Swickard: Happy New Year, we made it to 2014

© 2013 Michael Swickard, Ph.D. Years ago one of my fears was growing old and feeble. Yes, it seemed so awful to become an old fool who cannot remember his friends and family. Then one year I lost that fear. It was completely gone. Instead I wonder each year if I can make it to the next year.
     The change came when I found out that I had cancer. Everyone who has cancer has that one moment when the enormity of our mortality chokes them. My first thought was that I did not mind dying but I did not really want to be there when it happened.
     While going through the cancer treatments my thoughts focused on making it to the next Christmas and New Year. Next year and the New Year took on a whole new meaning. And I have not lost that perspective.
     Almost every day there is some moment when I recognize that this world would go on quite fine without me. Not to say that I have anything against living. I am enjoying being here so I hope I am still alive and well at the end of 2014. That is my resolution.
     When people say that for their New Year resolution they wish to lose weight or read more books, frankly, I am not interested. I am still day to day, week to week appreciating life. It also helps to tolerate watching Congress, The Cowboys and Miley Cyrus, Me, I am just glad to be here, who cares about them? Read full column