ABC's Cokie Roberts, a gutless enabler

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Let’s try to get this straight. Harvey Weinstein, the serial sexual assaulter was also a serial fund raiser for the Democrat Party for decades. Weinstein raised money for Democrats so his favorite candidates, all morally superior, just like Weinstein, could win against morally inferior GOP candidates.
And it seems that Charlie Rose, the living liberal legend of CBS News and NPR, has also become a disgraced sexual predator who was finally summarily fired by his employers. Again, like Weinstein's utterings at fundraisers, the primary themes of the Rose shows seemed to be that free market capitalists are morally inferior to the big government socialists he coddled on a regular basis when he wasn’t trying to bang his female associates.
And then there is Matt Lauer, the liberal legend of NBC news and self-appointed protector of females by virtue of the fact he saw the GOP engaging in a get this…..”a war on women.” It turns out that Lauer has been a sexual predator at NBC for many years. Even co-host Katie Couric, also a devout leftist, acknowledged that one of Lauer’s “most annoying habits” was pinching her on the ass too often. I guess you learn to tolerate annoying behavior from your teammate when you are on a morally superior political crusade against the GOP......because they are all so "anti-women."

Consider another Democrat and great protector of females……Al Franken. It turns out this Minnesota Democrat has a penchant for groping and kissing women, some when they were actually asleep. He also does some fondling when women are trying to pose for a picture with him. Caught in the crossfire of damning photographs showing his perverse nature, Franken seems to think an apology, now that he has been caught, will suffice. He just wants to stay in Washington doing great moral work by thwarting the evil things the GOP does to women.
Then of course there is Representative John Conyers. This Democrat has been slithering around the nation’s capitol for decades. Over the last week or so a number of former female aides have identified him as a remorseless sexual predator. Nancy Pelosi’s response to the flurry of charges against Conyers, and his own admissions was to leap to his defense and call him an “icon.” One can only suppose that Conyers is an icon in what is left of Pelosi’s mind because he has done everything in his power to destroy free market capitalism for his entire political career.
It seems that late 2017 has become the season when victims have actually dared to speak out against serial sexual assault artists. Accordingly, America is beginning to understand the sheer hypocrisy of Democrats like Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Al Franken, Nancy Pelosi, and John Conyers. Each has pointed their crooked fingers at political opponents for waging a “war on women”
The truth is simple. Speaking out against high profile predators long ago would have protected countless female aides from sexual assaults. Bill Clinton presented the opportunity for all decent people to draw the line. Every single Democrat refused to do so. And in failing to define right and wrong, and do the decent thing, Democrats ushered in a toxic and criminal culture where women were treated as pawns much more frequently.
The most curious revelation regarding these sordid and often criminal behaviors was one made by veteran ABC News reporter Cokie Roberts. Over the weekend when Roberts appeared on ABC's "This Week," she said, "Every female in the press corps knew to avoid being in an elevator with Rep. John Conyers. Roberts added, "The fact that people are willing to be public can change things. I mean, we all talked about for years."
Wow. It is pretty clear that Roberts felt that Conyers' predatory behavior was no secret among the entire press corps in Washington. Really Cokie? That sounds to me like a story that needed to be reported to the public. No?
It would seem that Roberts, a powerful and well-respected reporter knew about Conyers predatory practices for many years but chose silence. Roberts went on to say rather crassly that while this has been the status quo for decades, she believes that things could change now that people are coming public with their experiences.
Well, ummm......Cokie....."Some people" finally came public, while others, like you, in a position to have an impact on stopping these crimes, did nothing.
When considered, Roberts’ statements are astonishing. She is a respected ABC news reporter. And yet she has admitted that she and others did not feel “safe” riding in an elevator on Capitol Hill with a man the state of Michigan continued to send to Washington to “represent” them.
It would seem to me that we could rifle back through every story Roberts has reported on for the last thirty years and wonder why the John Conyers story that could have unveiled him is a despicable sexual predator many victims ago, never materialized until the little people, not a person of Cokie Roberts major stature, finally took the risk to expose him for what he is and help protect future victims.
Still Roberts and others who carry the water for Democrats while disguising themselves as objective reporters, don’t quite understand why America does not respect or trust people in the press….like Cokie Roberts, Matt Lauer, or Charlie Rose. The fact that they create fake news is only part of the problem. These disgraced anchors (Rose and Lauer) made critical decisions on what stories to run every day.
What we don’t consider often enough is what these people chose to sweep under the table. It would seem that there are more than a few things hidden under the morally superior facade that Democrats try to project. It also seems that it does not matter whether they are in public office or working in the Democrat dominated media, powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Al Franken, and John Conyers get protection from supposedly objective journalists like Cokie Roberts. No wonder the media is held in such contempt in most of America.

