Diane Denish to Appear on NewsNM

Diane Denish
News New Mexico listeners and site visitors wanting to submit questions for New Mexico Lieutenant Governor and Democratic Party Gubernatorial candidate Diane Denish can do so by using our CONTACT PAGE (above). Denish will appear as our special guest on News New Mexico Monday morning October 4th around 7:45am. We will ask as many listener questions as time permits during her appearance. Denish, from Hobbs, faces Dona Ana County District Attorney Susana Martinez in next month's general election.


Aggie Volleyball Falls 3-1 To Arizona

bleedCrimson.net Report
The Aggie volleyball team played even with visiting Arizona through the first two sets before running out of steam and falling in four sets 25-20, 23-25, 16-25, 17-25. The Aggies were led by a team high 16 kills from outside hitter Kayleigh Giddens. The Aggies held Arizona outside hitter Tiffany Owens to a .280 hitting percentage as Owens finished with 20 kills on 50 swings with six attack errors.
Arizona jumped out to a 3-1 lead on the Aggies but the Aggies would hang tough with the Cats and claimed their first lead of the set at 11-10. With the set tied 11-11, the Aggies would get kills by Whitney Woods and Amanda Tonga along with an attack error by Arizona's Cursty Jackson to jump to a three point lead at 14-11. The Aggies would extend their lead to four at 18-14 after a kill by Kelsey Brennan. The Aggies would still lead by four at 22-18 after another kill by Kelsey Brennan and would close out the set at 25-20 on an attack error by Arizona's Whitney Dosty.
The second set saw Arizona again jump out to a 3-1 lead early. The Aggies would trail by three points at 12-9 after a service ace by Courtney Karst. The Aggies would trim the Arizona lead to one at 13-12 on an attack error by Arizona's Paige Webber and would tie the set at 15-15 on a kill by Kayleigh Giddens. Arizona would go on a 5-1 run to take a 20-16 lead in the set forcing an Aggie timeout. Out of the timeout Arizona's Cursty Jackson would get a kill putting the Aggies down 21-16 and forcing another timeout by the Aggies. The Aggies would respond and trim the Arizona lead to just one at 22-21 on three consecutive kills from Desiree Scott, Amanda Tonga and Kayleigh Giddens. A kill from Tiffany Owens would give Arizona a 23-21 lead but the Aggies would respond with a kill by Whitney Woods to cut the lead back to one at 23-22. After a service error by Rocio Gutierrez gave the Wildcats a 24-22 lead, Amanda Tonga and Kelsey Brennan combined to block a Whitney Dosty attack cutting the lead back to one at 24-23. However, the Wildcats would close the set out on a kill from Tiffany Owens to take the set 25-23 tying the match at one set apiece.
Out of the intermission the Aggies would grab an early 4-3 lead on the Wildcats after a kill by Amanda Tonga, however, the Wildcats would respond with a 5-0 run forcing the Aggies to call a timeout down 8-4. The Wildcats would extend their lead to six points at 13-7 after a service error by Kelsey Brennan. The Aggies would rattle off three consecutive points to trim the lead to 13-10 but the Wildcats would answer with a 3-1 run to push their lead back to five points at 16-11. The Aggies would cut the lead to four at 18-14 however, the Wildcats would extend their lead back to six at 21-15 after an attack error by Kelsey Brennan. The Wildcats would win four of the final five points of the set to take the set 25-16 and send the Aggies to a 2-1 deficit in the match.
Down 2-1 in the match and needing a victory to extend the match to a fifth set, the Aggies fell behind early 5-2. However, a quick 4-1 run would tie things up at 6-6. The Aggies and Wildcats would remain tied at 7-7, 8-8 and 9-9 but a 6-0 run by the Wildcats would put the Aggies in a 15-9 hole. The Aggies would make one final push cutting the deficit to just three at 15-12 and forcing an Arizona timeout, however, the Wildcats would respond with four straight points to take a 19-12 lead. The Aggies would eventually fall 25-17 in the set as Arizona took the match 3-1.
Kayleigh Giddens finished the match hitting .204 with 16 kills and eight digs. Kelsey Brennan added 11 kills but posted seven attack errors to hit .160 on the match she also had three solo blocks and a block assist. Whitney Woods finished with nine kills on 23 swings with just three attack errors. Amanda Tonga finished with seven kills for the Aggies but also posted six attack errors. Jennah DeVries posted a double-double with 41 assists and 12 digs and added five kills.
Arizona's Tiffany Owens led all players with 20 kills and hit .280 on the match with 12 digs and two solo blocks. Cursty Jackson hit .400 with 15 kills on 30 swings with three attack errors while Courtney Karst was the other Wildcat in double-figures with 10 kills on 32 swings with five attack errors and hit .156 for the match.
With the loss the Aggies drop to 8-9 on the season as they return to WAC play this Thursday at San Jose State and finish the week at Fresno State on Saturday.


