the Senate should do likewise. "I think it should be common sense to Senators as well as Representatives," Martinez said. "I don't think that should be a problem. We need to hold corrupt elected officials accountable and they should not walk away with taxpayer dollars in their pockets when they've been stealing from the taxpayers." Read full story here: News New Mexico
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