Martinez on the VP Short List?

Gov. Susana Martinez
From -Will New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez be the next vice president? “Don’t know her, but on paper I think she looks very impressive,” veteran GOP strategist Mike Murphy, a one-time aide to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, told The Daily Caller. A conservative former prosecutor, Martinez is the most popular of the new Republican governors elected last fall, with an approval rating at or above 50 percent in a traditionally liberal state.  More News New Mexico

Oh Joy, a Compromise!

The Nobel Peace Prize
There is joy spreading throughout the land. Washington has agreed to a "compromise." A 60-day extension of what was supposed to a one-time reduction in the cash flowing going into the Social Security program (payroll taxes) has been universally labeled as "the right thing" to do by nearly all politicans and media alike.
The solvency of Social Security, which was already an actuarial nightmare before the latest "compromise," has been made even worse. And the great benefits to the "middle class" that will come as a result of this deal will come directly out of the cash flows that won't be going into their future retirement program.
Did Congress agree to this extension for another year so businesses payroll departments can make plans? Don't be silly! This extension is only good for less than nine weeks. The pitiful length of the nine week extension was characterized as "inexcusable" by President Obama just last weekend. However, yesterday, Obama was pleased with what was just five days ago......."inexcusable."


"Holder's Bag of Tricks"


Another snowstorm to hit NM

From - by Russell Contreras, AP - Just days after a blizzard struck parts of New Mexico, the state is bracing for another snow blast that could cause trouble for holiday travelers. The National Weather Service has placed most of the state on a winter storm warning until late Friday. Heavy snow and winds up to 65 mph are expected to hit western and central New Mexico late Thursday. As much as 12 inches of snow is expected in mountain regions and up to 7 inches could hit parts of northeast and central New Mexico. The storm could pose problems for holiday travelers since heavy snow and wind gust could reduce visibility to near zero in some parts, making travel nearly impossible, according to the National Weather Service. "It's going to be very difficult to drive on I-40 from the Arizona border to Albuquerque, and on I-25 just south of Albuquerque," said Chuck Jones, a National Weather Service meteorologist. Officials said the Raton Pass also is expected to be difficult to drive through. Read more