NM Falls in CNBC Business Ranking

Pulaski note: Interestingly enough the top ranked states are "right to work" states. How long before the Obama administrations gets this concept? From cbnc.com -New Mexico ranks 43rd in CNBC's annual Special Report: America's Top States For Business. More News New Mexico

More Than Books in Garcia's UNM Office

Chris Garcia
From the Republic -Albuquerque police found pornographic videos and sex toys in the University of New Mexico office of former UNM President F. Chris Garcia, who's charged with helping operate an online prostitution ring. The Albuquerque Journal reports Friday that search warrant affidavits indicate police found Garcia's briefcase full of sex toys and a cabinet in his UNM office had more of them. Also seized were nine sex books, 21 sex videos and a folder with information on criminal laws about prostitution. Police say Garcia's duties included recruiting women for the online prostitution service known as Southwest Companions, which allegedly was run by Fairleigh Dickinson University professor David Flory. Read full story here: News New Mexico


Security tightens for onion production at NM farm

From KRQE-TV.com - SALEM, N.M. (AP) - Walk through the office door and be prepared to sign in on a clip board. And don't forget the security badge. No, you're not in a federal office. Nor an elementary school, where such measures might be a given. Rather, it's an onion-packing and shipping shed in Salem, north of Las Cruces. Throughout the summer, tens of thousands of onions will arrive, be sorted by size and quality, packed into boxes or bags and shipped out to various places throughout the country and even Canada. It's a process that over the past decade has taken a turn toward tighter security, as increasing scrutiny is placed on the safety of the nation's food supply. At Chile River Corp. in Salem, co-owner Shayne Franzoy said he reduced numbers of workers, from about 80 last year to 25 this year. He bought a piece of machinery that handles the bagging of onions, instead. That wasn't because the cost of wages was too high, Franzoy said, but rather he wanted to reduce human involvement, which in turn cuts chances for food contamination. Franzoy said employees must adhere to strict rules. There's no personal food allowed on the operating floor. No chewing gum. No sodas. No tobacco products. Also, the onion shed is fully enclosed, which guards against trespassers and, just possibly, anyone with bio-terrorism in mind. Read more

Las Conchas wildfire largest in NM history, now threatens historic site in Santa Clara Pueblo

From Capitol Report New Mexico.com - The threat from the Las Conchas wildfire to the Los Alamos National Laboratory seems to have been greatly reduced but gusty winds pushed the fire northward late Thursday (June 30) and early Friday and now the blaze has reached Santa Clara Pueblo, home to the 13th and 14th century Puyé Cliff Dwellings, as fire officials confirm the Las Conchas Fire as the largest in New Mexico history.As of Friday morning, the blaze has consumed 103,842 acres, surpassing the Dry Lakes Fire of 2003 that scorched more than 94,000 acres as the largest in state history. The Las Conchas Fire has been called 4 percent contained as it enters its sixth day and has evacuated more than 12,000 people and currrently has enlisted more than 1,200 firefighting personnel manning 52 engines. Backburns set around the perimeter of the Los Alamos National Lab (LANL) appear to have been very successful in beating back fires at the outskirts of the facility, which houses radioactive material and fire officials seem guardedly optimistic that they have gained the upper hand on that front of the blaze. But at the same time, the fire pushed upped into the Santa Clara Pueblo and there are reports that the western half of the pueblo’s forests burned overnight, damaging the community’s watershed and threatening the cliff dwellings, which are one of the Southwest’s most remarkable cultural sites. It was unclear by Friday morning if the Puyé dwellings had been damaged but the pueblo’s governor, Walter Dasheno, released a statement saying, “We are devastated to witness the destruction of our precious homeland.” About 1,000 people live on the pueblo. Shifting winds — combined with drought conditions that have made the landscape bitterly dry — have made fighting the fire extremely difficult. “We have seen fire behavior we have never seen before,” Fire Chief Doug Tucker told reporters late Thursday. Read more

Bad Forest Management?

Spotted Owl
New Mexico Watchdog - With firefighters battling mulitiple fires across New Mexico — including the Las Conchas Fire near Los Alamos that figures to be the largest wildfire in state history — some legislators are openly questioning whether management policies in the state’s forests may be contributing to the massive amounts of acreage getting burned up.“The public policy on thinning of forests is a huge regional issue,” Sen. Clint Harden (R-Clovis) said at a meeting of the Water and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday (June 30). Tony Delfin, the State Forester, told committee members “We have never seen any fire season like this before.” He also handed out a brief report detailing the number of fires reported in the 2011 fiscal year, which officially ended Thursday. As of the morning of June 30, Delfin told lawmakers that the Forestry Division had battled 1,021 fires in fiscal year 2011 and that 756,249 acres had burned across the state, engulfing 100 structures and 40 homes. The Track Fire in northeastern New Mexico earlier this month burned through the watershed that supplies water to the town of Raton. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Former Governor Carruthers Returns to Newsnm

Garrey Carruthers
Former Governor Garrey Carruthers will join us on News New Mexico again this morning as we kick off our second year. We plan to discuss the devastating fires raging across the state. Also on the agneda will be an effort to evaluate any progress the state has made so far in 2011 under the new leadership of Governor Susana Martinez. We will also discuss the political landscape for the upcoming 2012 election season, redistricting, voter I.D. and the outlook for issuance of driver's licenses to immigration law violators..


News New Mexico Starts Year # 2

Knowing our federal government was spending money in the most irresponsible way imaginable, the News New Mexico staff gathered data each month for the past year on how much money was being borrowed on behalf of every single taxpayer in the nation. The numbers were tallied last night and the news is horrifying.
Since July 1, 2010 the government has borrowed $10,817 for EVERY single taxpayer in the U.S. That amounts to $1,802 per month for every married couple in America who pays federal income tax. The time has long since passed to ask who can do a better job of deploying this money. Do the people paying taxes need the federal government to act as procurement agent with borrowed money? This is what the debt ceiling showdown is all about. Any inferences that this ridiculous situation is being caused by rich people, rich oil companies, or rich jet owners is a diversion away from reality.


Famous Dixon Apple Orchard Might Survive

Santa Fe New Mexican - At 1 a.m. Monday, Cochiti Canyon and Dixon's Apple Orchard were expected to elude the north-burning Las Conchas Fire. But within minutes, the blaze leaped the ridge holding it back and headed for the orchard and the family that has maintained it for more than a half-century. "It sounded like a jet coming over the mountain," Jim Mullane, co-operator of Dixon's Apple Orchard, said. He watched the flames burn a neighbor's cabin on the mountain before entering his canyon. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Donaldson Fire in Lincoln County Explodes

KOB TV - The Donaldson Complex Fire burning near Hondo in Lincoln County has exploded in size to more than 72,000 acres. The fire has burned five structures, including one home and is threatening another 50 to 100 structures. Read full story here: News New Mexico