WSJ Editorial - Obama's Nuclear Power Breakthrough

Three and a half months ago President Obama pointed the proper direction for U.S. energy policy. In the wake of the BP oil spill in the gulf, this subtle policy shift back in February (not the shift that will be a short-lived reactive offshore drilling policy switch made earlier this week) holds the only logical high-technology solution to the U.S. energy dilemma.

We cannot help but be reminded that in just fifteen years France shifted away from foreign dependence on imported oil (1973-1988) and converted to a country that now gets nearly 80% of its power from nuclear energy.

So, with all the handwringing over the nasty gulf oil disaster, battery technology leaping ahead, and hybrids and plug in cars just around the corner, one can only wonder how long it is going to take before all Americans encourage our president, regardless of party affiliation, to unite behind the only common sense long range national energy strategy. Read more:

Denish versus Martinez?

State Democratic Party officials anxious to assist the Diane Denish campaign for governor are behaving more and more as if they believe Republican Susana Martinez of Las Cruces will be the winner of the GOP gubernatorial primary on Tuesday. After it became clear that the Martinez' campaign coffers were bolstered by Texas businessman Bob Perry and his wife Doylene Democratic Party Chairman Javier Gonzales inferred there was something unseemly about the support. News New Mexico is making plans to engage in a complete vetting and detailed reporting of all the sources of funding by both winners of Tuesdays gubernatorial primary races in an effort to help voters understand how much money each candidate has raised and what the primary sources are of their funding. Read more:

Filmmaker Oliver Stone Continues His Adoration of Hugo Chavez

Last year filmmaker Oliver Stone said Hugo Chavez was energetic and principled and he held wishes that President Obama would spend time with the dictator. Now the Oscar winning director is writing a documentary on Chavez called "South of the Border." Read more:

California: A Shining Example of How the Greece Dilemma Could Become an American Plague

California's state motto is "Eureka." Which means "I found it."

What has California found?

A path towards economic catastrophe.

Why? This formerly great state has cultivated an entitlement culture and penchant for entitlement programs that simply boggles the mind. State employee unions demand and receive no pressure jobs, lavish benefits, and cushy early retirement packages. The definition of an "indigent" has been expanded to the point that it is almost an enticement to be unproductive and self-sufficient.

Still, California lawmakers seem unable or unwilling to make the connection between these unsustainable policies and astronomical budget problems. Instead they simply flounder and flop. It would be more amusing for those of us who do not live in California to observe this train wreck if we didn't have to simultaneously watch the European Union trying to figure out what to do with its own version of California (Greece). For the E.U. Greece is just a bit further down the entitlement-driven fiscal insanity road than the the state of "I found it." Read more:

May 2010 - Not a great month for stock prices

Granted the stock market has had a remarkable surge since March 2009. But May of 2010 was the worst May since FDR was president. Read more:

Marching that Long Gray Line into a Gray Fog ?

Columnist Ken Blackwell discusses President Obama's graduation speech to the cadets at West Point. Read more:

What Makes America Great

Our area welcomed 74 new American citizens yesterday when each took the oath and was sworn in. Read more: