NM Government Agencies Must Provide Electronic Public Records

From greenfieldreporter.com - A new law will require New Mexico government agencies to provide public records electronically if the records exist in digital form. The measure, which passed both the House and Senate unanimously, goes into effect July 1. Gov. Susana Martinez signed it into law Friday. The bill's sponsors said they and their constituents had problems in the past with some agencies or departments not wanting to send records in an email or download them to a CD. Paper records are costlier and less convenient to use, said Democratic Sen. Stephen Fischmann of Mesilla Park, who sponsored the measure in that chamber. "A lot of departments, if they don't want you to know something they make it difficult," he said. More News New Mexico

State Police Asked to Investigate Voter Fraud

Steve Terrell (Roundhouse Roundup) reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican tells readers that on March 25th, Secretary of State Dianna Duran asked Bill Hubbard, the director of the State Police Special Investigations Division, to start a criminal investigation. This request followed a report by Duran to the legislature that at least 37 foreign nationals had illegally voted in New Mexico elections. According to a copy of a letter given to Terrell by Duran, the Secretary of State also provided "materials" with the letter to state police. During the recently ended legislative session, Democrats in both houses of the New Mexico legislature ignored testimony by Duran and others about voter fraud and blocked all efforts to halt the issuance of driver's licenses to illegal aliens as well as legislation that would have required photo identification for voting. Read Terrell's blog post here


Best original prank

The best original prank. At a high school in Montana, students let three goats loose inside the school. Before turning them loose, they painted numbers on the sides of the goats: 1, 2, and 4. School Administrators spent most of the day looking for No. 3

Sanchez and Wilson at Tea Party Event

KOAT-TV - Nearly a year before the Republican primary for the 2012 U.S. Senate race, Lt. Gov. John Sanchez fought for the support of Tea Party members in Moriarty on Sunday. In front of around 100 Tea Party faithful on Sunday afternoon, Sanchez sounded like a man with a plan to run for the Senate. “If we do, we’re in it to win it clearly,” Sanchez said. Sanchez said nothing is for certain yet, but if he jumps into the 2012 Senate race, the difference between himself and other candidates will be easy to see. “We’re going to be talking about a proven track record on my end of supporting taxes and understanding conservative values out there,” Sanchez said. Announced candidate and former Rep. Heather Wilson was also at the Moriarty gathering Sunday. Wilson said she’d welcome the chance for a little back and forth if Sanchez jumps in the race. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Compromise Get's Mixed Responses

Greg Sowards
NM Senatorial candidate Greg Sowards was unequivocal in his denunciation of the "deal" cut in Washington Friday night to keep government open. Politico had this to say about Sowards position: New Mexico candidate Greg Sowards, who has promised that no candidate will be more conservative than him in the primary, said a no vote would send "a clear message . . . that members are willing to make the hard decisions necessary to put this country on track toward fiscal responsibility."
On the other hand, former Congresswoman Heather Wilson's camp was much more guarded in its response. Again we quote from Politico on the Wilson response: "Rep. Wilson will not be commenting on this story," said spokesman Christopher Sanchez. This morning on News New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce was clear. He was against the deal that would see America continuing to borrow $4 billion per day. You can hear the entire Pearce interview here: News New Mexico

Lawyers Ringing the Albuquerque Cash Register

nmonpolitix - The City of Albuquerque paid out nearly $1.2 million to settle lawsuits against the city in the last six months of 2010. And one city councilor said some claims seem a bit excessive. "It's very costly to the taxpayers of our community," said City Councilor Ken Sanchez. From July to December 2010, the city settled 14 cases out of court, drawing $1.2 million from the city's risk fund. The risk fund is made up in part of revenues from tax dollars. A city spokesman wouldn't say how much is in the fund but said it ranges in the millions. According to litigation reports, one woman walked away with $36,000 after "tripping and falling at the zoo, injuring her left ankle and left knee." Another man also pocketed $36,000 because he was "injured as a bus passenger when a bus driver suddenly applied brakes." And one resident settled for $250,000 after a "solid Waste Management Division vehicle rear-ended plaintiff's vehicle." Read full story here: News New Mexico

Bregman: It's Time to Elect a New Leader

Sam Bregman
NMPolitics - Every two years, Democrats in New Mexico hold county conventions, elect new chairs and vice chairs in each county and elect members to the state central committee, which will elect a new state chair. All county conventions are complete, and now we move forward to electing a new state chair. Never before have the stakes been so high; never before have we needed new leadership, new direction and vision for our state party. Chairman Gonzales wrote a recent article discussing his visits around the state and finding people “energized, active… ready to fight the fight… to the GOP.” He’s right. They are energized and angry about the failure in leadership from the state Democratic Party. Read full column here: News New Mexico

Parker: Return America to Main Street

Star Parker
Townhall - Although my organization’s home office is in Washington, DC, I log some 150,000 miles a year flying around the country. Traveling back and forth from the nation’s capital provides good perspective on the bold contrast between the realities there and the rest of America. Washington is booming today while working Americans in cities across the rest of our nation struggle to see the economic light of day.
Washington Business Journal reports that, based on their latest annual job growth data from February 2010 to February 2011, DC is the number one job market in the nation. Compared to a national unemployment rate which just dropped below 9 percent, the Journal reports unemployment in the DC area at 5.9 percent. According to the S&P/Case-Schiller Index, the leading index of home prices in the US, the latest composite of home prices from 20 cities from around the country shows an annual decline of 3.1 percent. Of the 20 cities in the composite, only two showed annual home price increases. San Diego – barely – at 0.1 percent, and Washington, DC with a solid increase of 3.6 percent. Yes, DC is booming, its malls are filled and the wine flows in our capital city’s fancy, expensive restaurants. The Democrat regime has been good to Washington. Read full column here: News New Mexico


Steve Pearce to Appear on News NM

Steve Pearce in Cloudcroft in March
Congressman Steve Pearce will appear on News New Mexico this morning to talk about the federal budget compromise and the reason why he did not vote to support the deal made by President Obama, Harry Reid, and John Boehner.