Helen Thomas: A Mel Gibson Moment?

White House correspondent Helen Thomas lent plenty of creedence to the validity of commentary made by Columnist Larry Elder earlier this week (see post entitled: Israel All Alone?).  In a Mel Gibson-esque moment she made comments that well.....decide for yourself read here:

The big question is how will Helen be treated from now on?  Like Mel Gibson?

Roswell's Mike Smith Wins the Belmont Stakes

Roswell native Mike Smith guided Drosselmeyer to a thrilling victory in the Belmont Stakes on Saturday afternoon. It was the first time the Hall of Fame jockey has ever won the third leg of thoroughbred racing's triple crown. Read here:

Martinez - Denish: Rasmussen Poll Shows Virtual Dead Heat

The first Rasmussen statewide poll on the governor's race shows Las Crucen Susana Martinez with a very narrow edge over Diane Denish. The edge is so small it is within the statistical margin of error suggesting the two candidates are currently in a dead heat. 
Denish has a sizeable campaign war chest advantage (see our posts under New Mexico News category).  The first spending move of the Lt. Governor was to begin the process of trying to stir up negative views of Martinez in the minds of voters with a barrage of television ads.

News New Mexico plans to evaluate the vetting processes of the charges levied by Denish against Martinez.  NNM will also evaluate the record of Bill Richardson's # 2 between now and election day.  Read poll here:


The Wizard of Westwood - Dead at 99

John Wooden, simply the greatest coach/teacher the world of sports has ever known, died last night at the age of 99.

Wooden, who once said, "Why can’t we realize that it only weakens those we want to help when we do things for them that they should do for themselves?" was arguably one of the greatest American citizens to ever live.  Read more:

Laura Bush Refuses to Blame President Obama

President Obama received support from Laura Bush on Wednesday when the former First Lady (and former librarian) refused to point the finger at him for the Gulf Oil disaster during an interview for Good Morning America.  Read more:

Escape From Castro or CIA Bashing?

CNBC aired a one-hour show called "Escape from Havana" recently.  Cuban born columnist Humberto Fontova offers his observations on how CNBC producers handled the presentation.  Read here:

Can Putin Be Trusted?

Columnist Ken Blackwell offers his views on the START treaty with Russia.  Read here:

Governors/Associations Plowing Campaign Money into New Mexico

According to followthemoney.org, through March of 2010 the Diane Denish campaign had received $81,500 from the Democratic Governors Association.

Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney both gave $5,000 to the Susana Martinez campaign this week.


Chavez: Weighs in on Al and Tipper

Columnist Linda Chavez offers observations on the Gore breakup. Read here: