Perfect Christmas Gifts from Jeff, Jeanine, and Keith

We are exceedingly thankful for all of the guests who appear on News New Mexico, and particularly appreciative of the ideas of three-time Emmy Award winner Rob Nikolewski of Capitol Report New Mexico. This week Rob gave us ideas for some very special holiday thank you messages. Let's explain. We enjoy watching and reading news and news programming produced by people who fall all along the so-called philosophical spectrum.
And in our feedback e-mail boxes we tend to catch flak from people who fall all along that spectrum. If you think of yourself as a “liberal” or a “conservative,” rather than an independent committed to best practices, you might think we often express somewhat contradictory opinions at News New Mexico. Let us illustrate. In December we have spent a fair amount of time asking everyone to take a long look at current practices that are failing. Here are some examples:
First, we think the U.S. approach to the war on drugs is a colossal failure. Second, we think pretending the U.S. doesn’t already have gays in the military who are dodging bullets and roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan seems unrealistic. And third, we often wonder aloud on the airwaves about the wisdom of imposing death penalties. With these thoughts in mind, and just when we think we will never get relief from the right side of the so-called political spectrum, along comes a reminder from our own Senator Jeff Bingaman. Bingaman hails from the so-called far left. And apparently Bingaman and other thoughtful progressives want government to be in charge of the expression of thoughts, particularly as they apply to news commentary. According to Bingaman, our show needs to be “balanced” or else we need to be taken off the air via what he touts as the correct application of the “Fairness Doctrine.”
Jeff Bingaman
This curious position leaves us wondering if Bingaman wants the News New Mexico staff to go out and round up a few people who will say: the war on drugs is working, gay speech should be suppressed and/or bashed, and the death penalty should be the law of the land no matter what. We are confused Senator Bingaman. Can’t we simply offer our views and then hope we can attract a following of listeners to support them? We need more guidance here. And speaking of the self-appointed thought police, we got great Christmas gifts from Keith Olbermann and Jeanine Garofalo this week. In these two, we have people that proudly trumpet the so-called “progressive movement” and its way of thinking. Here is a little background on our Christmas presents from Olbermann and Garofalo. It was the spring of 2009 when we first began to truly benefit from the valuable thinking instructions provided by both of these intellectual giants.
Janeane Garofalo
We were told in no uncertain terms, that anybody who criticizes President Obama is a racist. In fact, Garofalo said, “It is racism, straight up.” And as Garofalo offered this invaluable intellectual counseling, the deep-thinking Olbermann was seen and heard nodding and affirming her assertion with several injections of....“That’s right!” Strangely, Olbermann’s career has not exactly skyrocketed since the spring of 2009. His TV ratings remain mired in the basement pooper. However, in December of 2010 Olbermann has finally risen to a new level of distinction. Olbermann has become the nation’s number one intellectual buffoon. Now "why" you ask, would we offer such a stinging rebuke of Keith? It is simple, "straight up." This week Olbermann was seen and heard on MSNBC harshly and repeatedly criticizing President Obama. At one point Olbermann characterized the president as similar to the infamous Adolf Hitler appeaser, Neville Chamberlain.
Keith Olbermann
While taking Olbermann to the woodshed we do take comfort. The comfort comes in knowing it won't be long before Jeanine “The Racism Cop” Garofalo will make another long overdue return appearance on Olbermann’s show. And when she does, she will no doubt confirm what all of us have suspected all along…..Olbermann, (like the rest of us) is a “Racist, straight up.” One question lingers. Is it possible while Garofalo is scolding Olbermann for his KKK sympathizing tendencies, that he will meekly and apologetically nod and say “That’s right, that’s right, that’s right!” Let's start holding our breath right now for that long awaited mea culpa. And in the meantime let us say a hearty Merry Christmas to Jeff, Keith, and Jeanine. What you three continue to do in your own intellectual bowls of soup is exactly what we need for a Merry Christmas. So here is a Happy New Year right back at ya!


O'Reilly: Atheists Get "Testy" This Time of Year

Bill O'Reilly
From - Since the forces of good overwhelmed the anti-Christmas brigades a few years ago, the annual yuletide controversies have been rather muted. This year, the always-reliable ACLU threatened schools in Tennessee with doom if they promoted Christmas, and there were a few other atrocities. Generally, though, the traditions of Christmas are on display, bringing happiness to American children. But dissenters remain.
An atheist put up an anti-Christmas billboard outside the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey that reads: "You KNOW it's a myth. This season, celebrate REASON!" You know, I would like to celebrate reason, too. That's why I support honoring a federal holiday that allows citizens a day off to think about a man who changed history by preaching "love your neighbor as yourself." The view some liberal folks have of Christmas is interesting. New York Times columnist Gail Collins is a moderate lefty who says this about the tunnel billboard: "In this battle for the hearts and minds of commuters, the atheists seem to have been overly belligerent, although it is understandable that they get a little testy this time of year." It is? Read full column here:


No We Are NOT Making This Up!

