DNA test at property crime nabs thief

From KRQE-TV.com - By Emily Younger - Hobbs Police are not just swabbing for DNA at major crime scenes, but they are also gathering samples at all property crimes, too. "Fingerprints are a fragile piece of evidence and there is a lot of things that will make them not pliable for evidence like smudges, gloves, things of that nature. But you can't change someone's DNA," said Hobbs Police Detective Robert Blanchard.
     Hobbs police started testing for DNA at all property crimes like burglaries last December. Most recently, Hobbs police were able to use the DNA testing to nab a thief who allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics and jewelry from a home in 2012. Police say almost one year ago, Donny Garza, 39, broke into a Hobbs home and stole nearly $5,000 worth of belongings, but according to police, he made a big mistake. Investigators say sometime during the burglary, Garza drank two cans of soda and then left them inside the house.
     Police tested the cans for DNA, sent the swabs to the state lab and sure enough. Garza's DNA was a match. Hobbs police arrested Garza for aggravated burglary in late October.More