The Anatomy of a "Hatchet Job"

You can see this one coming from a mile away. Hanna Skandera is going to be unfairly singled out by Senate Democrats and her professional credentials are going to be distorted and smeared. What’s behind this scheme is the influence of unions (not school teachers) to establish a political blockade that prevents all forms of educational reform and change.
Hanna Skandera
Though the Senate has hardly moved quickly, and there has been more than an occasional instance of rude Senatorial behavior when questioning nominees (Linda Lopez), slowly but surely the Senate is finally getting around to confirming the Governor’s selections made eons ago.
The confirmation of Hanna Skandera is noticeably missing from the process and reasonable people have concluded that Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez has already made it known to union interests that all they have to do is wait until other confirmations go through before he engineers the trashing and trampling of the Governor’s Public Education nominee.
Which Senators will be handed the hatchets when it is finally time to shift gears and butcher Skandera's solid credentials and kill her confirmation? Nobody is sure. But the smart betting says that those assigned by Sanchez to do the hacking, will also be the recipients of considerable support from reform blocking unions who are helping guide the process from behind the scenes.
Everyone can see this hatchet job coming…..from a mile away. It is the sort of terrible behavior that has plagued New Mexico educational achievement for decades.