Pearce to Appear on NewsNM Friday Morning

Steve Pearce
NewNM Note - Congressman Steve Pearce will appear on News New Mexico Friday morning at 7:00am.
Washington, DC (May 5, 2011) Today, the House passed H.R. 1230, the Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act, which expands American energy production and creates jobs by requiring the Secretary of the Interior to conduct oil and natural gas lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Virginia that have been delayed or cancelled by the Obama Administration.
White House Green Strategy
Despite repeated court rulings against it, the moratorium has continued, reducing domestic oil production by 240,000 barrels of oil a day. “This is the first step in reversing the policies of the Obama Administration, which has actively blocked American energy production, leading to higher gas prices and a loss of American jobs” said Pearce. “While the President is busy singling out the American oil industry for tax increases, the President’s proposals will only increase energy prices and destroy American jobs.
In a speech last month at Georgetown, President Obama called for more offshore oil exploration and production. This bill gives the President the opportunity to accomplish that goal. Will he continue to talk out both sides of his mouth or will he stop the empty rhetoric, put words into action and demand that this legislation gets to his desk for his signature?” The average gallon of gas in the US was up to $3.96 last week, more than double the $1.84 national average when President Obama took office on January 26, 2009. Obama’s calls for higher taxes on domestic energy production have come despite the fact that the oil and gas industry already provides $95 million per day in revenue to the government and supports 9.2 million American workers, according to a report by API.
Since 2010, American oil production has decreased by 16%. The moratorium has cost 12,000 jobs, and threatens to eliminate over 60,000 more in the near future. In this time of economic crisis, America cannot afford such reckless policies. Pearce has long been a strong opponent of the moratorium. In February, he called on President Obama to end the moratorium and allow gulf workers to go back to their jobs. “The consequences of this reckless policy,” said Pearce, “are seen in the faces of the thousands of Americans who now wonder how to feed their families. In this time of crisis, America cannot afford to lose one single job.”


NM Rated Worst for Business in Rocky Mountain Region

Bill Richardson
News NM Note (Spence) - ranked the states from best to worst for doing business. And for those of us who paid attention during the Richardson-Sanchez-Lujan era as well as the more recent actions of the state legislature in rejecting many of Governor Susana Martinez efforts at pro-business reforms, New Mexico was ranked lowest of all states in the west, except for the four biggest bastions of anti-business, progressive-oriented governments. Only California (ranked worst), Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii were rated worse than New Mexico in the west for doing business. And ominously, for those desperately seeking pro-business reforms here, the states closest in proximity to New Mexico: Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma all ranked far above the Land of Enchantment.
Sen. Michael Sanchez
NM Biz Journal - More than 500 CEOs considered a wide range of criteria, from taxation and regulation to workforce quality and living environment, in our annual ranking of the best states for business. The charts and articles in this special report show how each state fares on the factors most essential for a business-friendly environment—as well as what states are doing to attract and retain companies in the increasingly competitive battle to win site selection.
Speaker Ben Lujan
While the Lone Star State may not be perfect—many leaders would like to see improvements in its education system—it is Periclean Athens compared to California in the eyes of the 550 CEOs surveyed for Chief Executive‘s seventh annual report on the best and worst states in which to do business. It’s the seventh time in seven years running that Texas has led the states, and the seventh year California—to no one’s great surprise—ranked as worst state. To see where New Mexico ranks read full survey here: News New Mexico


Swickard: That child born today in twenty years

Commentary by Michael Swickard, Ph.D. - Each of us, all of us, every American is directly and completely beholden to our military. The U.S.A. would cease to exist without our military protecting us from our enemies who are only restrained by the might of our military. Winston Churchill said, “We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.” I had a conversation recently with a parent who objected to military recruiters being in high schools to recruit graduating high school seniors. This person felt that their child should not help protect the country, it should be someone else. What if everyone said that?Military recruiters are often not treated well at high schools. This seems puzzling since our country has had to fight for its freedom many times since it was founded. We fight to keep the freedom won with blood and sacrifice. Around 850,000 American soldiers have lost their life to give life to our country from 1775 to now.I find the effort to steer students away from the military wrong for several reasons. First, a military experience of several years or full career in the military is a real good thing for high school seniors to consider. It takes guts and gumption to stand firm in the face of great adversity. The training to stand firm is training for life.This I know: the people who have stood firm understand, as Lincoln noted, “…we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.” While some young people drift between one self-indulgent moment to another, one group of our citizens is made stronger by their mission. Read more

Endangered Species: People Who Can Find Jobs

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The number of Americans filing for jobless aid rose to an eight-month high last week and productivity growth slowed in the first quarter, clouding the outlook for an economy that is struggling to gain speed. While the surprise jump in initial claims for unemployment benefits was blamed on factors ranging from spring break layoffs to the introduction of an emergency benefits program, economists said it corroborated reports this week indicating a loss of momentum in job creation. New claims for state jobless benefits rose 43,000 to 474,000, the highest since mid-August, the Labor Department said on Thursday. Economists had expected claims to fall. One factor that likely helped push claims up and that could prove lingering were auto layoffs brought about by supply disruptions from Japan's earthquake and tsunami.
A second report showed nonfarm productivity increased at a 1.6 percent annual rate in the first three months of the year, braking from a 2.9 percent pace in the fourth quarter. "We do not think that the entire rise in claims over the last month can be explained by special factors alone," said Harm Bandholz, chief U.S. economist at UniCredit Research in New York. "It seems instead as if the improvement in the labor market slowed a bit." The data was the latest to suggest a softening in the jobs market. Other reports this week showed weaker employment growth in the manufacturing and services sectors in April, and a step back in private hiring. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Hanson: Rules for Killing Rogues?

Victor Davis Hanson
Townhall - The welcome end of Osama bin Laden at the hands of helicopter-borne American military commandos raises a number of issues. Americans rejoiced at news of the end of this psychopathic mass murderer, and, privately, are probably relieved that he was not to be captured and extradited to Guantanamo. If bin Laden had been taken alive, we might be revisiting the controversy surrounding the Obama administration's failed efforts to try in a civilian federal court bin Laden's subordinate, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed -- the master planner behind 9/11.
Khalid Sheik Mohammed
But what, exactly, are the moral, legal or practical rules in going after terrorist leaders or the savage dictators of rogue regimes? We went into a foreign country to kill, not capture, bin Laden. Was that killing permissible since a firefight preceded it, or because he was a terrorist rather than a head of state? Furor surrounded the waterboarding of Mohammed that purportedly resulted in valuable intelligence about future terrorist operations. But why was that considered immoral and illegal when we routinely act as judge, jury and executioner of suspected terrorists through predator drone attacks inside Pakistan? Read full story here: News New Mexico

Sanchez Sounds Like a Senatorial Candidate

John Sanchez
John Sanchez sounded like a Senatorial candidate yesterday when he appeared on the News New Mexico radio show. However, there was no formal announcement made. Instead, the Lieutenant Governor left everyone hanging with the idea that we can expect a formal announcement by the end of May one way or the other. The smart money seems to be betting John Sanchez will be IN. You can hear the entire interview with Sanchez here: News New Mexico

News New Mexico Unveils New Studio

News New Mexico added KLMX AM 1450 in Clayton, New Mexico this week after unveiling a brand new state of the art studio on Friday April 29th. Pictured at left is in studio producer Patrick Sosa. Next Monday News New Mexico welcomes KATK 740 AM in Carlsbad, New Mexico. If your station would like to become part of the News New Mexico network contact Executive Producer Kyle Doperalski at:

Climate Activists Target NM With Lawsuits

From -A group of attorneys representing children and young adults began to file legal actions Wednesday in every state and the District of Columbia in an effort to force government intervention on climate change. The goal is to have the atmosphere declared for the first time as a "public trust" deserving special protection. That's a concept previously used to clean up polluted rivers and coastlines, although legal experts said they were uncertain it could be applied successfully to climate change. The spate of lawsuits, led by an Oregon-based nonprofit called Our Children's Trust, were based on "common law" theories, not statutes adopted by state or federal lawmakers. More News New Mexico

Richardson:Osama Death Could Open Door For Climate Change Legislation

From -Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson says that the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden can open the door for climate change legislation in Congress. Richardson made the statements at a Climate Leadership Gala hosted by the Earth Day Network in Washington, according to Politico. “My hope is that from this success in the foreign policy arena two days ago, that he will be emboldened to take once again to the Congress legislation — not just to increase a renewable energy standard — but climate change legislation that this country and the world need,” Richardson said. More News New Mexico


Hezbollah Sets Up Base Near Mexican Border

From -A terrorist organization whose home base is in the Middle East has established another home base across the border in Mexico. “They are recognized by many experts as the ‘A’ team of Muslim terrorist organizations,” a former U.S. intelligence agent told 10News. The former agent, referring to Shi’a Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah, added, “They certainly have had successes in big-ticket bombings.” Some of the group’s bombings include the U.S. embassy in Beirut and Israeli embassy in Argenitina. However, the group is now active much closer to San Diego. “We are looking at 15 or 20 years that Hezbollah has been setting up shop in Mexico,” the agent told 10News. More News New Mexico

'Responsibility to Protect', Everyone Except Texans

From -Over 2.2 million acres of Texas land have been lost to wildfires due to severe dry conditions caused by drought. Across the state, hundreds of homes and countless livestock have been lost. As a result, Texas Governor Rick Perry requested federal emergency funds to assist in fighting the ongoing fires. Today, President Obama has declined that request. Well, we know that the President "loves Texas." He said so in this interview. I'm sure the denial of federal emergency funds is simply an example of fiscal responsibility and thriftiness - just as denying the Houston Space Center one of the space shuttles had no political motivation behind it. Los Angeles deserved a space shuttle! After all, in the movie "Space Cowboys" the shuttle crash landed there! As a native Texan, I'm smart enough to know that, were federal funds provided in assistance, it would be stupid to refuse them. However, as a native Texan, I also know that Texans are tough folks. They're proud, resilient, self-reliant, and will end the end triumph over this disaster. The money would be nice, Mr. President. But don't worry. After it's all said and done, we'll forever remember those who stepped up to lend us a helping hand - and those who didn't.