Alb Top Cop Says Department Stained

From - Albuquerque's top law enforcement officer says the police department is facing serious problems. Public Safety Director Darren White called an unusual meeting of the police department's supervisor's Wednesday night, where he told them misconduct would not be tolerated. He told the Albuquerque Journal the conduct of many officers has put "a stain on the department." In the last 18 months, Albuquerque police have been involved in 18 shootings in which 13 suspects have been killed. Several officers have also posted offensive remarks on social media websites. And in April, an officer was charged with murdering his wife. Read more

Climatologist: Cap and trade does not make any real difference in fight against global warming

Patrick Michaels
 NewsNM - Swickard - Dr. Patrick Michaels spoke on News New Mexico Wednesday making most of these points. I for one was convinced that the effect of man is far less than the global folks are saying. From Capitol Report New - Climatologist Dr. Patrick J. Michaels acknowledges global temperatures have increased but maintains that fears about the effects of global warming are vastly overhyped and warns political pressure to make drastic changes to the US and the world economies constitutes an “invasion of our government and our lives.” Michaels, who is a senior fellow of environmental studies at the Cato Insitute (a libertarian think-tank based in Washington DC), spoke Wednesday night (June 22) in Albuquerque at a lecture sponsored by the Rio Grande Foundation. Among the topics Michaels touched on was the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill that passed the US House of Representatives in 2009 but failed in the Senate. Michaels pointed to a graphic showing three scenarios: the effect on global temperatures if no cap and trade plan goes into effect, global temperatures if the US had instituted Waxman-Markey and global temperautres if all the countries participating in the the Kyoto Protocol had instituted the terms of Waxman-Markey. Here’s the chart Michaels says shows that if nothing is done, global temperatures rise by 1.58 degrees; that if the US implements the terms of Waxman-Markey the temperatures rise by 1.54 degrees and if all the Kyoto countries adopt the terms of Waxman-Markey temperatures rise 1.50 degrees Read more

Measuring how we measure what we need to measure

From NM - During the recent race for New Mexico governor, then-candidate Susana Martinez talked often about bringing “short cycle assessments” to public education. She expressed frustration that New Mexico students are tested in the spring and then in September the results (often bad) are given to communities. The problem with a September release of test data is that it is too late to change any educational procedures to improve the students of that previous school year. The hay, so to speak, is already in the barn. And there is the rub for New Mexico public education. Much more valuable, as Governor Martinez correctly points out, would be the ability to predict with confidence which students were going to achieve success and importantly, which students need a special intervention right now if they are to get on grade level. Read more

King Has Some Splaining to Do, Will Do So Friday

NMPolitics - Attorney General Gary King has invited members of the media to attend a Friday news conference at which he plans to talk about corruption cases. The news conference will be held at 10 a.m. at King’s Albuquerque office. A news release says King will “address media representatives and respond to questions related to recent inquiries regarding the Vigil-Giron, Foy, Region III, and other cases.” The news conference comes after a weekend editorial in which The Santa Fe New Mexican wrote that King has lately been “dragging his public trust to political depths previously unplumbed” with his handling of corruption cases and should consider “recusing himself from office.” Read full story here: News New Mexico

Geithner Echoes the Sentiments of Karl Marx

Karl Marx
CNS News - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told the House Small Business Committee on Wednesday that the Obama administration believes taxes on small business must increase so the administration does not have to “shrink the overall size of government programs. Read full story here: News New Mexico

KRQE Covers Candidates in C.D 1 Race

Martin Chavez
KRQE TV - The rumors are swirling that some big names are about to jump into the race to replace Rep. Martin Heinrich in Congress. Sources tell News 13 former Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez could enter the Democratic primary for the 1st District Congressional seat as early as July 1. Calls to Chavez's Washington, D.C. office were not returned. If Chavez announces his candidacy, he will face long-time political rival, State Sen. Eric Griego, who joined the race in April. "Chavez is 99 percent in, and that sets up a real hot summer duel," said political blogger Joe Monahan. Former Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, who ran unsuccessfully against Gov. Susana Martinez, also is "strongly considering" a run, according to a source close to her.
Jon Barela
In an op-ed article in the Deming Headlight on Wednesday, Denish pledged to fight for New Mexico families, saying "perhaps in seeking another office." On the Republican side, current Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela could give it another go. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," said Monahan. A spokeswoman for Barela said he is open to the idea of running again, after losing to Heinrich last year for the job. Barela would face Albuquerque City Councilor Dan Lewis. Read full story here: New New Mexico


