Obama Needs New Change to Believe in After Debacle

From Bloomberg by Al Hunt - No-drama Obama may need some drama, or at least a shakeup. The cool, detached, sometimes too insular president will suffer a political drubbing in tomorrow’s midterm elections. It could be fatal or a glancing blow to his presidency, depending on how he responds. What is necessary, leading Democrats say mostly in private, are fresh personnel, policies and approaches; a midcourse correction, not a radical overhaul. The early signs aren’t encouraging. Obama has tapped a deputy, Pete Rouse, to fill in for Rahm Emanuel, the departing White House chief of staff; the National Security adviser, General James Jones, is being replaced by his no. 2, Tom Donilon; and longtime Obama adviser Denis McDonough will fill Donilon’s slot. They are very able. Rouse is one of those rare Washington insiders who practice the late General George Marshall’s dictum that you can accomplish a great deal if you credit others. He is a stranger to self-promotion and has served Obama well in the Senate and White House. Yet these appointments convey a signal of promoting the junior varsity after the varsity has been shellacked. Read here:


Rothschild: Stewart Ignored "Odiousness of Fox"

Matthew Rothschild
From Progressive.org - Because it was stale. Because it was sappy. Because it was self-important. Because it was platitudinous. Because it minimized the hideousness of some of the tea partiers and it blurred the odiousness of Fox. Because it was politically meaningless and thereby a diversion at just the wrong time. Because it was a mix of a high school graduation speech and a bad country western song, with too few jokes tossed in. When Stewart said, “We can have animus and not be enemies,” he was parroting President Obama, who has said, repeatedly, “We can disagree without being disagreeable.” A big part of Obama’s problem in governing is he failed to grasp the degree of disagreeableness he was going to face, so it was peculiar to hear Stewart reinvoke this mantra, as though what we need is more niceness in this country—as opposed to better organizing, or better messaging, or better mobilizing for a better vision. Read here:

David Corn: Lessons of 2010

David Corn
From Politicsdaily.com - Recently, I've traveled outside of Washington and met a lot of discouraged liberals. Oh sure, they're voting. Some have given money to or worked for Democratic House and Senate candidates. They all realized there was a need to buck up--as the president might say--and do what's possible to protect the Democratic majority on Capitol Hill and to keep Tea Party GOPers from exporting their extremism into Congress and enacting their vows of obstructionism. But the attitude of these progressives is one of obligation--think of it as performing a chore--than one of desire. They are no longer looking to make real a political fantasy. Read here:

Morris and McGann : Washington's Rossi Edging Away?

From Townhall.com - Signs of an unmistakable Republican trend are brightening the chances of a GOP takeover of the U.S. Senate. A recent Rasmussen poll showed Republican Dino Rossi 1 point ahead of incumbent Sen. Patty Murray in Washington state. The Rossi lead -- obviously within the margin of error -- came after he had trailed by 3 points in previous polling. Most significantly, Rossi led by 2 points among those who already had voted using Washington's early voting option. Murray led by a point among those who had not cast their ballots (some of whom presumably will not do so). Read here:

ABQ Journal Poll Shows GOP in Good Shape

In the final hours before Election Day, the Albuquerque Journal released a number of polls in its Sunday edition and the news seems to underscore a larger, national trend: Republicans appear to be overwhelming Democrats. •In the gubernatorial race, the Journal poll mirrored the Rasmussen poll last week, showing Republican Susana Martinez leading Diane Denish 52-42 •In the First Congressional District race, Republican Jon Barela has erased a 7-point deficit from late September and has taken a 49-46 lead on Democratic incumbent Martin Heinrich. Read here:

Heath: Appearances Matter

Heath Haussamen
From NMPolitics.net - As I’ve been digging into the records of both gubernatorial candidates in the past few months, a common theme has emerged: a stunning lack of understanding by both candidates of the importance of avoiding situations that could create an appearance of impropriety. Read here:


Phillips: Sellouts at NAACP

Joseph Phillips
For decades the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People fought the good fight against racial discrimination. The organization was instrumental in defeating Jim Crow and discrimination in the work-place; it led the charge in establishing voting rights for all and equal access to quality education. Even now the NAACP does some good work in local communities. However, as a national civil-rights organization, it has lost its way. In his seminal book, “The Souls of Black Folk,” NAACP co-founder, W.E.B. Dubois describes awakening to a morning “when men ask of the workmen, not ‘Is he white?’ but ‘Can he work?’ When men ask artists, not ‘Are they black?’ but ‘Do they know?’”
Sadly, the NAACP has veered far from Dubois’ vision and the realization of the principle of racial non-discrimination. The NAACP is now a defender of a system of racial spoils, a champion of big government, and a promoter of progressive politics. Read here:


50% more at the same price

It is not your clock. News New Mexico is on an hour earlier starting today as we have added an extra hour; the six to seven o'clock hour to our normal seven to nine hours. So that is 50% more Jim and Michael for the same price. What a deal!