Fire teams confident they'll save Kingston

From - HILLSBORO - Despite helpful winds the Silver Fire continues to bear down on Kingston as firefighters vow to save the historic mountain community. The latest estimate has the fire within a quarter of a mile of the village tucked into a high canyon in the Black Range.
     While firefighters say the winds may actually be helping them today, this town is still very much in danger. As of late afternoon winds were pushing the flames away from the town, but it's still a big fight complicated by knowing the winds could act up at any moment. People in Kingston say they got word early Monday morning that they had to leave.
     Meanwhile, the latest estimates indicate the fire sparked by a lightning strike on Friday has grown to nearly 12,000 acres. Fire officials say it's grown to the south and west in very rugged terrain that's making it hard to fight on the ground. Instead the fire team is relying on aircraft dropping water and retardant.
     Fire lines are also being set up near the end of the tree line where it goes back into grassland and where fire fighters can actually work. They're doing all this while keeping an eye on Kingston. Another thing working against firefighters is the extreme heat with little to no humidity.
     Still they are confident they can keep the flames out of Kingston. Read more