Alford to stay with Lobos for 10 more years

From - ALBUQUREQUE (KRQE) - The University of New Mexico has confirmed that Head Basketball Coach Steve Alford has signed a new 10 year contract with the Lobos. The news of Coach Steve Alford’s new contract came one day before the Lobos kicked off their NCAA Tournament run in Salt Lake City. The Lobos were on the court Wednesday taking part in their last practice before they take on the Harvard crimson Thursday.
     Coach Alford’s deal is reassuring the UNM faithful that whatever happens in the tournament, the same general will be leading the charge. “I’m just excited about,” Alford said. “I’ve had a lot of fun through six years…it's something that I think we've really started to put our imprint on the program.”
     Athletics Director Paul Krebs says UNM wanted to continue what he calls a "great era in l\Lobo basketball". In Alford’s time at New Mexico, the Lobos have won three times as many game as they've lost and have made the tournament three times.  Alford is hoping his new deal isn't a distraction for his players as they look to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.  One of those players, , his son Kory Alford, was possibly a big part in coach's decision to sign a long term deal.
     Bailing out early would cost Alford a lot of money. He would have to pay UNM $1 million if he leaves before April of 2015, $500,000 between 2015 and 2017 and $300,000 after that.  Read more

Lawmakers approve legislation to ease traffic citation confusion

Speeders and other traffic violators who now face a roadside dilemma about whether to pay a ticket or fight it in court would get a breather under a bill passed by the Legislature.  
Lawmakers were unanimous during the recent session in approving legislation that changes the sometimes-confusing traffic citation process in New Mexico.  Senate Bill 131 has gone to Gov. Susana Martinez. 
Under the proposed change, all citations would be sent to courts, rather than the current practice of having some sent to the Motor Vehicle Division.  Now, a motorist who’s stopped for speeding must decide on the spot whether to plead guilty and be issued a ticket payable to the MVD, or go to magistrate court or Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court to fight it. 


Santa Fe officials say same-sex marriage legal in NM

Santa Fe Mayor David Coss and a City Council member say New Mexico county clerks should issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and Santa Fe's city attorney says it'd be legal to do so. 
Coss and Councilor Patti Bushee plan to introduce a City Council resolution on March 27 "recognizing" that same-sex marriage is legal in New Mexico. They have a legal memo in which City Attorney Geno Zamara says same-sex marriage is permitted in New Mexico
Zamora says that's partly so because New Mexico law defining marriage is gender-neutral and lacks any prohibition on same-sex marriage.


Gov. in Rome for papal inauguration

Gov. Martinez

Gov. Susana Martinez is hoping Pope Francis will reinvigorate Catholics worldwide and fix any problems that are lingering from recent scandals. 
Martinez was in Rome on Tuesday with a U.S. delegation led by Vice President Joseph Biden to greet the new pope and attend his inauguration and first mass. 
She told Fox News Latino that the papal inauguration fell on the anniversary of the 2006 death of her mother Paula, who died of cancer. Martinez wants Pope Francis to bless a photo she has of her mother during her first communion.