Terrell: Martinez "Ya Run Ya Resign"

Steve Terrell
Roundhouse Roundup - I think it's safe to say that Gov. Susana Martinez isn't wild about the idea of people in her administration seeking higher office. In fact, if you work for Martinez, don't even think about sticking around if you decide to run for political office. Last month when Lt. Gov. John Sanchez announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate, the governor issued a less-than-friendly statement expressing the concern that a Senate race could become a "distraction," and saying she wouldn't give Sanchez any extra responsibilities in her administration. But that message doesn't apply to Sanchez alone. Martinez's Economic Development Secretary-designate Jon Barela, a Republican who lost a tight race for Congress against Democratic U.S. Rep. Martin Heinrich last year, reportedly is thinking of running again in next year's 1st Congressional District race. When asked what Martinez thought about Barela's possible candidacy, her spokesman, Scott Darnell, replied, "Cabinet secretaries understand that they must be focused on assisting the governor in doing the job New Mexicans elected her to do and know they would need to resign if they choose to run for office." Read full story here: News New Mexico

NM Jobless Rate Falling Under Martinez?

Susana Martinez
KOB - TV SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - New Mexico's jobless rate dropped for the third straight month, but state labor officials say job growth has yet to rebound. The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions announced Thursday that the unemployment rate for May was 6.9 percent. That's down from 7.6 percent in April and 8.3 percent from the same time last year. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Pearce Criticizes Obama on Afghanistan

Steve Pearce
NMPolitics - The only Republican member of New Mexico’s congressional delegation says President Barack Obama’s decision to begin bringing U.S. soldiers home from Afghanistan is a political move that won’t help. “The president’s action is a political one that will not benefit our troops in the field or Americans at home,” U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce said. “Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen said the president’s plans are riskier and more aggressive than he originally preferred, and both Defense Secretary Gates and General Petraeus have favored a slow drawdown, keeping our forces as strong as possible to secure our progress.” Read full story here: News New Mexico

Liberals Endorse Greigo and Warn Conservative Dems

Eric Griego
From -A leading group on the political left is throwing its support behind its first congressional candidate of the 2012 cycle, in part as a pre-emptive strike against conservative Democrats.
The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) today endorsed Democrat Eric Griego in New Mexico's 1st Congressional District. The U.S. House seat is being vacated by Rep. Martin Heinrich, who is running for the U.S. Senate. "The last thing we need to send to Washington is a Democrat who is a kinder, gentler version of the Republicans," reads a PCCC fundraising pitch touting the Griego endorsement.  More News New Mexico

Former UNM President Chris Garcia Arrested in Connection With Prostitution Ring

Chris Garcia
From -A former president of the University of New Mexico was arrested today in connection with the investigation into a prostitution ring headed by New York physicist David Flory, cops said today. Ex-President Francis Chris Garcia, 71, was booked this morning on charges of promoting prostitution, tampering with evidence and conspiracy, they said.  Garcia, the first Hispanic president of UNM, still teaches political science at the Albuquerque campus. Detectives this morning served search warrants at Garcia’s home and at his UNM office.  More News New Mexico


Harbison: What Does Your Elected Official Want?

Jim Harbison
I recently had an opportunity to have a long conversation with one of our City Councilors. I would encourage everyone to try to meet with a locally elected City or County representative. Sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and learn what motivates them and what their vision is for your community. You may be surprised, dismayed, puzzled, or reassured. In order to preserve his/her identity I will use the unisex name of “Dana” to refer to this Councilor. We began our discussions talking about our backgrounds and where we had similar or seemingly conflicting beliefs. The conversation was friendly and we agreed to disagree without any hostility, threats, or personal attacks. This made for a very open, free, and enjoyable discussion that seemed to have no limits.
As we spoke we both realized a mutual our love for our community and genuine concerns about making it a more wonderful place to live. Our differences included what the future City should look like. We moved here because of the warm welcoming attitude of everyone we encountered on our first visit and it’s a beautiful City. It offered just about everything we could want including affordable housing, amazing weather, friendly people, historic culture, sports, arts, music, theater and unbelievable scenic panoramas.
As retirees who lived in cities around the world we found the city had its own unique character. Never did it occur to me to move here and try to recreate any of the communities of my past. I do not understand why the incoming migrant retirees want to redesign the city. I asked why the Councilors were determined to increasingly manage the activities of the residents (cell phones, red lights, lighting, flags, zoning, etc) to change the character of the city.
Are they are dissatisfied or embarrassed with the city’s cultural heritage? If it needs so much change why did they move here? Councilor “Dana” commented that growth requires change. The real question is what is the purpose of the change? I asked what changes were necessary but no response was forthcoming. I expressed my beliefs that less government is better government and that I failed to understand why the Council felt it necessary to regulate nearly everything. I wanted to know the purpose of the City code restricting business advertising flags. Was it a safety issue as the mayor claims? If so, why does the City allow flags if the owner purchases a permit. Obviously, it’s not about safety but revenue. Allowing the business to prosper and generate increased gross receipts tax would produce greater economic prosperity, good will and revenue for the city than the fees collected from the permits. Requiring people to appear in court rather than allowing them to pay redlight tickets by mail without court costs is not about safety but about revenue generation. Reluctantly, “Dana” agreed.
We discussed “affordable housing” and both agreed that creating blocks of “affordable housing” was less desirable than integrating families into regular apartments and housing units. Creating rental agreements with owners of apartment or condo complexes and issuing vouchers to the families would remove the stigma of living in public housing areas. We agreed it would integrate them into communities of various socio-economic levels and enhance their self-esteem.
After several hours of discussions “Dana” and I acknowledged that our values were not that much different and that both of us genuinely were concerned about our fellow citizens and our city. We don’t need to create a different city we just need common solutions to maintain the rich cultural heritage and traditions.


Defense Lawyers Seek Dismissal of Corruption Charges

Gary King
Santa Fe- The day criminal charges were filed against former New Mexico Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron seems like a distant memory. Along with three other defendants, Vigil-Giron was charged with misusing millions of dollars in federal voter education funds nearly two years ago. For reasons still unclear, N.M. Attorney General Gary King has not managed to bring the case to trial. And according to a report in the Albuquerque Journal, lawyers for Vigil-Giron and the other defendants are now repeating their requests for all charges to be dismissed. Though there were reports last week that King finally appointed a prosecutor as ordered by the court, the defense team is claiming King did not designate the special prosecutor in time to meet the court's deadline.
Rebecca Vigil-Giron
Attorneys for co-defendants Joe Kupfer, Elizabeth Kupfer, and Armando Gutierrez are all asking for a dismissal of 50 criminal counts, that include both conspiracy and racketeering charges. King has come under fire in recent weeks, even in media outlets deeply sympathetic to Democrats, for what his critics describe as politically motivated foot-dragging in pursuing corruption convictions. The Vigil-Giron case has become the centerpiece for those criticisms as the timeline for justice proceedings on the case have been delayed repeatedly.


Wrongly Accused Man Wins $1 Million From City

From - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- A magazine salesman cleared of double homicide sued the city and won nearly $1 million. Michael Lee was arrested in 2007 in connection to the deaths of a husband and wife at their northeast Albuquerque home. He was behind bars for two years before the real killer, Clifton Bloomfield, confessed. Lee filed a lawsuit and it was just settled for just under $1 million. The suit claimed he was selling magazines miles away when the crimes took place and police never showed the sales receipts as evidence in court Read more:

NM Dems in Congress anxious for end of Afghan war

From NM - By Heath Haussamen - The Democratic members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation appeared anxious on Wednesday evening for the end of the war in Afghanistan, with some saying the president’s announcement that he would bring 33,000 U.S. soldiers home by next summer isn’t enough. Wednesday evening, Obama announced plans to bring 10,000 soldiers home by the end of this year and 23,000 by the summer of 2012. But, as The Associated Press reported: “…almost 70,000 U.S. troops will remain in an unstable country, fighting in a war bound to see more Americans killed. Obama said they will leave at a steady pace, but the U.S. combat mission is not expected to end until December 2014 — and even then, a sizable and enduring contingent may remain in a different role.” Read more