Decapitated Bodies Turn Up On Border

From directorblue- Details are still coming, but the bodies were found today by the Army on the highway that connects Matamoros with Ciudad Victoria, according to El Universal, the Mexico City based media company.  Authorities have not shared any insight into the killings, but the region has been marked recently by intense fighting between two factions of the Gulf Cartel drug-trafficking organization.

Pay Attention New Mexico! Senators Udall and Bingaman Continue to Vote for High Gas Prices and Unemployment

The Senate had yet another chance to unleash billions in private sector dollars for a job creating project that will also lower gas prices. Those New Mexicans who understand the laws of supply and demand should click on the vote link below. Why? Because if you simply understand why more supply of oil will reduce gas prices (Economics 101) and why billions in private investments will create employment opportunities, you need to now how your elected officials voted in the U.S. Senate. It is not an opinion to say that Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall couldn’t care less about job creation or the high gas prices we pay. It is a fact. Here are the votes of Bingaman and Udall on the getting the Keystone Pipeline going. This is a project former President Clinton advised both of them to embrace. Instead of going with a no-brainer they voted to block it.
It is noteworthy that Senators Mark Begich of Alaska and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana both voted for the pipeline to go forward. These Senators also represent voters in states that also natural resources to help pay the bills.
What are New Mexicans to think of Tom Udall and Jeff Bingaman? One could start with recognizing they two lawyers are economically illiterate dreamers. Their votes are compelling admissions that they have no clue how jobs are created or how damaging high gas prices are on the average New Mexican.
Amazingly, Martin Heinrich also went on the record last week (for those paying attention) to say he was opposed to the pipeline project. Representative Ben Ray Lujan has also cast similar anti-consumer and anti-job votes. In November Martin Heinrich wants to take Bingaman’s place in the Senate and Ben Ray is also Lujan seeking re-election. Unfortunately, New Mexicans won't get a chance to send Udall packing for another two years.
To be fair there are two sides to this story. Those New Mexicans who don’t mind paying high gas prices and seeing the unemployment rate remain high should consider continuing to support these people. The rest of us should make note of these absurd votes and tell all our family members and friends. These guys need to go.


Romney Really Might Not Have the Delegates by June

Mitt Romney
Aaron Henry Diaz Note: The New Mexico Republican primary is June 5th 2012. Expect to see Republican presidential campaign activity in New Mexico this Spring because of the delegate process. 

Real Clear PoliticsThe Republican primary has revealed distinct geographic tendencies. Mitt Romney is dominant in New England and in the West. Newt Gingrich has run well in the Deep South, while Rick Santorum has done well in caucus states, the Great Plains, and the peripheral South (it remains to be seen whether his support has bled into Gingrich's strength in the Deep South). That leaves the Midwest as a battleground between Romney and Santorum. While Romney had a good night on Super Tuesday, the truth is that he did nothing to alter the basic regional nature of his support. He won handily in New England and the West, essentially tied in the Midwest, and ran poorly in the South. Given the structure of the primary season, this portends a long slog to the nomination, and makes it difficult for Romney to wrap up the nomination early on. Read More News New Mexico


NAACP Asking UN to Condemn U.S. Voter ID Laws

From -Riled by state-level voting law changes that it alleges are designed to suppress “the political participation of people of color, the poor, the elderly, and the young,” the NAACP is turning to the U.N. Human Rights Council for support. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People president Benjamin Jealous and other association representatives plan to visit Geneva next week to address the HRC, a forum that frequently witnesses clashes between Western democracies and repressive states.  The NAACP delegation hopes the HRC will take up its concerns about legal initiatives such as voter ID laws passed by more than a dozen states, which proponents say are designed to prevent voter fraud but the NAACP charges are part of an orchestrated campaign to disenfranchise minority groups.  More News New Mexico