Should abuse victims carry guns in gun-free zones?

From - by Walter Smith-Randolph - SAGINAW TOWNSHIP -- A Saginaw County lawmaker wants abuse victims to carry guns in gun free-zones but domestic violence workers say there may be other options. Schools, churches and malls--they're called 'gun-free zones' but state representative Tim Kelly wants to change that for abuse victims.
     “Over 85-percent of women are victims of domestic violence,” says Rep. Tim Kelly (R-Saginaw) “Over 75-percent of women are stalking victims,” he adds. Saginaw was named “The Most Dangerous City for Women” by Forbes Magazine.
     “(I) felt like this would be a good piece of legislation to take care of a vulnerable population,” says Kelly. The victims would be trained and licensed to carry the firearm. Not so fast says Valerie Hoffman of Saginaw's Underground Railroad.
     “It appears to me that we're just giving up that protection---that responsibility for protection and just putting it on the victims to protect themselves,” says Hoffman. She’s been counseling victims for 20 years. Hoffman says lawmakers should focus on protecting victims and cracking down on abusers.
     “Why does she need to carry gun?” questions Hoffman. “Isn't it society's job to protect the victim?” she adds. “I think this is common-sense, bi-partisan legislation that can help protect women,” says Kelly. Currently, the only people who can carry guns in gun-free zones are law enforcement officials. More

Tours to start at Old Main prison in Santa Fe

Tickets are now available for upcoming tours of a closed New Mexico prison where one of the nation's deadliest riots took place.

 The New Mexico Department of Corrections said this week the state is selling tickets for "Old Main" prison tours that begin in May. Tours of the prison outside of Santa Fe are scheduled twice a month and will continue through October. Last year, corrections officials opened the historic site for limited public tours. 

In February 1980, inmates at the prison killed 33 fellow prisoners in a violent clash that included beheadings, amputations and burned bodies. More than 100 other inmates and guards were hurt in the 36-hour riot fueled by overcrowded conditions.

 Officials hope to eventually to turn the site into a museum.

Information from The AP. 


More radiation detected in Southeastern NM

More airborne radiation has been detected in southeastern New Mexico from a leak at the nation's first underground nuclear waste dump. 
 The U.S. Department of Energy said Monday the results are from samples collected last week at numerous air monitoring stations at and around the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad
Last week, DOE officials confirmed the first-ever leak at the facility. It stores plutonium-contaminated waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory and other government nuclear sites.  The results are consistent with the kinds of waste stored at the plant, but officials say there's no public health threat. 
Carlsbad's mayor scheduled a community meeting Monday evening. 
Waste shipments to the site were halted earlier this month after a truck caught fire underground. Officials say they don't think the incidents are related.


NM Legislature passes more bills this year

The New Mexico Legislature approved more bills this year than it did during the last 30-day session. 
However, nearly all of the legislation was passed late in the session shortly before lawmakers adjourned. Records of the Legislative Council Service show that the House and Senate passed 91 bills - all but two of those during the final three days of the session. Also approved were three resolutions proposing constitutional amendments.
 In the 30-day session in 2012, the Legislature approved 77 bills and four constitutional amendments. This year's proposed constitutional amendments will be placed on the November general election ballot for voters to decide. 
One of the proposals is to give the state more flexibility in making international investments with permanent fund assets. 
The Legislature's 30-day session ended on Thursday.
Information from The AP.