Obama " We Have No Stronger Ally Than France"

From hotair.com -I have to blog it, as stories about The One rudely snubbing the Brits have practically become a staple on righty blogs. Readers love ‘em, I think, partly because they’re seen as evidence of his disrespect for American traditions and partly because, when it comes to Britain, his toolishness manifests itself in ways cloddish and comicalBut honestly. Is this mindless diplomatic back-patting really something to get mad over?  Barack Obama has declared that France is America’s greatest ally, undermining Britain’s Special Relationship with the U.S  More here

Bernie Sanders Uses AZ Shooting as Fundraiser

From weaselzippers.com -Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, today sent out a fundraising email to supporters in which he includes his analysis of the Arizona shootings that ties the tragedy to “right-wing reactionaries.”
“This horrendous act of violence is not some kind of strange aberration for this area where, it appears, threats and acts of violence are part of the political climate,” Sanders said in his letter. “Nobody can honestly express surprise that such a tragedy finally occurred.”  More here 

Obama Calls Sheriff Dupnik to Thank Him

Sheriff Dupnik
From gatewaypundit.com -You Just Knew This Was Coming…Obama called the dishonorable Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik today to thank him.This was after the sheriff made a fool of himself by blaming Rush Limbaugh, tea partyers and conservatives for the acts of a crazy man.  The Political Punch reported: President Obama spoke today with Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, families of some of the victims, Rep. Giffords’ Rabbi and two of the heroes that helped in the Arizona tragedy on Saturday. In a phone call this afternoon with Sheriff Dupnik, according to White House spokesman Nicholas Shapiro, the President “thanked him for his department’s efforts to respond to this incident and coordinate with the FBI and Director Mueller on the investigation.”  Additionally the president also spoke with Patricia Maisch and Roger Salzgeber, two of the heroes from the shooting. Of course, the fact that Obama would call and personally thank this sheriff who has been wrong on everything since the tragedy started surprises no one.  Maybe he’ll get Gibbs’ job?

Jay Miller: New Year Looks Murky

Jay Miller
Santa Fe New Mexican - We're into another unpredictable year in the world of politics. Gov. Susana Martínez comes almost completely unknown, Her inauguration ceremony was outdoors for the first time since 1975 and away from the current capitol building for the first time in memory. She hosted the first children's inaugural ball ever and that evening held her "bold" inaugural ball. It is the first time anyone around here can remember an inaugural ball with an adjective attached to it, or with an invitation required or with a steep price. Read full column here:

Republican Showdown?

Thomas Sowell
Townhall - They say that, in politics, "overnight is a lifetime." In other words, the journey from triumphant hero to discredited scapegoat can be very brief. In the wake of the Republicans' triumphs in last November's elections, great hopes are being held out that Republican control of the House of Representatives can slam the brakes on Barack Obama's march toward a completely government-controlled economy and ruinous deficit spending. The first big step toward that goal could be forcing the Obama administration to cut back on spending, as the price of raising the national debt ceiling, which will be necessary early on in this new Congress, if the federal government is not going to be forced to shut down for lack of money. Read full column:

Austerity Now or Never

Armstrong Williams
Townhall - We are a week and a few days into 2011, but it’s not simply a new year. The end of 2010 marked the passing of the first decade of this new century. It’s only fitting we look back and look for lessons learned. There’s no question this nation and the world were rocked early on. 9/11 caused many to question just what age of man we were truly entering. A new era of fear? An era of power centers shifting to meet this terrorist scourge?
911- Rescuer

In the wake of that horrific day came a simple yet powerful thought - a motivation to prevent another attack on American soil, no matter the cost. Quickly, that mindset spread to other sectors in our government, and our own way of life. Not surprisingly, the U.S. and, indeed the world’s, economy was turned upside down. President Bush and opponents alike were quick to reassure the public. The calming words? “Whatever it takes.” Read full column here: