Lobos Over Aggies 78-62

bleedCrimson.net Report - The NMSU Aggies lost their seventh straight game of the season as a career-high 21 points from Christian Kabongo was not enough to offset the loss of Troy Gillenwater who suffered a turned ankle in the first half and was limited to three points in eight minutes. Dairese Gary led the Lobos with 16 points while Kendall Williams added 15 en route to the Lobos' seventh consecutive victory in the series. Click here to read more.

Galen: Self Destructing

Rich Galen
From Townhall.com - Nancy Pelosi's Democrat caucus in the House, while officially still in charge of the 111th Congress, have become the ugly kids in the back of the late bus as power brokers in Washington. They adopted a caucus resolution opposing the deal that President Obama made with the Congressional Republicans on taxes and unemployment benefits. No. One. Cared. There are about 80 lame duck Members of Congress who are working out of a cube - a CUBE - in a cafeteria in the House Office Building because they were kicked out of their offices the week after Thanksgiving by the Clerk of the House so their offices could be repainted and made ready for their successors. 
American Voter

Two months ago they were Princes and Princesses, with young staffers bringing them coffee and opening doors which had the temerity of having been placed in their path. This week they are working out of a cube and ANWERING THEIR OWN PHONES. "Oh," as Col. Kurtz so aptly put it in Apocalypse Now, "the horror." On the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, President Obama is trying to find a center of gravity. Read full column here:


Driessen: Do You Believe in Magic Numbers?

Paul Driessen
From Townhall.com - Average annual global temperatures have risen a degree or two since the Little Ice Age ended some 150 years ago. Thank goodness. The LIA was not a particularly pleasant time. Prolonged winters, advancing glaciers, colder summers, more frequent storms and extended cloudiness reduced arable land, shortened growing seasons, rotted grain in wet fields, and brought famine, disease and death. Coming after the prosperous Medieval Warm Period – when farmers grew wine grapes in England and Vikings raised crops and cattle in Greenland – it must have been quite a shock. Read full column here: