Amazon's New App. is Sending Shock Waves

KOB TV - Retail store owners around New Mexico and across the nation are starting to howl about Amazon, the online retailer, and its latest money-making maneuver. It's basically got customers shopping in the stores, but buying online from Amazon. Store owners say it out-Grinches the Grinch.
"It irks that they're gonna use my business and the investment that I made in my business to profit, to make sales, to take the business off my shelf," said Bookworks owner Wyatt Wegrzyn. "It's bullying on a large scale. It's very aggressive. It seems like they want all the chips."
Amazon offers smart phone owners a brand new app that lets customers shoot a picture of something they want in the store, and buy it from Amazon within seconds - at a cheaper price. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Clovis Residents Unhappy with Cut in Postal Service

Clovis Journal - U.S. Postal Service spokesmen ran into a small but contentious crowd Thursday during a public meeting in Clovis. The meeting at the Clovis Civic Center was designed to explain plans for closing a first-class mail processing facility and hear public input. About 18 people showed up and, of those offering comments, most questioned the wisdom of a plan officials acknowledge will decrease service while saving the postal service about $714,000 a year in Clovis. First-class mail processing now done in Clovis would be moved to Lubbock, said David Martinez, manager of operations support for the postal service. Martinez said the change would only affect first-class mail, slowing it from the current standard of one-day delivery to delivery in two to three days. Package and periodical delivery would remain the same, Martinez said. Martinez said Clovis is one of about 300 mail processing operations the postal service plans to close across the nation. He said it is necessary to save the postal service. Read full story here: News New Mexico


NM Delegation Members Have Different Priorities

Steve Pearce
Congressman Steve Pearce called for the U.S. Senate to include the Keystone Pipeline project in the payroll tax cut extension bill. The extension bill passed by the House of Representatives earlier this week gives the President 60 days to make a decision on the pipeline. Congressmen Ben Ray Lujan and Martin Heinrich both voted against the payroll tax cut provision. Heinrich gave no reason on his website and Ben Ray Lujan in explaining his "no" vote said the bill "Protects the interests of millionaires and billionaires while including provisions that have already been declared dead on arrival by the Senate and rejected by the President." Late in the week there were signs in the Senate and in the White House that the pipeline provision would remain in the Senate version and the tax the rich efforts would be dropped.
“The Keystone Pipeline project would create around 20,000 jobs immediately, and Americans desperately need jobs,” said Pearce. “National unemployment is at 8.6 percent. This is an unacceptably high number of Americans out of work. As a nation, we cannot afford to continue delaying decisions that would create jobs for hardworking Americans and enable them to better provide for their families. When people are put back to work, our economy will begin to grow again."
Ben Ray Lujan
“It is time to put the political games aside,” Pearce continued. “We must all work together to ensure the culmination of projects, such as the Keystone Pipeline. In focusing on job growth, reducing unnecessary job-killing regulations, and striving toward lower corporate taxes, we can open the door to new jobs, new companies, and new investments, thus aiding our failing economy. Only by putting Americans back to work can we better our nation and make the future brighter for our families.”


"Deja Vu"