Veronica and Nguyen’s children and their children

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  Veronica and Nguyen were two high school students I taught years ago at Albuquerque High School. As a young teacher in my first teaching situation my opinion was teachers are the most important component to students learning, but this was before Veronica and Nguyen.
            It was the first day of classes. Veronica walked in, looked around and said plaintively, “God, is it boring in here.” Every ten minutes for a whole year Veronica announced that class was boring. Nguyen, another student in that same class never seemed to be bored.
            Every time Veronica said, “God, is it boring in here,” I flinched and kept thinking that if I tried a little harder she would come around. She never did. She graduated and I never saw her again nor do I know what happened to Nguyen. I lost track of both after they graduated.
            Still, I remember his ready smile as he absorbed lessons. Nguyen was one of the Vietnam Boat People who left ahead of the Communists. Over the semester I got to know him better. His parents were farmers in Vietnam. Neither could read or write but were related to a politician in Saigon so they had to flee.
            Until five years earlier Nguyen could not read since he had never attended school. When he arrived in America, he was put in an inner-city school in Los Angeles and then moved to Albuquerque the year before I had him in class. He quickly learned to where he was an on-track junior.
            Veronica was born in Albuquerque. Both parents worked and were high school graduates.
            Nguyen played on my after-school table tennis team so I saw more of him than just in class. One day I gave Nguyen a ride home after table tennis practice and met his parents. They spoke little English but wanted to talk to me. Nguyen translated, which centered on Nguyen’s school work. I said, “He’s one of the best students in my class.” They beamed.
            Later I asked Nguyen what would happen if he got a bad grade. His reply surprised me. “Dad would beat me until his arms gave out. Then Mom would take over until he could continue.”
            I immediately asked, “Do they beat you often?”
            “No,” he said, “They don’t have to beat me, I work hard to make them proud of me. They don’t understand math and English, but know if I’ve been working. They know I should get an A in each class.”
            A few days later I scheduled parent-teacher conferences. Over two weeks I called Veronica’s parents five times. Each time I got the brush off. Her mother said, “You’re the teacher, teach Veronica and leave us alone.”
            I never met Veronica’s parents. I asked Veronica, “What would your parents do if you got a bad grade?” She smiled slightly, “They don’t even look at my grades.” Veronica got a C and graduated. I asked her if she was going to college. “No, college is boring.”
            Nguyen, on the other hand, got a college scholarship. The last I heard he was in the field of biology.
            Now I did my very best for both students and never quit. In both cases it didn’t matter. Nguyen was going to be excellent regardless and Veronica was going to be bored.
            I learned that the most important component to student learning is not the teacher, it is the family. Having a good teacher helps, but having parents who care and demand effort is far more important.
            It would make a nice ending to this story to say that Veronica is a cashier in a store making minimum wage and Nguyen is a Ph.D. Researcher making big bucks. But as I have said, I lost track of them many years ago. Still, that is the way I would bet - Nguyen has prospered and Veronica is now paying her dues for not working hard in school.
            But what of their children? Assuming both got married and have children, I suspect Nguyen will take an active role in the education of his children and Veronica will not. Nguyen’s children will do well in school while Veronica’s do not. And what about their children’s children?


Stupidity on display

© 2016 Jim Spence - Pundit Charles Krauthammer once said Democrats think Republicans are mean and greedy, and Republicans think Democrats are stupid. It is a pretty good summary of the differences in the two parties.
Why do Republicans think Democrats are stupid? It is mainly because Democrats insist on doing the same things over and over even after it has been proven that what they are doing does not work. Still, Democrats will continue to expect a different result. Seeing this endless doom loop, Republicans realize Democrats are stupid…..or perhaps more precisely put…..insanely stupid.
Let’s look at some of the evidence of the insane stupidity at the Hillary coronation last week.
It is ironic that the Democrats built an eight foot chain link fence around their convention arena to keep the riff raff out. Earlier this year the Democrat’s surrogates sued the Republicans to make them build their fence closer to the arena in Cleveland. But enough with the hypocrisy, let’s get on with the stupidity.
Perhaps the dumbest moment of the speech Hillary gave Thursday night was when she talked about when she and fellow Democrat Chuck Schumer were senators from New York. It seems that they were amazing fighters. They actually asked George W. Bush for $20 billion to help rebuild New York after 9-11. The question begs this; was it really a tough sell to get Bush to approve the building of New York when every elected official in the country was ready to belly up? Democrats nodded and cheered as if Hillary and Chuck had to prod ole “W” real hard to come across with the cash. Dumb.
Democrats love to call Joe Biden a middle class guy. Biden gave a droning speech to an adoring crowd. He did so without ever conceding that he has been living the life of luxury on the taxpayer dole for forty-four years. Democrats are also too stupid to realize Biden has been driving down the living standards of those he has been “fighting for” with one policy after another that simply does not work.
Barack Obama was supposedly in Philadelphia to build up Hillary’s reputation. Instead of building up Hillary, the narcissist Obama spent almost the entire time he was allotted talking about how great Barack Obama is. Obama mentioned himself at least 100 times. Near the end of his self-congratulatory oratory Obama finally gave credit to Hillary for get this……not opposing the Bin Laden raid. Wow! What vision. Of course the seas of stupid Democrats roared each pretending that it must have been an incredible epiphany that helped Hillary make her decision to support Obama in his decision to get the 9-11 killer.
Why else would the GOP think Democrats are stupid? How about the fact the Dems booed a Medal of Honor winner last week? Nice. Only Democrats could think of doing that as they try to persuade America they should be allowed to continue to lead.
How about Dems interrupting a moment of silence for murdered police officers with shouts of, “black lives matter?” You would have to be stupid to do this and gutless to tolerate it, let alone not condemn it after it happened. These are Democrats.
Apparently the Democrats forgot that Hillary voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq when they ponied up speaker Khizr Khan. It seems 14 Muslim soldiers died in the war on terror.  And Khan is the father of one of them. Amazingly, Khan made the quantum leap in pointing out that Trump, “sacrificed nothing,” as if somehow because Trump was working in the private sector at the time of Khan’s son’s death he was to blame. Khan spells his name wrong, tough phonetically the spelling is correct. He should spell it Con. Still, the stupid Democrats roared indignantly as Khan presented this twisted logic that somehow gave Hillary a pass for her yes vote on the war, and Trump the blame for not being involved in any way. Stupidity on display.
In the end the Democrats spent ninety-six hours trying to trick the country into believing Hillary actually has a resume of accomplishments. What makes them stupid is they believe their own tricks.
New York Times columnist William Safire nailed the defining characteristic of Hillary Clinton decades ago when he called her a congenital liar. That means she has had that trait since birth.