San Jose City Council During a Break
From MSNBC - San Jose is to become the largest city in the U.S. to ban plastic carry-out bags, according to a report. The city council voted 10-1 to introduce the ban on Jan. 1, 2012, in the hope of encouraging customers to bring their own bags, The San Jose Mercury News said. The newspaper said the ordinance would outlaw disposable plastic bags being given out at checkouts. Paper bags will be available, but only with a charge. San Jose has a population of more than a million people. "This is a great step," Councilman Sam Liccardo told the Mercury News. "It's an opportunity to lead on an important environmental issue." Read full story here:


Progressives: Comparing Obama's Afghanistan Strategies to LBJ's Viet Nam Tactcs

Matthew Rothschild
NewsNM note - Still steaming over the fact two years of anti-business socialism has killed all job creation inertia and caused President Obama to revert to pro-growth strategies, the progressives are ripping the White House over its War on Terror tactics in Afghanistan.
From Progressive - When President Obama spoke on Thursday about Afghanistan, it was like being in a Vietnam time warp. “This continues to be a very difficult endeavor. But I can report that thanks to the extraordinary service of our troops and civilians on the ground, we are on track to achieve our goals.” Flashback to November 1967, when President Johnson had ordered a Pentagon review.
Pentagon on 9-11-01
“The President took control of the campaign to dramatize progress to the American people but in ways that grossly exaggerated future military prospects,” writes Larry Berman in his book, Lyndon Johnson’s War: The Road to Stalemate in Vietnam. Johnson, November 17, 1967: “We are making progress. We are pleased with the results we are getting.” Obama, December 16, 2010: “We are making considerable gains toward our military objectives.” Even when Obama was discussing the “core goal” of those military objectives, he was muddled. He defined that goal not as defeating “every last threat to the security of Afghanistan” but as “disrupting, dismantling and defeating Al Qaeda.” Read full column here:


Kudlow: Back to Reaganomics 2.0 (elections matter)

Larry Kudlow
From - On a historic night this past Thursday, a new Tea Party Republican Congress completely transformed U.S. economic policy. Elections matter, and so do their ideas. Smaller government, low taxes, and less spending were key election themes in the Republican landslide. And those themes triumphed this week as a large tax-cut bill finally passed the House and a monstrosity of a spending bill was defeated in the Senate. In one fell swoop, Obamanomics is out the window. Reaganomics 2.0 is now in the driver’s seat. Perhaps the most amazing part of the story was the work of Mitch McConnell and John McCain (among others) to kill the 2,000-page, $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill in the Senate, along with its 6,600 earmarks totaling $8 billion. This budget monster dripped with contempt for voters and taxpayers. But business as usual was overturned. I had an inkling of this when Sen. McCain told me in a CNBC interview earlier that night that, if need be, he would favor a government shutdown over passage of the spending bill. And now, under a short-term continuing resolution, the whole current-services budget baseline can be lowered by anchoring it to 2008 spending. Read full column here:

Lopez: Stay at Home Moms

Kathryn Lopez
From - Momma, don't let your babies grow up to be stay-at-home mommas. That seemed to be the underlying bias from a popular daytime TV show. It's not a new message, but it's one that may be changing. "She almost made it," is how Barbara Walters introduced Rachel Campos-Duffy and her husband, Sean Duffy, a congressman-elect, to the set of ABC's "The View." Campos-Duffy, a former reality-TV cast member and now author and mother of six, had auditioned for, and come close to joining, the women of "The View," years before. Walters went on to ask, "Did you ever think, 'I wish I had a career and I didn't have six kids?'" Without hesitation, Rachel happily responded: "Well, being a mom is the best job in the world." She said this, by the way, while her youngest, 8-month-old Maria Victoria, sat on her lap. Read full column here:

Harbison: It’s Free, It’s from the Federal Government

Jim Harbison
Often we hear local elected officials say “it doesn’t cost us anything because it’s Obama Stimulus money or some other Federal grant. There is no such thing as free government money because governments only have the money they confiscate from their citizens. Our City Council has the impression that the Federal government has free money that enables them to pursue projects without any cost to the local citizens. These are projects that could not fit into the City budget, be approved by bond initiatives or without increases in local taxes. The Council has no objections to projects being “government” funded. Local government officials everywhere have lost sight of the fact that “government funded” means TAXPAYER FUNDED. We should all be cognizant of the remarks of American patriot Patrick Henry who said “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrict the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrict the government, lest it come to dominate our lives and interests”. Unfortunately, taxes have become an instrument of our government to dominate our lives and interests. As long as local governments fail to recognize that government dollars are actually taken from their constituents our taxes will continue to increase.
We have been so overwhelmed by excessive government spending that we no longer make any connection between government funded programs and our individual tax liabilities. It is easy to accept government funding for a project when both the City Council and the citizens believe it is free. We have become so jaded about receiving (spending) government funds that we developed a “too bad for you, we’ve got ours” attitude without consideration of the tax implications and consequences. Our City Council needs to recognize that their acceptance of “government” money increases the national debt and the tax burden on each of us. This free (taxpayer provided) money is addictive to all local and state governments and they can’t constrain their quest for “someone else” to pay for projects they were unable to include in their budgets.
Because Council members and citizens don’t see these costs directly, they fail to acknowledge the true tax burdens imposed upon them. One of the shortcomings in our current legislative process, at all levels, is that there is very little evidence of the much touted “transparency”. The taxpayers of this nation have no concept of what tax burdens each piece of legislation has placed upon them. Unfortunately, most of our legislators do not know either or do not want to disclose it until their pet legislation has passed. Following Nancy Pelosi’s infamous quote “we have to pass the bill to know what’s in it” is no longer acceptable. Elected officials at all levels should have a fiduciary responsibility to each of us and should know the cost implications of each bill they propose? I would suggest we contact our elected officials at all levels and demand that they be required to calculate and disclose the tax burden on each individual for any proposed project, program or legislation.
 Wouldn’t this be a much better form of transparency? This requirement would have certainly influenced many individuals and groups during the recent health care debates. It would have created a clearer national understanding of the financial (tax) implications and burdens for each component of this massive legislation. It could have reflected the one time implementation taxpayer costs as well as the ongoing long-term or perpetual costs for each individual taxpayer. We need elected officials including Council members who are cognizant of the tax implications of government spending at all levels and who take their fiduciary responsibilities seriously.