More Borrow and Spend....Not Less!

From Bloomberg - Labor and civil rights groups gathered yesterday at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, the site of a rally by Tea Party activists last month, to urge more government spending to create jobs and help people suffering from the recession. “We’re the antidote to the Tea Party,” said Ben Jealous, president of the civil rights group NAACP, referring to Tea Party groups who seek to limit government’s size and spending. “This march is about pulling America together and putting people back to work.” Rally organizers, including the AFL-CIO labor federation and other labor, civil rights, religious, student, peace, and gay and lesbian groups that are part of the traditional Democratic party base, say they hope to turn attention to the people who helped elect Democrat Barack Obama president two years ago and are now disappointed with the results. “We’re not as strong as we used to be, but we’re still here,” said Dave Hausman, 55, a General Motors Co. driver from Buffalo, N.Y., who came to the event with other United Auto Workers union members. “It doesn’t always seem like the politicians can fix things anymore.” Democrats are fighting to preserve their majorities in the House and Senate in the Nov. 2 elections in the face of an unemployment rate that remains close to 10 percent.
Today’s event “is a chance to demand the change we voted for in 2008,” said George Gresham, president of 1999 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East. “While some want to divide us and take us back, we are determined to move forward with new investments in our people.” Organizers labeled the rally “One Nation Working Together,” urging increased government spending on infrastructure and other public works projects, an extension of unemployment benefits and an increase in the minimum wage. Read more here:


Bill O'Reilly: Progressive Values

Bill O'Reilly
From Townhall.com - One of the admirable things about President Obama is that he seems to be a man of principle. He does not appear to waver under public pressure. He sticks to his guns, as the old cliche goes. But those proverbial guns may now be pointed directly at him. A few months ago, in the face of declining poll numbers for the liberal president, the debate was whether he would move toward the center like Bill Clinton did in order to mollify public opinion. Well, that question is now being answered: Obama is moving even further left. Speaking to reporters on Air Force One, deputy White House spokesman Bill Burton said that Obama believes those media people who support "progressive values" provide an "invaluable service." OK. But what exactly are the "progressive values" the president believes are so important? Depends on who you talk with, but there is some consensus. Read more here:

Jay Rockefeller is Shocked and Dismayed: "Unintended Consequences" to be Investigated by His Committee

Congressional Unintended Consequence Research Team
From the New Mexico Independent - Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the powerful chairman of Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, wants more details of the company’s intentions to drop a health care plan that could leave 30,000 employees uninsured, The Wall Street Journal reports. McDonald’s proposed plans, reported first in the Journal earlier this week, highlight the increasing tension as companies and health insurers adjust how they cover workers or write policies in response to the new federal health care law. And it reflects the increasing amount of scrutiny companies face from state and federal lawmakers and regulators. In the case of McDonald’s, the issue revolves around a new rule in the federal health care law that requires health plans to spend the vast majority of its revenue from policy premiums on health care vs. administrative costs, or face penalties. The new federal law requires insurers to spend at least 80 percent to 85 percent of premium revenue on medical care vs. administrative costs. McDonald’s said it couldn’t meet that requirement because the so-called “mini-med plans” McDonald’s offers workers at 10,500 U.S. locations requires a high degree of administrative costs “owing to frequent worker turnover, combined with relatively low spending on claims,” according to the Journal. Read more here:

La Cueva and Daniels Beat Mayfield 45-12

From the Las Cruces Sun-News - LAS CRUCES — Ronnie Daniels is going to get his yards. The goal when facing top-ranked and undefeated La Cueva is to limit the big play. Easier said than done. Daniels had scoring runs of 58, 29 and 22 yards in a 45-12 victory over Mayfield on Saturday at the Field of Dreams in a rematch of last year's state championship game, also won by La Cueva. Daniels finished with 210 yards and four scores on 23 carries. He also had two interceptions on the defensive end as Mayfield turned the ball over four times. "We just worked hard in practice and wanted to come out and make a statement," Daniels said. "They are a good team and they were well coached. We had to play perfect to win." Read more here:

Free to Speak, Retired Border Patrol Agents Do

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, or NAFBPO, has issued a proposal for "Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement and Reform." Unlike the speeches by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, these proposals have some relation to reality. Who are the members of NAFBPO? Some are retired and former high-ranking Border Patrol managers, individuals who managed the agency's training academy, supervised hundreds of agents in field operations or held senior positions at headquarters. Cumulatively, they have several hundred years of professional experience guarding our borders. The picture they paint of what needs to be done is based on that experience, not political expediency. I have met and talked with some of these retired Border Patrol officials, and they are worried.
Like all of us, they see our porous borders and want to see them made secure. But unlike the rest of us, they really know how to do it. The NAFBPO 24-page proposal is divided into 10 "steps," each with several specific proposals. It should come as no surprise that step No. 1 is to secure our borders, both at the ports of entry and between them. What may surprise many people is that they see nine additional steps as essential to true immigration reform and enforcement of our laws. Among the others steps are interior enforcement, tackling ID fraud, rejection of amnesty and a workable temporary worker program. Read more here:


Austin Hill: Hope and "Change"

Austin Hill
Did you see President Obama’s recent speech at the University Of Wisconsin? It made me want to ask him “how’s this ‘hope’ and ‘change’ thing workin’ out for you, Mr. President? And how, exactly do you define ‘progress’, anyway?” Delivering a speech in the university’s outdoor “library mall” last Tuesday in what was billed as a rally for the “under 30 crowd,” President Obama drew an estimated 10,000 people. It was a sizeable audience, for sure, but smaller than the estimated 17,000 that gathered at the same venue to see candidate Obama two years ago. As for the mood of the audience, Jake Tapper of ABC News observed that enthusiasm was a bit “dampened” this time around, noting politely that “the crowd is happy to be here, but they do seem to be able to contain their excitement…” Yet at one crucial point in his speech, President Obama delivered an impassioned diatribe about the struggle for human “progress,” and used that as a backdrop to deliver a special “please don’t abandon me” request. You owe it to yourself to watch the video, but a direct transcript of these remarks reads like this: Read more here:


Driessen: "Greens Shackle National Security"

Paul Driessen
“China’s control of a key minerals market has US military thinkers and policy makers worried about access to materials that are essential for 21st-century technology like smartphones – and smart bombs,” the Wall Street Journal reports. Plus stealth fighter jets, digital cameras, computer hard drives – and wind turbine magnets, solar panels, hybrid and electric car batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs, catalytic converters, and more. China’s dominance in mining and processing 17 “rare earth” metals “has raised alarms in Washington,” says the Journal. These unique metallic elements have powerful magnetic properties that make them sine qua non for high-tech, miniaturized and renewable energy equipment. read more here:

Kathryn Lopez - Angling for Reid's Defeat

Kathryn Lopez
From Townhall.com - "She's running the worst campaign in the country, and she could still win." That was James Carville talking about Nevada Republican Sharron Angle, previously a virtual unknown, who is giving Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a run for his political life. Carville was trying to divert attention from the fact that Harry Reid has been tied in his fight against Angle, even though Reid's outspent her and has a well-established name. The name's a large part of his problem, though. "They have fallen out of love," Angle tells me about Nevada voters' not-that-into-you relationship with Reid. She believes they "hold Harry Reid personally responsible for the policies coming out of Washington, D.C." There is 14 percent unemployment in the state of Nevada. On the campaign trail, Angle says, people ask her about the economy. They ask, "'How can we get this turned around?'" Angle says. "They're upset with the spending. They're upset with the debt ..." Read more here: