Woman in stands hit by gunshot during Aggies-Lobos game

Mesilla Fire Chief Kevin Hoban, right, helps the stretcher crew
out of Aggie Memorial Stadium with a woman  reportedly
 shot in the right leg while attending the NMSU vs. UNM
 football game Saturday night. (Gary Mook/ for the Sun-News)
From the Las Cruces Sun-News - LAS CRUCES  A woman was transported from Aggie Memorial Stadium with an apparent gunshot wound Saturday during the football game between NMSU and UNM. The shot apparently came from outside of the stadium, perhaps by someone firing into the air in celebration, NMSU Police Chief Steven Lopez said. "It appears at this time that there may have been a woman injured from a bullet that may have been ... fired up in the air. Right now it's still very early in the investigation and that's about all we know at this point," Lopez said. "A priority was getting her treated and making sure things were secure in the vicinity where the incident happened. We haven't found any evidence to suggest something happened in the stands itself. But we are, as a precaution, pushing out an emergency message right now to the campus community." Lopez said the injuries did not appear to be life-threatening. Read report  Sunday the Las Cruces Sun-News released a follow-up report: LAS CRUCES The woman struck by a bullet while watching a football game at Aggie Memorial Stadium on Saturday night has been released from the hospital, according the New Mexico State University police. At about 8 p.m., just at the start of the third quarter of the NMSU-University of New Mexico game, the woman said she felt the bullet hit her thigh. A paramedic who happened to be sitting nearby initially attended to her, then she was transported to an El Paso hospital after receiving more treatment from emergency personnel at the stadium. NMSU police said Saturday the preliminary investigation seemed to indicate that the bullet had been fired into the air from outside the stadium.  NMSU Deputy Chief Andy Bowen said today some people were arrested for unrelated incidents, and the investigation into what appears to be an accidental shooting is ongoing. Read report


A Glimpse of the Past, What About the Future?

Commentary by Jim Spence - When the space shuttle flew piggy back on a 747 over southern New Mexico this week, folks working at the NASA facility got a final glimpse of a space vehicle that is now part of the past. If New Mexico is to have a shot at docking the space vehicles of the future, along with the jobs and economic development that come with them, it will most likely happen over the cold dead political bodies of Democrats protecting the interests of trial lawyers in the legislature.
New Mexico has a literal army of aerospace engineers who will be seeking ongoing employment in high paying jobs related to space travel. The economic futures and future living locations of these New Mexicans could very well rest with New Mexico voters and what they do about the insidious inflluence of the trial lawyer lobby in Santa Fe.
Earlier this year trial lawyers delivered a body blow to the fledgling space industry in the state. Thanks to their excessive influence in the state legislature, trial lawyers were able to stall a bill that would have provided limited liability protection for the next generation of private aerospace companies currently weighing Spaceport America as a site option.
To the right is a picture that could offer a glimpse of New Mexico's future. Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo mothership with SpaceShipTwo are shown parked in their hangar while they were visiting Spaceport America on October 17, 2011. The photo was shot during the dedication of the Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space Building at the spaceport (photo courtesy of Foster + Partners/ Nigel Young).
It looks like New Mexico will need to overcome job-killing politics as usual to secure the limited liability waiver that all Spaceport America participants will require before continung to make investments in this state. Right now trial lawyers continue to be insistent on blocking efforts by the state's taxpayers to participate in the future of space travel. New Mexico taxpayers have already committed to the future. Will they now stand by and allow a handful of trial lawyers in the legislature to strand and destroy hundreds of million of dollars of the public's investment? It happens all the time. Stay tuned.