News New Mexico Launches Save $1 Million Campaign

Updated: the new Las Cruces Public Schools elementary school is Monte Vista Elementary.
News New Mexico travelled to the north end of Sonoma Ranch boulevard on the east mesa of Las Cruces today to take pictures of the area we are calling, “The emerging fiasco of the North Sonoma Ranch Boulevard - City Council Special Assessment District - Soon to be a $1 million scandal.”
What the pictures reveal is that there is still the opportunity for the citizens and taxpayers in our area to help LCPS save $1 million that they are being forced to spend. Story here. The first picture (top left) shows a distant view of Monte Vista Elementary School which will open next month.
The picture at right shows the current sole access road leading into the school.

The picture (below left) shows the entry point to the soon-to-be-built four lane thoroughfare known as North Sonoma Ranch Boulevard at the intersection of Thurman Road.
The picture (below right) shows that construction of a temporary, expensive, and completely unnecessary alternate road to Monte Vista Elementary school has NOT begun to any great extent.

The SAVE LCPS $1 MILLION CAMPAIGN can be successful with relative ease. The Las Cruces City Council should INVITE the owners of the golf course and surrounding properties back to a council session and BEG them to re-propose the Special Assessment District that can provide PRIVATE FUNDING for the four lane road that passes by Peachtree Hills road which is the western access to the school. If council can convince the owners to re-submit their Special Assessment District proposal, the need for LCPS to WASTE $1 million on a TEMPORARY ROAD will be eliminated.
If our elected officials at City Hall can work together on this campaign, in their own brand new building, both the LCPS and city officials can accurately claim their work saved LCPS $1 million. This will be true because the school district will be on the receiving end of a transaction that causes the owners of the land adjacent to North Sonoma Ranch Boulevard to shoulder the ENTIRE FINANCIAL BURDEN OF CREATING A SECOND ROAD TO Monte Vista Elementary School.
Clearly these pictures taken today show it is not too late to stop LCPS from having to toss $1 million out the window building a temporary road that will then cost even more money to tear out later - due to inexperience from some members of the city council.
And, perhaps if this simple campaign is successful, school officials can call a press conference to announce what LCPS did with the money it did not have to use on this temporary road. We will continue to follow this story.


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