Changes planned for next Albuquerque council meeting

From - By: Jen Samp, KOB Eyewitness News 4 - Albuquerque City Councilors say they have never seen this happen. “Very disturbed by the protest. I don't think it was appropriate,” Councilman Isaac Benton.
     Protesters took over their meeting. “The word has to be disgusting,” Council Vice President Trudy Jones said, “It’s disgusting.” The protesters waved signs against APD’s officer involved shootings. They shouted at councilors demanding the recall of Mayor Richard Berry and the arrest of Police Chief Gorden Eden.
     Council President Ken Sanchez ended up adjourning the meeting. “This is their forum, this is their venue but they need to respect the people who are there,” Sanchez said.
     David Correia, an Assistant Professor at UNM, was the one who drafted a citizens arrest warrant for Chief Eden. “The families of victims and activists decided it’s time to seize our government back,” Correia said.
     Councilors argue there were two charter amendments on the agenda that addressed how APD's chief would be selected. They say protesters stopped a vote from happening.
     A special meeting is now set for this Thursday. Councilman Sanchez says there will not be any public comment unless it relates to specific agenda items. There will also be penalties for interrupting the meeting. That could include up to a $500 fine and jail time.. More