Brawl ends Albuquerque football game

From - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —Two Albuquerque high schools traded blows Friday night in a literal gridiron brawl. In the second quarter of Friday’s game between the Albuquerque High Bulldogs and the Rio Grande Ravens, the teams got heated and a fight ensured. The two struggling teams struggled to keep their emotions intact.
     The Bulldogs have lost 39 games in a row, while the Ravens are 1-9 this year. It’s unclear who started it, but it was enough for officials to call the game right then. KOAT Action 7 News spoke to the athletic directors for both high schools over the phone Saturday. They said they don’t want to say anything until they have a chance to review the game tape and read the official’s report for themselves. That could happen sometime next week.
     Parents said they want to see something done.
     A spokesman for the school district said it will wait until next week before it decides if any disciplinary action is necessary.
      Right now, the game is being counted as a forfeit for both teams. More