Obama Denial of Threat of Radical Islam Exposed for What It Is........Naive

Obama Media Headquarters
Commentary by Newt Gingrich - The self-righteous indignation that the punditry directed at Mitt Romney this week shows that he touched a nerve in his statements on the events in Egypt. You can sense the frustration. The elites are vaguely aware that their ‘enlightened’ posture toward the threat of Islamism is out of step with the views of the American people. Hence the outrage with Romney, totally out of proportion to the real world, as he said what most Americans were thinking.
With an angry mob at the gates of the U.S. embassy in Cairo on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks—ostensibly inflamed by an obscure, anti-Islamic film, the embassy released a groveling statement apologizing for “continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.” The “protesters” proceeded to breach the embassy walls, tear down the American flag, and raise an Al Qaeda banner. The embassy then reiterated its earlier statement, all before anything was known about the Libyan consulate. The White House and the State Department later condemned the attacks but also tripped over themselves to denounce the obscure, stupid film they had nothing to do with and of which no one had ever heard.
Two American embassies are attacked on September 11 – and, we later learned, the four Americans killed – and the immediate reaction of our leaders and the press is to cast blame on a ridiculous film for inciting the violence. Thus while condemning the violence, they give legitimacy to the grievance.
As I wrote in an op-ed at Politico yesterday, our elites are determined to analyze each outbreak of Islamist aggression in isolation – as though they’re inexplicable acts of random violence. The fact is, if it wasn’t the film, it would have been something else. That’s because it is not “senseless violence,” as President Obama and Secretary Clinton described in their statements. They are attacks in a war that our enemies openly confess to waging. And as accounts of the assault on the Benghazi consulate make clear, they are sophisticated and highly coordinated.
Eleven years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, it’s a tragedy that our leaders refuse to treat seriously our enemies’ motives. This is nothing new. Attributing the attacks in Libya and Egypt to a proximate excuse (such as this hateful film) rather than confronting the true nature of our enemies is nothing new for the Obama administration.
Major Nidal Hassan was the Army psychiatrist who shot dozens of people at Fort Hood in 2009 while screaming “Allahu Akbar,” handed out business cards describing himself as a “soldier of Allah,” and sent emails to Anwar al-Awlaki, the American later killed by a drone attack in Yemen as an Al Qaeda member. President Obama after the shooting warning Americans against “jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts.” Read rest of commentary here: News New Mexico

Obama's Foreign Policy Edge?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Commentary by Jim Spence - One of the false impressions foisted on the American public by the media and progressives for the last four years of George W. Bush’s second term was that his refusal to sit down at the table with anti-semitic holocaust deniers like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran was making the world increasingly more dangerous for Americans. In 2008 freshman Senator Obama naively suggested Muslim hostilities towards America would diminish as soon as he was inaugurated. Leading up to this November’s election members of the press working for every news organization except Fox News, have insinuated repeatedly that Mr. Obama has a huge edge on the question of foreign policy competence versus Mitt Romney.
Evidence of the irony of these false impressions was thick this week. First, the White House openly admitted the security budgets for terrorist ravaged diplomatic missions in the Middle East are set to be CUT. And Iran, clearly the most radical Muslim government in the world that sponsors terrorists, is being appeased by Obama. Through his hapless press secretary, and just two days before a series of coordinated attacks by Muslim radicals on U.S. embassies, Obama suggested he was too busy with campaign fundraising to meet with the Israeli prime minister to address the looming nuclear threat in Iran.
What did Americans get from the White House after U.S. diplomats were murdered within the walls of their own embassies? We got more dumb press briefings where ridiculous statements continue to be made as a matter of routine. This week Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney, with a straight face, had the brass to tell reporters the coordinated attacks on U.S. embassies all over the world were NOT attacks on America.
Sorry Jay. Go sell crazy somewhere else. We are all stocked up here. Radical Muslims still hate Americans just as much now as they did when George W. Bush was president....maybe more. And the so-called Arab Spring that Obama supported and hailed as the birth of democracy, has only made it easier for radicals to kill Americans overseas. The only difference between the threat of radical Islam now and under Bush is we didn’t stab Israel in the back when Bush was president.
On the domestic front se saw more of the same results too. New jobless claims leaped to 382,000 last week. The same day those dismal figures were released Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced plans to force the interest rates lower so Obama's government can continue to borrow savers money practically for free. New statistics also revealed that fifteen million more Americans are on food stamps now than the day Obama took office. That is the equivalent of every person in more than seven states with the same population as New Mexico going on food stamps since Obama took office.
For anyone paying attention there is an unmistakable pattern associated with the results of Obama policies both at home and around the world. Whether Obama is pretending we can successfully make nice by giving billions of American taxpayers dollars as foreign aid to nations that tolerate bloodthirsty killers, blowing trillions of taxpayer dollars each year for mythical shovel ready jobs that never materialize, or leveling a barrage of attacks on American business people that have actually helped put another fifteen million people on food stamps in less than four years, he miscalculates what to do like an immature schoolboy. What is happening over and over again both here and abroad is simple. With this president Americans ALWAYS pay more and we ALWAYS get less. We need to send him packing in November.


Radical Muslims Attack New Mexico Soldiers

SANTA FE - New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and Brigadier General Andrew Salas, the Adjutant General, released the following joint statement yesterday, regarding an attack on New Mexico Guard Soldiers serving in Egypt's Sinai peninsula:
"This afternoon, we received reports from Egypt that violent and armed protestors attacked and attempted to gain entry to the headquarters of the Multinational Force and Observers in the Sinai where New Mexico National Guard Soldiers are serving alongside other U.S. and Coalition Military troops. Early reports from the unit indicate that the attack was beaten back, and though a few coalition troops from other countries sustained injuries, we have been told that no U.S. Soldiers were injured. Appropriate force protection measures have been initiated by the command. We will continue to monitor the situation in northern Egypt and will communicate with the families of our Soldiers about further developments as they become available to us. New Mexico National Guard Soldiers are well trained, highly skilled and equipped to complete their mission; we appreciate their sacrifice and service during this difficult time, as conflict and violence has entered into their peacekeeping efforts. Our prayers are with our New Mexico soldiers in Egypt and their families, as well as with all other military personnel who are protecting our freedom throughout the world."
The mission of the Multinational Force and Observers is to oversee the arrangements for securing the Sinai as agreed to by Israel and Egypt in their 1979 peace treaty.