A parade of bald-faced liars

© 2016 Jim Spence - The parade of liars at the Democratic convention last night was simply disgusting. And the appetite for lies in the Democratic Party appears to be insatiable. 
Mr. Obama led the avalanche of falsehoods with several of the bald-faced variety that reminded me of, "If you like your health insurance you can keep it." A quick side note - Our health insurance, which we liked, was cancelled after Obamacare went into effect. It has kept getting cancelled every year since then and our premiums have been jacked every year since then. Obama lied about how great his biggest screw up would be and Democrats don't seem to mind at all.
Last night in front of a bunch of fools (also known as delegates) protected from by an eight foot fence, Mr. Obama was at it again, when he claimed that thanks to his lead, “We finally began to wean ourselves off foreign oil.” That is actually not just an absurd lie, it is a joke. America's dependency on imported oil began to drop many years before Obama took office. And if Obama had his way, America's dependency on foreign oil would skyrocket. The energy department has made it harder than ever to produce domestic oil on all federal land under Obama. Fortunately, in places like Texas and North Dakota, there is plenty of oil on private lands. Nothing like taking credit for something you don't even believe in. Leave it to a Democrat to say it, and other Democrats to delude themselves into believing it.
Obama told another whopper last night when he said the U.S. had, “Doubled our production of clean energy,” over the last 7 1/2 years. That was also another big lie. Renewable energy production has only gone up by 40%. And it has only done so with billions of dollars in federal subsidies coming out of the taxpayer's pockets. With the whole dumb process of tossing money at over-priced wind turbines that butcher eagles by the thousands, electric bills have risen. You see, what Mr. Obama did not say last night was that he only likes wildly expensive energy, the kind that his crony capitalist buddies can get rich on thanks to the bilking of taxpayers.
Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine jumped right to lying mode last night. And he did so in fine fashion. He claimed that economist Mark Zandi was get this.....“John McCain’s chief economic adviser during the ’08 race.” Um....sorry Timmy, but Mark Zandi is in fact, a partisan Democrat. Kaine was trying to discredit Trump's tax proposals by insinuating that Zandi was a Republican, but Kaine somehow felt it necessary to lie about his source (Zandi). Kaine certainly fits the Clinton mode. Just make crap up.
Kaine also claimed that Trump, “Wants to abandon our NATO allies." Trump has actually said quite the opposite. Trump says he doesn’t want the U.S. to leave NATO. More important though, Trump has suggested he would not automatically defend NATO allies that do not pay their share of defense costs. It would seem that in true Democratic Party tradition, Tim Kaine wants American taxpayers to cover the defense costs of international freeloaders, just as he does with domestic freeloaders. It makes sense. Freeloaders are an important part of the base of the Democratic Party.
Serial liar Jesse Jackson was in mid-season form last night when he said, “We have not lost a single job, a single month,” since Obama became president. Really? Save that BS for your son when he returns from his parole officer visit. Or tell it to one of the kids you made with one your girlfriends. You know, the ones who were supported with 501-C-3 money? The hapless and hopelessly ignorant Democrats lapped up the Jackson job tripe like hogs at the trough. Jackson also lied right through his teeth when he claimed the U.S. trades, “More with Mexico than we do with China.” This should be big news to all of the out of work Mexicans, not to mention all of the workers unloading the Chinese freight ships docked at every west coast port. There isn't anyone walking on two legs anywhere in the world who doesn't know Jackson was lying on that one......except perhaps the vast majority of the delegates in Philadelphia last night and the fawning media.

How about Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid? Reid actually claimed that Trump wanted to, “Gamble Social Security in the stock market.” Reid never passes up a chance to lie to senior citizen's when he gets in front of a microphone. The truth is actually just as disturbing to those of us hoping for entitlement reform. We have all been disappointed that Trump has called for making NO changes to Social Security. 
Harry Reid lies as easily as Olympic Marathoners breath. And Democrats swim in lies like Michael Phelps. Give them gold medals for lying and silvers for self-delusion.


Bernie: "I did it my way"

© 2016 Jim Spence - You have to hand it to Bernie Sanders. He is kind of like Frank Sinatra who used to sing, “I did it my way.”
What is Bernie Sanders’ way you ask?
First, a look at his resume reads like that of an old Soviet Union party member. Essentially, Bernie has been a ward of the state his entire adult life, moving from government job to government job and from elected position to elected position. It looks like he has rarely worked for any entity that ever earned a profit or paid nickel of income tax.
Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist. Amazingly, in 2016 this is not a serious problem for him mainly because nobody in the socialist leaning press ever asks him why he can favor socialism when so many people in socialist countries have starved to death throughout history. Nobody ever provides a list of all the socialist economies that have collapsed (see-Venezuela), or only remain socialist because they are dominated by dictators. Just a curious oversight I suppose.
Sanders is often depicted with the letter “I” next to his name in graphics posted by the media, suggesting he is an independent. He isn’t. He re-registered as a Democrat because it helped his chances to become president in the two-party system that dominates the U.S.
Sanders has an open hatred for business, He hates American businesses much more than he hates ISIS, terrorism, or people who compromise national security. Bernie focuses his hatred on the financial services industry. Often he is heard saying that the financial services industry is based on “fraud.” Accordingly, when attacking Hillary Clinton in the primaries, he said he couldn’t care less about all of her horrifying security lapses or her outright lies to Congress. Bernie had no interest at all in her giving false testimony under oath. What Bernie was mad as hell about was her taking millions of dollars from Wall Street banks to give 45 minute speeches off the record. Fair enough.
Bernie has done some damage to Hillary’s not too tough to tarnish reputation. He has done so by relentlessly zeroing in on her utter lack of integrity. He has been very convincing. Millions of young people still fresh from their socialist indoctrination rituals (going to college), have embraced Bernie’s anti-business themes that suggest that a bigger more intrusive government is the solution to every problem. Bernie devotees listened carefully as he documented in very precise terms, what a lying cheat Hillary was. Bernie followers hate Hillary.
Unfortunately for Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party’s system of super delegates was rigged for the benefit of Hillary Clinton years ago. Despite polling numbers that suggest virtually everyone in the country knows Hillary is congenital liar who has been benefiting enormously from the Clinton Crime Syndicate’s “foundation,” Hillary and Bill essentially were able to buy the super delegates before a primary vote was ever cast.
In the end, only a very narrow majority of Democratic primary voters went for Clinton, those being the types that couldn’t give two logs of feces about her lack of integrity.
So what did the great independent Bernie do in the face of all the corruption and antisemitism directed at him by DNC officials in secret emails released over the weekend? He heartily endorsed Hillary Clinton last night. “I am proud to stand with Hillary,” he said.
Wow! Proud to stand WITH her? That Bernie is quite the “independent.” Or perhaps Bernie wasn't really all that serious about everything Hillary is guilty of.
Bernie's delegates were stunned when he said he was proud to stand with her. But the Bernie supporters are not giving up. Actually, it is not surprising they are stunned that Bernie would march when the time came and Hillary asked him to march. They had no idea what they were supporting with Bernie and the are still clueless about what they continue to "support."
In the end, Bernie is really a "business as usual" Democrat. He really is doing it his way. He is very unique, just like every other Democrat.

A cheater? Or a liar and cheater?

© 2016 Jim Spence - Americans seem faced with a sobering dilemma. And when faced with this type of dilemma it might be comforting to turn to one of Hollywood’s finest leftists, the often accused but never convicted pedophile, Woody Allen. Allen once said, “More than at any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”
Perhaps the aspect of our system that all Americans, I am talking Democrats, Republicans, and Independents hate most is how corrupt it has become. I’ll save the lecture on why an all too powerful government will always be corrupt for later. Let’s address the question at hand.
Should we choose Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? That is the question.
Trump emerges as perhaps the most prodigious influence purchaser to ever run for public office. Worse yet (or is it better yet?), Trump does not deny being an influence purchaser, he cites it as a unique qualification that will make him a good president. He says he bought influence from everyone in a position of power who could give him something he needed and now he is so rich he is beholden to nobody. He adds that he understands both sides of the system better than anyone and can fix it. It is a fascinating argument and one I can never remember hearing before.
Then there are the Clintons, unquestionably the most successful influence peddlers in the history of politics. From selling pardons in the final days of a two-term presidency, to their “foundation” which is nothing other than a money laundering operation with more qui-pro quo deals each day than are made in all the brothels in the world combined.
Let’s think about this situation. First, we have Trump who openly admits he bought influence, even from the Clintons. And we know it is true because they cashed the checks. Second, we have the Clintons. The Clintons routinely deny that they ever sell influence. The Clintons would have everyone believe that Goldman Sachs brings Hillary in to speak for a few hundred thousand bucks an hour because of her acute financial acumen. As Bernie Sanders says, “That must have been some speech!”
Our laws have a consistent approach to criminal behavior where ill-gotten goods or information changes hands. It is the seller who gets punished most harshly. Drug traffickers face much stiffer penalties than those who buy and use drugs.
Of course with Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch we already know that there is virtually no corruption law or any other law that the Clintons could not break without repercussions. And we also know that the big shots who manipulate corrupt elected officials when the situation calls for it, will always get away with it no matter which party is in power.
So the Woody Allen dilemma presents itself. Which do we dislike more, Donald Trump who is the man who spells out exactly how the system works and how he worked it? Or the crime syndicate bosses Bill and Hillary Clinton who peddle influence and collect hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for future “favors” and with a straight face deny they do any such thing?
Should we choose a cheater? Or should we choose a liar and cheater?
Let us choose wisely.


Swickard: New Mexico’s Oops moment with water

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   Sam Houston was president of Texas when it was founded. At a dinner he ate a big spoonful of very hot mashed potatoes. He realized they were hot and spit them out on the table while observing, “A dern fool would have kept that in his mouth.” Someone probably said, “Oops.”
            Race car driver A. J. Foyt was leading a race as the laps wound down before electronic communications. A board was held up showing the laps remaining.
            Foyt misinterpreted the board and thought he had won when in fact there was one lap to go. He slowed down and four drivers passed him. At the press conference, “Sometimes you blow a tire or an engine, I blew a brain.”
            Then there are times in New Mexico like the controlled burn in 2000 at Cerro Grande done in high winds. That wildfire burned for a month, destroying almost 50,000 acres and torching 400 homes. Oops. A few years later two fires were allowed to burn that burned out of control and scorched lots of the Gila and the Ruidoso areas.
            In 1999 a Mars obiter was constructed with one team of engineers using the English system of measurement while other teams used the metric system. It cost NASA $100 million and a lot of ridicule.
            Captain Joe Hazelwood put an underling in charge of piloting the Exxon Valdez as it left Alaska March 24, 1989. He was drinking and therefore wasn’t available to keep the ship off a reef where it poured 11 million gallons of oil. It cost about $8 Billion and ruined Exxon’s reputation.
            Or the makers of booster seals on the Space Shuttle Challenger who said don’t take off when it is below a certain temperature. But didn’t speak up forcefully when NASA got “Launch fever” while the temperature was too low and the Challenger blew up killing seven crew and costing $11 Billion. Oops.
            Look at the Fukushima nuclear plant that built the emergency pumps on the ocean side of the building so they were swamped when the tsunami hit and didn’t work. Oops. But that is small potatoes to the Soviet party official who overruled the engineers and wanted to do a very unsafe test at Chernobyl.
            That cost him his life and many others along with more than $400 Billion in damages. Double Oops.
            We have oops like the twelve publishing houses that rejected J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book. They lost a billion dollars. In 1999 Google founders were trying to sell their search engine for one million dollars and even lowered the price to $750,000 but no one bought. It is worth about $350 Billion today.
            Record label Decca holds a special place in the hearts of record label EMI. Decca signed Brian Poole and the Tremeloes and passed on the Beatles. Oops. That is almost as bad as Russia in 1867 selling Alaska to the United States for a couple cents an acre because it was not valuable.
            One of the biggest oops over the years is the way New Mexico thinks it can conserve its way to plenty of water. That is not possible. The state of New Mexico either has to pipe water into the state or it has to make unusable water into water that can be used for people and agriculture.
            But there is no movement by the state officials to do something useful. Instead they stand mute and dumb on the crisis of New Mexico not having enough water. New Mexico has never had enough water and it gets worse with the needs of more people and agriculture.
            The best they can do is hope that it will rain. Or those who think the answer is to quit having agriculture. That works as soon as we all stop eating. Idiots.
            The best time to plant a shade tree was twenty years ago. Next best time was ten years ago. But you will never get shade if you do not plant a shade tree. Likewise, real action needs to be taken on securing a supply of water for the coming generations. Or I guess years from now as it gets worse and worse we can say, Oops.


Could not possibly be more clueless

© 2016 Jim Spence One can only shake one's head as the irony fast drips almost every single day. Earlier this week I wrote a column regarding the, “Flags flying at half-staff presidency,” of Barack Obama.

The biggest problem is that Democrats have painted themselves into a terrible corner. All of their race-baiting tactics and all of their ISIS denials require them to double, triple, and even quadruple down on being clueless. Their race baiting, which is designed to get out the minority vote in the fall, has required Democrats to bow before every fringe radical minority group, regardless of how much violence these groups produce. You saw this during the Democratic primaries when Black Lives Matter operatives bullied every single Democrat into saying some of the most asinine things ever uttered.
Apollo, the dog formerly known as "Trump"

Readers of this column already know I am no fan of Donald Trump. My dog was named Trump by his breeder. I changed his name to "Apollo" four years ago when we adopted him. I was not about to have a dog named Trump. Still, yesterday I could not help but laugh when I saw the jealousy in the eyes of Barack Obama as he tried to counter Donald Trump. Trump drew thirty million viewers for his Thursday night acceptance speech (I was not one of those thirty million). The idea that thirty million Americans would watch Trump remind of everyone of why Obama has been the worst president in our lifetimes really bugged Obama. And what bugged Obama most was how Trump traced the collapse of domestic and international order under Obama. Trump reminded voters of Paris, the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Brussels, Orlando, Nice, and the killings of police officers by Black Lives Matter types all around the country. As if anyone should need a reminder.

Here comes the first irony. Yesterday, when Obama was able to recapture the attention of the TV cameras, he took the opportunity to bash Trump. He did so while he was making nice with Mexican President Enrique Nieto. Of course, Nieto presides over a country that requires paperwork be carried on the person of all immigrants. Mexico will unceremoniously and immediately deport any immigrant without proper documentation. Hypocritically, Mexico resents the same sorts of immigration laws in America. These would be the laws that Obama does not enforce, but Mexico does enforce.

But I digress. Here is a more mind blowing irony. Obama made a point to scoff at Trump's observations on terrorism the night before. With armed body guards standing close by, Obama smirked into the cameras as he pointed out how overblown all this fear of terrorism was (he didn’t use the phrase radical Islam of course). You see the problem isn’t terrorism according to Obama. The problem is the GOP won’t let Democrats tighten up the gun laws.

You already know what was coming yesterday right after Obama made a fool of himself. In Germany people must have “legitimate” reasons for owning a gun. Personal protection is not a good enough reason. Gun ownership is a privilege in Germany, not a right guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. About an hour after Obama scoffed at terrorist threats, many more innocent people were butchered at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. It would seem that “somehow” despite the tough German gun laws, the killers obtained guns. Yes, within 90 minutes of Obama sarcastically mocking Trump’s expose on the reality of the rise of ISIS, more men, again shouting “Allah Akbar,” were mowing down innocent people in Munich. ISIS celebrated on social media minutes later.

You can forget the irony of Obama pining for gun control. The greater irony is that Germany is a country where Muslim immigration from terrorist regions has been out of control. Obama continues to mock the GOP for questioning the wisdom of opening the gates for the Allah Akbar crowd, while the obvious reasons for controlling our borders, plays out in sharp contrast to what he says, right before our very eyes.

Astonishingly, a few minutes after the latest atrocity in Munich, Obama re-appeared before the cameras. Seemingly solemnly, Obama expressed sympathy for the victims of Islamic terror (he didn't call it that). Then he cracked a joke about his daughter Malia leaving the nest. Suddenly he was all smiles as his adoring Democrat press enjoyed his witty observation. Everything was so sad, and then so funny, before becoming so sad again. These rapid mood swings must come with knowing the Secret Service has their eyes on radical Islamic terrorists while Obama utters nonsense.

It is finally impossible for this man, Barack Obama, to be more clueless.

Basic requirements for decency

© 2016 Jim Spence  Lost in the sea of coverage this week of the GOP nominating Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, was a story that better illustrates the competing value systems that Americans must choose from in November.

Over the years I have railed at the national media, pointing out that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, and the vast majority of the nation’s newspapers are nothing but thinly disguised think tanks for and distributors of Democratic Party propaganda. These outlets essentially run with narratives fed to them by the elected officials and candidates in the Democratic Party 365 days a year.

Fox News is a different kind of entity. Generally speaking it runs with the narratives of the GOP, though the injection of Donald Trump and his bashing of the existing GOP power structure makes it more difficult to know what the narratives of the GOP actually are.

The story I am referring to is much more fascinating than all of the bloviating that emanated from Cleveland. It is the story of the fall from grace of one, Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox News. 

A couple of weeks ago, Gretchen Carlson, a former Miss America, who was let go by Ailes recently, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him and Fox. Her charges were that he made unwanted sexual advances towards her etc. Of course charges like these are always difficult to prove and should be greeted with skepticism. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But of course if Roger Ailes had engaged in sexual harassment he, like any superior attempting to diddle a subordinate, should face severe penalties and sanctions. In the end, sexual harassment is the ultimate form of human exploitation. And sexual harassment goes under-reported for troubling reasons. Often the only recourse for the harassment target is unemployment and litigation. And in the battle of dueling lawyers, the deeper pockets of the male boss usually wins.

Something strange happened with this story. Fox decided to launch an “investigation” into the charges by Carlson. Some speculate that Fox News anchor and superstar Megyn Kelly may have spurred the investigation by making it known that she had a similar experience with Ailes. This is the suspected catalyst, though nobody knows for sure. In any event, it is clear based on the independent investigator’s findings, that Fox reached the conclusion that Ailes was either diddling the help or attempting to use his stature to diddle them. Out goes Roger Ailes. He resigned yesterday. Wow!

Consider the competing narratives here as the election approaches. The irony will be so thick you can cut it with a knife. The Democrats will pony up Hillary Clinton as the working woman’s best friend. The Democrats will cast Fox News as a gigantic pariah in the tank for Republicans, who of course, are against the interests of women.

Think not about the rhetoric, but about the reality of the two value systems. Bill Clinton is a serial sexual harasser. The evidence is overwhelming. The trail of women working under Clinton who he extracted sexual favors from, or at least tried to extract from is longer than a line at the motor vehicles department. And of course those women who have spoken out about Bill Clinton’s predatory behavior in public (Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Genifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Betty Broderick, etc.) have been crucified by Hillary Clinton with the help of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, and newspapers like the New York Times. 

Bill Clinton did not resign his position, even when his conduct, lying under oath and tampering with witnesses, caused him to be disbarred. It is the ultimate disgrace for a lawyer to be disbarred, but not for people like the Clintons who are without a sense of shame.

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, and most of the nation’s newspapers have had a grand ole time with the Roger Ailes story this week, especially his resignation. What these Democratic Party “news outlets” did not miss in this story was the juicy scandal. However, these outlets never connected the dots. Ailes was simply rather Bill Clintonian in his behavior. Another aspect of of the story that these news outlets did miss, was all too predictable. They missed the classy way in which Fox cleaned up its stinking mess. Ultimately Fox valued and respected the dignity of the females working at the network. Foxed tossed a CEO predator out on his exploitation-prone ass. This is something that the pro-women Democrats could never bring themselves to do with Bill Clinton, even when they had the perfect opportunity to demonstrate with deeds (not words) just how much they value the dignity of women.

Fox demonstrated that nobody, not even the architect of the greatest surge in new viewership in the history of broadcasting (Ailes), is above the basic requirements for decency.

On the other hand, being above the basic requirements for decency is something the Clintons enjoy every day with the help of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, and most of the newspapers in the nation.

Swickard: Promise to spend wisely next time

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  There is currently deep despair in New Mexico because budget cuts cannot be avoided and the political football can’t be punted to next year. Things have to change now. Example: New Mexico State University has to cut twelve million dollars from their budget.
            The total budget for NMSU is around $620 million so $12 million is 1.9 percent. In an institution as large as NMSU, with all of their fund-raising programs and hold-back funds, it is a small sum. But it’s a cut and that’s the problem.
            In our current political climate many people think that every government program must be continued or something is seriously wrong. It is inconceivable in the media that budgets can be chopped, in fact, programs can be eliminated in hard times.
            Over the last two decades the state of New Mexico has gone from a very rosy financial status to the budget crisis of today. Who knew the oil and gas business was going to tank?
            The issue is: in the recent years when times were good, what did the people who guide our state do? They spent everything they could. Did they save anything for hard times? Not recent leaders.
            Former Governor Gary Johnson was a fiscal conservative. He constantly vetoed spending bills when he thought they were not wise. It was seven hundred times in eight years ending in 2002. Not all of his vetoes were spending, but many were and the money piled up.
            In January 2003 Bill Richardson took office. There were hundreds of millions of dollars in rainy day funds that he spent immediately on political issues. The eight years of savings were gone in days. Bill Richardson was running for President of the United States. So he spent and spent and spent.
            The last budget of Gary Johnson in 2002 was $3.9 Billion. That number went all the way to $6.8 Billion in Bill Richardson’s quest for the presidency. He was named the nation’s Education Governor for his spending on education, which had no effect on the outcomes for New Mexico students but looked good in the headlines.
            Fast forward to today since there are serious budget problems at $6.2 Billion. The problem is that there has been a large downturn in the oil and gas revenues. The budget is no longer viable and must be amended.
            When talking about reducing spending some people act like there has always been over six billion dollars in the budget. But New Mexico’s budget was under $4 Billion just a few years ago.
            The last time there was an oil and gas bust was 1981. At that time, I remember seeing bumper stickers that proclaimed, “Please God, give me one more oil boom… this time I promise not to piss it away.” Do we have anyone saying that prayer today?
            New Mexico was one of only five states who were not having budget problems in the late 1990s. Then in 2003 the spenders got their hands on our state. Some politicians want taxes to now rise as compensation for falling oil and gas revenues.
            That would be wrong because it gives the impression that government budgets cannot be seriously cut. Not one percent or two percent. Rather, ten percent. New Mexicans will be fine.
            The media will find those people who lose out. But for the two million citizens in New Mexico being fiscally responsible is essential for our future and the future of our children. NMSU is gravely wringing their hands over less than two percent. Seriously.
            Here’s a solution: NMSU and the University of New Mexico have many similar programs. Retrench to one or the other a couple of the programs currently at both universities. Know this: you should not touch the core of NMSU’s Land-Grant mission or the core of the University of New Mexico’s metropolitan university.
            It is time to bring sense back into the spending of the people’s money by government entities. No more spending so that people can be elected with promises. The oil and gas will come back; will we be careful with the money next time?
            Only if the voters elect those who are responsible and prepare for the next coming hard times.


The flags flying at half-staff presidency

© 2016 Jim Spence  You write a Sunday column and think you are done. Nope....more cops killed, this time in Baton Rouge.

Some observers see these acts of violence against law enforcement officers as simply signs of cultural pressures as a result of social-economic forces in the black community. They aren’t. When five Dallas police officers were murdered in cold blood by Black Lives Matter types I wrote a column that traced all of this violence to words high profile Democrats use to inflame the racial paranoia in the black community. Democrats realize that they run a risk inflaming racial paranoia. But they take those risks because they don't get hurt, police officers do. They know that not every black American who listens to them ascribe the most evil of all motives to Republicans, understands that race-baiting Democrats are the worst sorts of liars. Unfortunately for the police, some blacks believe the Democrat's lies, and they react accordingly. What inflammatory lies you ask? Remember what Joe Biden said in 2012 about Mitt Romney and the GOP. “They are going to put ya’ll back in chains!” You find it hard to believe Biden said this? See him say it by clicking right here.

Now I don’t know about you. But if I really believed that the GOP wanted to put me "back in chains," I think I might resort to violence. Is violence justified? Of course not. But the words of these jerks matter. It is understandable how Democrats incite violence when seemingly credible people, like the Vice President of the United States, suggest that America could return to slavery if Democrats don’t win elections. Mr. Obama has said as much too, and so have both of the Clintons. Remember Obama's anti-cop outburst after a Cambridge police officer got into a rift with a black college professor? Democrats are fomenting violence.

Think about what Hillary Clinton said just last week after the Dallas police killings.
She told CNN this: “I will call for white people, like myself, to put ourselves in the shoes of those African-American families who fear every time their children go somewhere, who have to have the talk about, you now, how to really protect themselves [inferring protect themselves from police], when they’re the ones who should be expecting protection from encounters with police.”
Later in the same interview she said this: “I’m going to be talking to white people, we’re the ones who have to start listening to the legitimate cries coming from our African-American fellow citizens.”

All of this paranoia stoking from the Democrat running for president. It comes within the context of blacks ambushing and killing police officers. I repeat, Democrats seeking election victories may lament these shootings, but they are truly inciting violence by blame shifting and encouraging paranoia.

As I head off to work tomorrow, no doubt I will see what I seem to see more often that any other time in my entire life. Flags will once again be flying at half-staff. All of these atrocities against law enforcement officers and Democrats keep kissing the backsides of terrorists (Black Lives Matter). In doing so they are pouring gas on the racial fires in our country like arsonists. All they know how to do is divide people. And what they have been doing is working. There are thousands if not millions of blacks in America who actually believe that they are going to be put back in chains.

Mr. Obama has created a legacy. He is now the flag flying at half-staff president.

White House "budget forecasters"

© 2016 Jim Spence  Now here is a job with zero downside. Why not work in the White House budget office? It does not matter how wrong you have been, or will be in the future. You can keep your job and make ridiculous forecasts every year. 

The annual ritual known as the White House “Mid-Session Review,” was conducted recently in Washington and the results were released Friday.
Once again the Obama budget people reduced both their economic and their fiscal projections substantially. These of course are the projections they made earlier this year in what has to be considered a laughable February budget presentation made to Congress.

It seems that economic growth in the U.S. won’t be as high as these Democrats said it would be. Back in February, it was all rosy scenarios. The Obama bureaucrats took the liberty to pretty much “assume” any economic number they wanted. Outrageously they chose 2.6% for GDP growth in 2016. Now the time has come for them to admit GDP growth will be 1.9%. What difference does it make? The White House now says tax receipts so far this year will be a whopping $59 billion below the February forecast.

Of course the U.S. media outlets (except for Fox) are propaganda production centers for the Democratic National Committee. Accordingly none of them ever questioned the absurd White House estimates even though these estimates allowed the White House to also "forecast" higher tax revenues and a lower budget deficit. Stalin's hacks did the same thing in the U.S.S.R. and Mao did so in China too.

Ooops! Now the federal government has as quietly as possible (this news was drowned out by the latest mass murders by Radical Muslims) started telling the few of us who pay attention that the budget deficit will be $600 billion this year. Didn't Obama once say budget deficits were immoral? Oh well.

It would have been even worse if the federal government wasn’t screwing every saver in the country by engineering Depression Era levels of interest rates. Sadly, screwing the few savers we have left with extraordinarily lower rates enables the federal government to borrow on the cheap. Of course anyone trying to make a decent rate of interest on their bank deposits is left out in the cold.

Amazingly, with this asinine review, the White House Budget Office still had the unmitigated gall to forecast 2.5% in GDP growth for 2017. No doubt Democrats will continue with this rosy scenario charade if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency and then quietly revise it downward next July. 

This is how things are done by Democrats when they hold power. It explains why Detroit filed for bankruptcy protection and why most other urban areas where Democrats have held power are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.


Damn those pressure cookers, shoes, and trucks!

© 2016 Jim Spence  Last night, with a thread of sarcasm running through my first impressions, I posted a note on the propensity of Democrats to blame anything except the ideology of Radical Islam for all of these horrific terrorist attacks.

In fact, taking a leap of faith in the foolhardiness of the Democrat's thought processes, I supposed that they would soon be calling for truck controls as a solution to head off future attacks like the one that killed 84 people and maimed many more in Nice, France yesterday.

First, it is critical to understand this basic fundamental truth, the news media is the Democratic Party (except for Fox).

So let's see how the media handled yet another mass murder once they discovered the perpetrator was a guy named "Mohamed."

CNN and the New York Times, which I have already pointed out, are pretty much extensions of the Democratic National Committee, win the booby prizes today. Below are the headlines each outlet chose, (these words matter folks) to help people understand that Radical Islam had struck again.

CNN's website headline read as follows: “Truck rams crowd; 84 dead in Nice.”
You don't say? A truck rammed a crowd eh? So that's what it was.

And perhaps the quintessential mouthpiece for whatever narrative Democrats want to flow, The New York Times led with this headline:
“Truck attack on French crowd; Scores die.”

Wow, a truck did all of that? What was this? Some sort of self-driving truck run by some sort of computer gone all awry?  

Don't kid yourself. The goals of CNN and the New York Times are pretty transparent. Keep the people stupid with headlines that contain vague half truths. Don't ask any questions and don't write terrorist stories that prompt people to ask questions. Hell it is fine with these outlets if the site visitor or paper purchaser doesn't even bother to read the story. Just as long as they realize a truck did it.

Yes, it was a truck you see. Just like it was a pressure cooker that killed all of those people on the finish line at the Boston Marathon. It was the bomb that killed all of those people in Brussels. And of course it was the guns, always the guns, that killed all of those people in Paris, San Bernardino, and Orlando.

Did you ever wonder why you have to remove your shoes at the airport to get through security? It is because government managed security once found a bomb in a shoe. Shoes are dangerous they hide bombs in themselves. They have to be scanned. You can't trust a shoe.

The last thing CNN, the New York Times, or any other cheerleaders for Hillary Clinton want is for people to start asking questions like this one: "Gee is it really a good idea to be allowing thousands and thousands of Muslims to immigrate to this country from places where fanatical radicalism is a way of life when we could provide them with safe camps right there in their own countries until the fighting stops?"

Yep folks, a truck rammed a crowd and killed all those poor innocent people in Nice, France.

Damn trucks!


Ginsburg, terrorists, and the dangers of "trucks"

© 2016 Jim Spence  If you read my column yesterday and saw where Justice Ginsburg said that she "regretted" what she said to the New York Times, you can understand just how badly she behaved. Yes folks, Ruth Bader Ginsburg seems to have belatedly understood the horrible error in her recent ways. Sorry Ms. Ginsburg, too little too late.

Tonight I have two observations for the visitors of this site. First, Michael and I are gratified by the support we have received. We appreciate the vast following we have garnered here at News New Mexico simply by sharing our views with you.

The second observation I have to share with you relates to the horrific terrorists attacks reported in France today.

So many murders to comment on and so little time.

If you have already bought in to the Obama/Clinton version of these terrorist events, you can have but one demand on your government. You will no doubt join hand with Congressional Democrats, call for another sit in (in tribute to the 1960's), and demand stringent TRUCK control laws in France as well as here in the U.S.

I will write more on the terrible danger that trucks present later. Stay tuned.


Not even a pretense of impartiality

© 2016 Jim Spence  A judge is supposed to conduct trials and hearings impartially and rule based on the law. This is the essential element of the judicial branch of government. Judges serve as vital arbiters when the other two branches of our government, the executive and legislative, have disputes. This critical distinction, the distinction of impartiality is simply melting away, even at the highest level.

Increasingly, over the past seven and a half years Mr. Obama has figured that if he can’t get a law passed, he will simply issue an “executive order.” Of course in third world countries dictators do this sort of thing every day. However, in America (until recently) all intellectually honest people would reject these types of executive orders as nothing more than lawless fascism.

There is a terribly excruciating thing that happens once the educated population starts to get conditioned to dictatorial processes, processes that are allowed to super cede the rule of law. Powerful people who should know better, not only forget about the U.S. Constitution, they even forget about basic manners and protecting the integrity of the institutions they serve.

Consider Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s outrageously partisan statements regarding the upcoming presidential election. It is actually quite astonishing that this woman would choose to severely damage her reputation, and the reputation of the court, by speaking in advance about a Trump presidency. Reprehensibly, Ginsburg was quoted as saying, “I can’t imagine what the country would be with Donald Trump as our president.” She has also said that Mr. Trump is “a faker.” And Ginsburg did not stop there. She also lectured the GOP Senate for not confirming Obama Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. “That’s their job,” she is quoted as saying. “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.”

Oh really? What does advice and consent mean?

We also have misgivings about a possible Trump presidency as well as a Clinton presidency. However, unlike Ms. Ginsburg, we are not charged with impartially presiding and ruling on numerous proceedings where Trump or Clinton could well be either the plaintiff or the defendant.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s behavior provides the most compelling evidence yet that our constitutional form of government, a form that has propelled America to the greatest freedoms and living standards the world has ever known, has inoperable cancer. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is literally a human tumor that has metastasized, and is now growing on the body of our nation. Commenting on the possible head of the branch of government she is sworn to judge impartially, simply disqualifies her from serving on the Supreme Court.

Sadly, the breach of this sacred trust has been greeted with a yawn from the fascists who support lawlessness in America.

Swickard: Never ending elections for personal gain of the elected

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  New Mexico and America’s elections have become never-ending. Every minute of every day for decades has been focused on coming elections. There has never been even one moment when the elected stop campaigning and start representing the people.
            Worse, our society has descended into a “Thumb in the eye” society so that every action in politics is meant to divide the people, not bring anyone together. Every issue is calculated by both parties as to how much money the political operatives can raise because people are upset.
            For many years I took care of an uncle who was a staunch Republican. One day while doing talk radio I was talking to a staunch Democrat about the mailers coming to my uncle. He said that he gets the same volume of mailers and their message is similar: to stop the other side just send lots of money.
            Perhaps what bothers me the most is that we have professional legislators who will stay in office until they are recalled by their maker. In some offices there are term limits but the professional office-holders just move to another elected position and continue feeding on the carcass of New Mexico and America.
            Even worse are those professional office holders who work for professional entities that are effected by the legislature. These elected ones turn into a lobbying representative for the people who write their paychecks instead of representing the voters.
            Be it public education, environmental organizations or those attorneys who gain immense wealth once elected to an office that pays no money, they represent their own interests rather than the voters. It is why some people think New Mexico is the capital of crony corruption in our country.
            Corruption is intertwined with all of this political activity since it rewards those who will break the rules and laws. Even more stupid are those who think that the crony corruptors will self-report their transgressions. If someone with a bribe gives it to someone who wants to trade influence for that bribe, neither will report this fact.
            The only way to see even the shadow requires noting the rise in wealth of these people when the reason for the rise is not apparent. Mexico’s President, Enrique Peña Nieto observed, “Whenever there are some who have more opportunities than others, this feed corruption.”
            It goes on all of the time. The person elected stands at the buffet of corruption and no one reports on their meteoritic rise in wealth. The media gives them a pass.
            Bess Myerson wrote, “The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.” We are partially responsible because year after year the crony corruption continues and more often than not the crony corrupt legislators are returned to office because the citizens do not care or often even vote.
            At the coffee shop the other day someone said that they could not wait for the November election to be over. Me too, but I understand that there will be no pause. The 2018 election is upon us as is 2020. We cannot think about governing because we are in the never ending election cycle.
            We are bombarded with Thumb in the eye political actions. The elected are not stupid, they do so intentionally to rally the base to give more money. Normal citizens are made nauseous by their actions and they do not care as long as they feast at the money buffet.
            The number one problem in our country is that the media has changed sides from protecting the citizens to protecting the crony corruption agents. Perhaps they are also on the take or they understand that if they do not take the side of the elected ones, they will be cut off from contact.
            The only time corruptors cannot avoid scrutiny is the Internet but canceling the First Amendment rights of citizens is very attractive to those dealing with corruption. When the First Amendment ends, which it will end, given the power of the corruptors, the nation goes over the cliff.
            At the very least let us stop allowing companies and organizations to have paid lobbyists in elected office. We have to start somewhere in cleaning up our government.


"Want to put ya'll back in chains"

© 2016 Jim Spence Congratulations are certainly in order. When a job is well done, and goals are achieved, people should speak up and acknowledge the accomplishments. Even if some of effects or "collateral damages" of accomplishing the goals are a bit unpleasant.
These racial tensions we are seeing playing out all over the country are part of a very big picture. Like a slow moving train that cannot get off the track it is on, anyone could see this coming. Now we have five dead police officers in Dallas to go with many others killed recently by racially paranoid African-Americans. The great irony is the five downed officers in Dallas yesterday got killed rushing to the defense of people who hate them.
Yes, this has been simmering and festering for a long time now. About eight years. Think about Jeremiah Wright's church and his hate-filled sermons. Think about Michelle Obama's rants in her racially paranoid Princeton thesis (that intellectual atrocity can be viewed here). Think about the malicious prosecution of the Duke Lacrosse team. Think about the lionizing of Michael Brown, a despicable punk who robbed a store owner a few minutes before he attacked a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Think about the hero worship of multiple felon Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Consider that Vice President Joe Biden told a mostly African American audience in Virginia back in 2012, that the Republicans, "Want to put ya'll back in chains." 
Mix in all of these ingredients with the fact 85-90% of the mainstream news media runs with the narratives projected by these reprehensible politicians and let it simmer for eight years.
Naively, I remember when Mr. Obama was elected in November of 2008. I had not voted for him. My wife Kristi and I were watching as he made his infamous victory speech in Chicago, a city that was and still is drowning in a deep pool of blood. The blood pool is the direct result of black-on-black crime. Anyway, I said to her, "Well I know he is a Marxist, but maybe this will bring a bit more racial healing to the country."
My wife is a very perceptive woman. "It won't happen," she said. "It will get worse."
"Why would it get worse?" I asked.
She smiled and paraphrasing she said, "He gets his power from dividing people and stoking the fires of racial paranoia. If he stops pressing the grievance buttons for a single moment all the people who have been conditioned to scream racism at every turn will waiver in their support for him. No, he will make things worse......much, much, worse. He will enable a new generation of black racists to feel justified in hating whites and we will lose much of the ground we have gained in terms of harmony."
I disagreed with her, but we did not argue. Before long I knew how wrong I was and how right she was.
There are alternatives to all of this. Many black leaders are calling out the Obamas, the Clintons, and the rest of the Democrats. They are taking them to the carpet for all of this cynical divisiveness. Sheriff Clark in Milwaukee comes to mind. But of course these good people get no forum at CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, or many of the nation's newspapers. Only Fox News allows people like Sheriff Clark to speak. And of course Fox is branded as evil at every turn by the vast majority of the news media, not to mention, Hollywood, public education, etc.
Kristi was right. The racial paranoia has been stoked and it is worse.....much worse. Sadly the trend is firmly in place. It is going to continue to get worse.

So, muted congratulations are due to the Clintons, the Obamas, Joe Biden, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, most of the nation's newspapers, and progressive Democrats. As a team this list of people has achieved the dubious goal of dividing the country. Let's also give dishonorable mention to Hollywood, and public education. Together these elements of society have divided the nation and fomented violence against our police forces.
Keep a close eye on the upcoming Democratic Convention where all of this racial paranoia will be stoked with great enthusiasm. Without a care in world for the police officers or their widows and orphans, Democrats will subtly encourage blacks to hate whites.....except for white progressive Democrats.
I have news for all of you Democrats who know your leaders are setting racial fires all over the country. These killers don't much know the difference when the bullets fly.
It doesn't have to be like this,


The FBI did not bother to record the interview?

© 2016 Jim Spence For the Democrats this corruption stuff is a matter of routine now. In fact, they do not even bother to hide it anymore. The laundry list gets longer every day.

A corrupt IRS official (Lois Lerner) was caught red-handed cheating people considered to not be likely supporters of Democrats. Lerner took the 5th Amendment when she was called on to testify about her criminal conduct. Not a single person at the IRS was ever charged or punished.

Two corrupt Attorney Generals have been caught in horrific scandals, but neither has been punished. Former A.G. Eric Holder's gun running scandal has spread. Judicial Watch reports that one of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where Eric Holder and the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.” Nobody was ever charged in this operation that has led to who knows how many deaths now. This isn't wiretapping the Watergate Hotel, this is a botched illegal gun-running operation that led to numerous deaths.

Consider the corruption of the U.S. Department of Justice since Loretta Lynch replaced Holder. The DOJ, which is part of the executive branch of government (the White House), has supposedly been conducting an "arms length investigation" of Hillary Clinton. Let's take a look at those alligator arms.

On Wednesday June 29th, a local CBS reporter saw Bill Clinton meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, at the Phoenix airport. Reporters that gathered to get a look at these two curious participants in a completely unethical meeting, were told that no photographs were permitted by get this......the FBI. So much for freedom of the press. The 1st Amendment does not apply when Democrats want to stifle the press.

Meanwhile, back on the eastern seaboard on June 29th, Lynch's boss Mr. Obama announced that Hillary Clinton would fly on Air Force One to North Carolina with him, where Mr. Obama would tell everyone at a political rally how wonderful she taxpayer's expense.

On Saturday July 2nd, the FBI ominously "interviewed" Hillary Clinton for three hours as part of their "arms length" investigation. However, the FBI did not even bother to put Clinton under oath or even record their questions and her answers during this long running criminal investigation. They did not record the suspect's answers? Let me repeat this. The FBI, who subpoenaed dozens of witnesses did not even bother to record the Q & A of the primary suspect. This is astonishing.

On Sunday morning July 3rd, the New York Times reported that Hillary "might" retain Lynch as her attorney general. This amounts to a job offer to the person in charge of her criminal investigation.

On Tuesday morning July 5th, Obama appointee, FBI director James Comey announced in a so-called press conference (where the press was not allowed to ask any questions), that he was going to let Hillary Clinton slide on all of the felonies she committed. Amazingly, during the Comey speech, Comey actually listed a large number of felonies Hillary Clinton committed. But then, inexplicably, Comey said, Clinton would not be indicted......because it was not "reasonable."

The brazen way in which this fix was played out right before our eyes is astonishing.

Keep repeating this point until it sinks in. The FBI did not bother to record the interview with Mrs. Clinton? What sort of criminal investigators don't record these interviews where it is a crime to lie? There is only one answer to this question. The answer is.......corrupt cops who already know what they are going to do.

If you have half a brain by now you must realize that the Democratic Party is led by people who know that they can get away with pretty much anything. These are sad days for our nation. Sad, sad days.

Throwing a rock into a crowded stadium

© 2016 Jim Spence  The two-party system in America has finally showed itself to be completely worthless. The system has literally belched two presidential candidates at us. We can choose between the Clinton Crime Syndicate's matriarch, or a serial braggart blowhard who's only claims to fame are inheriting hundreds of millions of dollars, borrowing billions of dollars, and bilking his creditors before filing for bankruptcy several times. Oh yes, I forgot, Trump is also famous for documenting his sexual exploits in his autobiography....something the Clinton's don't document. Most people are looking at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and saying that we could throw a rock into any crowded football stadium in America and come up with a better choice.
Gary Johnson
Actually there is another choice. It is high time (no pun intended) for every single registered voter to take a very hard look at Gary Johnson, who successfully governed our state (New Mexico) for two terms.
Gary Johnson was born on January 1, 1953 in Minot, North Dakota. His mother worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and his father was a public school teacher. Johnson graduated from Sandia High School in Albuquerque in 1971. He graduated from the University of New Mexico four years later with a Bachelor's degree in political science. Like so many of us who attended a university in the 1970's, Gary Johnson worked his way through college. He earned money as a handyman, often going door-to-door looking for work.
Johnson founded Big J Enterprises in 1976. Big J did mechanical contracting work as a result of Johnson gaining expertise in that segment of the construction business. Eventually, Johnson landed a large contract from Intel when the chip giant expanded in Rio Rancho, just outside of Albuquerque. Johnson added to his skills taking night classes and bolstered his understanding of management. Many years later Johnson sold Big J Enterprises (1999), reportedly cashing out for many millions of dollars.
Gary Johnson became Governor of New Mexico in 1995. He had never occupied public office before taking over as CEO of our state. Johnson was a long shot in the GOP primary. He campaigned as a fiscally responsible, low-tax, anti-crime leader. Johnson governed based on the promises he made to the voters. After defeating incumbent Democratic governor Bruce King in November of 1994, Johnson became legendary in our state for his low-tax and lower spending policies. Johnson knew were the problem was. Accordingly, he focused on bureaucracy reduction.
Johnson also supported the tried and true method of cost–benefit analysis, something government almost never engages in. He was able to slash the 10% annual growth rate of the state budget via the use of the veto. Johnson vetoed an astonishing 200 bills during his first six months in office in 1995. Johnson went on to set state and national records for his use of the veto and the line-item veto. He actually vetoed more spending bills than the other 49 contemporary governors combined.
New Mexican voters liked what they saw during his first four years and rewarded Johnson with a second term.
During his eight years of service as governor, Johnson followed a strict small government approach. According to former New Mexico Republican National Committee member Mickey D. Barnett, "Any time someone approached Johnson about legislation for some purpose, his first response always was to ask if government should be involved in that to begin with."
Johnson certainly fulfilled his campaign promises to reduce the 10% annual growth of the state budget. In his very first budget, Johnson proposed a wide range of tax cuts, including a repeal of the prescription drug tax, a $47 million income tax cut, and a 6 cents per gallon gasoline tax cut. However, thanks to the Democrats and their insatiable thirst for more taxes, even prescription drug taxes, only the gasoline tax cut was passed.
Johnson found the fat in the New Mexico state government early and often. However, during his first term, he did give the idea of throwing more money at education a chance. He allowed spending on education to rise by nearly a third. However, when drop-out rates and test scores showed virtually zero improvement, Johnson called for change and began advocating for school vouchers. Of course Democratic majorities in both houses of the New Mexico Legislature, in bed with entrenched unions, opposed the voucher plans. In New Mexico the education bureaucracy remains a cancer growing on the state budget.
A libertarian at heart. in 1999, Johnson became one of the highest-ranking elected officials in the US to advocate the legalization of marijuana. His reasoning was sound. He said the War on Drugs was, "An expensive bust." Johnson advocated the decriminalization of marijuana use and concentration on harm-reduction measures for all other illegal drugs. "He compared attempts to enforce the nation's drug laws with the failed attempt at alcohol prohibition. Half of what government spends on police, courts and prisons is to deal with drug offenders," he said.
In the final analysis, Gary Johnson changed New Mexico in a profound way. He slashed the size of state government during his two terms and left the state with a $1 billion budget surplus. Of course that enormous surplus would soon be squandered away by the most corrupt governor in state history, Bill Richardson.
During Johnson's tenure he vetoed more bills than the other 49 governors combined—750 in total, one third of which had been introduced by Republican legislators......not Democrats. Johnson also used his line-item-veto power thousands of times. He credits his heavy veto pen for eliminating New Mexico's budget deficit and cutting the growth rate of New Mexico's government in half.
Some people would look at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and say that you could throw a rock into any crowded football stadium in America and come up with a better choice. We don't have to. A much better candidate is sitting right under our noses.
Gary Johnson is pretty much just what we need to change the culture in Washington D.C.

Ever hear of Kristian Saucier?

© 2016 Jim Spence Have you ever heard of Petty Officer First Class, Kristian Saucier? You probably won't hear of him again. But know this, Mr. Saucier is NOT above the law. Saucier pleaded guilty earlier this year to get this......taking cell phone pictures of the engine room of his submarine.
Kristian Saucier
It seems that a year ago, Saucier was indicted on one felony count of unlawful retention of "national defense information and another felony count of obstruction of justice." Why? It is because he took those pictures of an engine room.

Saucier plead guilty in May to the classified information charge, which is part of the Espionage Act. Amazingly, the young man never planned to disclose the photos to anyone outside the Navy.

Saucier now faces sentencing soon. He could get up to 10 years in prison. Most experts believe he will get "ONLY" 5-6 years in prison for keeping those cell phone pics, which he never disclosed, or planned to disclose, to anyone. There are many others like Saucier who have gone to jail for gross negligence where sensitive information is concerned.

Ever hear of Hillary Clinton? Know this. Hillary Clinton is ABOVE the law. While there may not have been any intent to damage national security by Mrs. Clinton (just like Mr. Saucier) Clinton was grossly negligent in mishandling sensitive information which probably wound up in enemy hands. Clinton’s private server was targeted by hackers many times by people unfriendly to the U.S.

The point here is pretty simple. Nobody hacks into a Petty Officer’s cell phone looking for pictures of an engine room. Intelligence agencies found that Mrs. Clinton’s illegal email account contained 65 messages with information considered “Secret” and 22 others classified at the “Top Secret” level. Some messages contained data under an even more restrictive, “Special Access Program” designation. She had a serious duty and responsibility to not be grossly negligent. She committed felonies.

Pictures of an engine room seems pretty harmless. Nope, it is not harmless. You see Mr. Saucier is a little person. He is a nobody. And with nobodies the law is the law. However, if you are a Clinton, you are not a nobody. And with Mr. Obama as your president, you can count on laws not being enforced where you are concerned. This is the value system of Democrats. Saucier goes to jail and Hillary gets on with her march to the White House.

If Mr. Obama had a shred of decency (which he doesn't), he would quickly pardon Kristian Saucier, along with every other person who was once not considered above the law by the hypocrites in Washington. The next time somebody tells you the Democrats are looking out for the little guy know they are bald faced liars. The Democrats run a protection racket for the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Of course, Mr. Obama is probably saving that pardon for his pal deserter Bowe Obama hero.