Baldonado Responds to Garcia Attack on Judge Hall

Alonzo Baldonado
News New Mexico received a quick response today from Representative Alonzo Baldonado to Representative Miguel Garcia’s barrage of charges against Judge James Hall. Though Baldonado did not comment on Garcia’s claims regarding Governor Susana Martinez or the occasional bowel control problems of Jesus Christ, Representative Baldonado did have this to say about the people he represents in his district:

“In Valencia we have the opportunity to elect Native Hispanic Conservative State Representatives regardless of their party. Heck we did that in the last election cycle prior to these new maps!”


Representative Miguel Garcia: Redistricting, Jim Crow, Jesus Soiling His "Undies" and Cultural Strangulation

Miguel Garcia
Yesterday Representative Miguel Garcia of Albuquerque released a press release to News New Mexico. It was a vicious assault on the redistricting rulings made by retired Judge James Hall. The attack featured an ethnically based theme and suggested that Judge Hall was returning New Mexico to the days comparable to the old Jim Crow laws in the south. In the release Representative Garcia said, "For the native Hispanic communities of southeastern New Mexico it is a nightmare in the awake stage, a return to Jim Crow 21 Century style, and where again Hispanics should be seen but not heard."
In the attack Garcia accused Judge Hall of erasing a half century of civil and human rights victories that, "Our Hispano people so valiantly fought to eliminate discrimination in voting and hiring, in equal access to public facilities, and in the instilling of human dignity by outlawing those demeaning and inhumane “No Niggers, Dogs, or Mexicans Allowed” placards at our places of business." Representative Garcia also said “Competitive districts is a politically charged term for diffusing and eliminating Democratic Hispano voting strength."
Garcia addressed what he perceived as a complete betrayal by a Judge who is also a member of the Democratic Party with these words, "Even Jesus Christ soiled his undies every now and then."
Garcia piled on with this assertion, "Judge Hall trashed the constitution for an evil empire “competitive district” House plan conjured up by our beloved Governor Susana Martinez."
Garcia did not stop with Jesus, Judge Hall, or Governor Martinez. He also trashed the southeastern portion of New Mexico saying the area has a "History of blatant discrimination, segregation, cultural strangulation, and human and civil rights violations of minorities."
Judge James Hall
Garcia also specifically ridiculed Judge Hall's decision on the southwest Clovis and north Portales areas accusing him of gerrymandering a district with a "token 50% Hispano adult population."
Pouring it on Garcia said Judge Hall, "Failed miserably on being equitable to the Hispano communities in south eastern New Mexico." Garcia called for "federal oversight" as a "much needed standard in our state."
Garcia ended his press release with this question: "Where's El Aquila Negra, The Cisco Kid, and The Lone Ranger and Tonto when we need them. For sure they were not in Judge Hall's court room." You can read the full transcript of Representative Miguel Garcia's media release on redistricting here: News New Mexico

Martinez Continues to Shrink State Government

SANTA FE – Yesterday, Governor Susana Martinez announced that the state’s air fleet will be further downsized, eventually leading to a reduction in the number of airplanes owned by the state from eight to three. The Governor’s announcement is a result of her administration examining aircraft usage during her first year in office – which declined greatly - and critically assessing usefulness and need.
When the Governor took office at the beginning of 2011, the General Services Department owned four airplanes, the Department of Public Safety owned three airplanes and a helicopter, and the Department of Game and Fish owned one airplane.
In August of last year, Governor Martinez sold a 2005 Cessna Citation Bravo, the state’s luxury jet, for $2.5 million. DPS sold a 1979 Cessna Skymaster in September and a 2007 Adam A500 in November. Both of the State Police aircraft were deemed too costly to repair and no longer effective in carrying out the department’s mission.
GSD will be selling two more airplanes in the months ahead – a grounded 1976 Beechcraft King Air and a 1983 Gulfstream Turbo Commander. “From day one, my administration has utilized state-owned aircraft quite sparingly,” said Governor Martinez. “We never needed a luxury jet, and clearly, there are other airplanes at GSD that need to be sold due to their ineffectiveness, high cost of repair or lack of use. It is important for us to take these steps to ensure the size of the state air fleet is in line with how the planes should reasonably be used.”
After the reduction in state airplanes, GSD will own a 2006 Beechcraft King Air for use under limited circumstances by public officials and to transport doctors to rural areas as part of the Children’s Medical Services program. DPS will own a Cessna 421 fixed-wing aircraft and an Agusta 109E helicopter. The Department of Game and Fish will continue to utilize its 2009 Vulcanair Observer. In addition, a memorandum of understanding will be drafted between DPS and GSD that allows each agency to utilize the other’s aircraft when it is not in use and available to be flown. “I am hopeful that these improvements to the state’s air fleet will provide us with greater flexibility in the utilization of state-owned aircraft,” said General Services Secretary Ed Burckle. “It will be a more efficient fleet and save taxpayer dollars.”
Potential savings can be difficult to accurately forecast because of variables such as aviation fuel costs and flight time, as well as potential expenses that can be associated with the sales process.
However, the Aviation Services Bureau’s budget has been reduced from $1.5 million to $1.1 million under Governor Martinez, with savings to taxpayers at the completion of the downsizing estimated at as much as $770,000 each year through the elimination of aircraft maintenance and operations costs and one-time savings of potentially $3.4 million to $3.6 million from aircraft sales.


Democratic State Senators and Representatives Sign a Court Brief in Favor of Obamacare

According to the Albuquerque Journal, ten state Democrats, have made the decision to be visible supporters of the legal effort to try to insure that Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is found to be constitutional when the case comes before the Supreme Court of the U.S. this spring.
The ten New Mexico legislators, all Democrats, signed a legal brief  that supports the massive 2009 law that imposes unprecedented controls on the health care delivery system in the U.S. through nearly 3,000 pages of statute and countless rules related to the regulation. Those supporting Obamacare and signing the brief include State Senators Dede Feldman, Mary Jane Garcia, Cisco McSorley, Jerry Ortiz y Pino, and Peter Wirth. Also signing the brief were New Mexico Representatives Gail Chasey, Eleanor Chavez, Miguel Garcia, Mimi Stewart and Al Park.
Many state Attorneys General around the nation have successfully challenged the constitutionality of the law in federal district and appellate courts.