This happens every day

© 2016 Jim Spence -  It is one of the most astonishing aspects of 21st Century life. Climate change paranoia is baked into every nook and cranny of our culture. It starts with our failed education system, which cannot separate fundamental facts from what Democrats wish were true. The brainwashing and indoctrination starts early and goes on non-stop in countless bastions of society controlled by Democrats. School children are conditioned to view all weather “events” based on the vague notion of “climate change.” It is as if there is no longer any mention of the fact that hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods have been around for all of recorded history. And of course now that population density is higher, the impacts of common weather events are greater. However, these facts don’t help the climate change paranoia narrative, so they are omitted……except when children are home-schooled.
What is even more disturbing is the total absence of accountability in the climate change alarmist’s prior predictions. Having been an avid consumer of news as well as an observer of both climate prognostications and actual results, it is beyond amazing how wrong all of the supposed “settled science” types have been when it comes to forecasting dire consequences of global warming. It would seem that continuing to drive cars and fly commercial jets to and from the places we want to go to is not going to lead to an apocalypse after all.
Consider the fact that the San Jose Mercury News reported way back in June of 1989 that a “senior environmental official at the United Nations (Noel Brown), said in no uncertain terms that, “Entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if global warming was not reversed by the year 2000.” Sorry folks. Not now, when we still don’t have rising seas, but seventeen years ago when we did not have them, was the time when the jig was up on that catastrophic prediction. There are many more bogus predictions.
Though the U.N.’s most esteemed “climate scientist” could not have been more wrong in 1989, the U.N. continues to float the same anti-fossil fuel propaganda, as if it still has credibility. The U.N.’s top climate scientist said in 2007 that we had only four years to save the world. Rajendra Pachauri, who served as the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was emphatic in 2007. “If there’s no action before 2012, that’s too late,” he said ominously. “What we do in the next two to three years will determine our future. This is the defining moment,” he added. He was right about one thing. He defined himself as not knowing what he was talking about. Again, and amazingly, there seems to be no consequence to being chicken little or the boy who cried wolf for these schmucks.
Environmentalists did not stop at predicting rising seas and the wiping out of coastal communities all around the world. Noted climate change/global warming alarmist George Monbiot suggested in a column in the UK’s Guardian in 2002 that within, “as little as 10 years, the world will be faced with a choice: arable farming either continues to feed the world’s animals or it continues to feed the world’s people. It cannot do both.” Oh really George? It turns out that around 930 million people worldwide were undernourished in 2002, according to the U.N. However, by 2014, that number had declined to 805 million thanks to burgeoning agricultural production all around the world and despite big expansions in the global population.
Great Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown joined the folly. He actually said there was only 50 days left to save Earth back in 2009……from global warming. Talk about crying wolf. Brown was voted out of office, but not for his asinine global warming predictions. The U.K. suffered from a deep freeze a few years ago with thousands of deaths not long after Brown warned it would get "too warm."
What is going on here besides a public education system with a Democrat agenda that is determined to teach baloney? Well, there is Hollywood perpetuating apocalyptic myths as well as the news media parroting things that discredited scientists keep blathering on about.
The problem with the entire climate change scam is that it is built upon basic data misrepresentations. And sadly, it is the basic data misrepresentations of the climate change crowd, and not the so-called “deniers” that violates basic scientific norms.
Instead of welcoming all inquiry and sticking with a rigid adherence to clean data, grant gathering “scientists” have been caught over and over again acting as pitchmen for billions of dollars to fight the climate change boogieman. 
One of the great thinkers of the 20th Century identified the problem which has from time-to-time plagued the advancement of knowledge. It was Richard Feynman who chastised scientists and suggested it was fundamental to discuss objectively all the relevant evidence, even that which does not support the prevailing narrative. Of course reasonable people know that this is the basic difference between "science" and "naked advocacy." And for the media, the Democrat controlled education system, and Hollywood to behave as advocates while claiming to be scientific is one of the great scandals of the 21st Century.
Repeatedly we see a grotesque violation Einstein’s primary dictum, “One must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true.” This happens every day. There are no Einsteins in the climate change scam.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Weinstein and Rose were emboldened by Bill

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Many times I have written on this site about Democrats and their relentless efforts to claim moral superiority over business people who do not buy into their socialist scams.
Often the Democrat’s basic moral superiority claims are, in their own minds, based on the fact that they draw government paychecks while we slimy business people must make a profit to pay our bills. The insinuation seems to be that we business people all exploit others, while Democrats always serve the “greater good.”
Democrats often extrapolate their self-congratulatory attitudes by suggesting that anyone who thinks making government bigger and more intrusive is a bad idea, does so because they are selfish and greedy.
Dialogue and idea exchanges on public policies with Democrats always leads to the same place. Business people are not to be trusted.......but more government is. And socialism, despite all the starvation it brings to people living in places like Venezuela and North Korea, is much better than free-market capitalism. Democrats imply that business people exploit others. They say that business people are the oppressors in this world……especially white businessmen. Anyone who disagrees with Democrats on these views is probably a racist.
Our family, like so many others, long ago saw our holiday seasons turn into fiascoes as the Democrats in the family have insisted on trying their best to make anyone who does not drink the leftist Kool-Aid feel morally inferior. I remember instances when Al Franken’s book lambasting Rush Limbaugh was trotted out as evidence of why the damned reprobate Limbaugh should be hated, while Franken was held up as some sort of morally superior angel. Charlie Rose interviews were also cited as must-see television, since Rose’s soft spoken demeanor was surely evidence of a viewpoint that was morally superior to any view that might embrace the teaching of free-market principles, more self-reliance, and greater personal responsibility.
Low and behold it would seem that the legacy of outrageously immoral conduct near the end of the 20th Century is finally having repercussions that are resonating in ways that were actually fairly predictable eighteen years ago. Consider that then President Bill Clinton was caught on audio tape suggesting ways in which Monica Lewinsky should commit perjury when she testified before a grand jury. Consider that Bill Clinton not only suborned perjury by Lewinsky, he also perjured himself under oath. For these reasons and others, Bill Clinton was disbarred. Yes, even lawyers have standards that slimy Bill Clinton could not meet.
Ominously, most Americans (and a few GOP senators) decided, since the stock market was good, and the economy was humming along, that Bill Clinton should simply get a free pass on his lawlessness, including his sexual assault of Kathleen Willey. Poor Willey, a lifelong Democrat, went public with Clinton’s assault on her and was crucified. Willey was immediately burned at the stake by Hillary Clinton and fellow Democratic hack James Carville while the media looked the other way.
The bottom line? Near the end of the Clinton presidency the highest profile American, who was holding an office that should have come with the highest expectations, was allowed to get away with every horrific act he committed. Astonishingly, Bill Clinton has been treated like a hero by most Democrats ever since.
Think about this precedent for a few moments. Imagine how emboldened sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Charlie Rose, Kevin Spacey, John Conyers, and so many others must have become after the Clinton acquittal? The behavioral bar was lowered down to snake level. Accordingly, the snakes became confident they could slither over it to their decadent heart’s desires.......with no consequences.
There is are several lessons to be learned here. First, set the behavioral expectation bar high, not low. Second, socialism is not morally superior, it is morally inferior. Just ask those people in Venezuela who are starving. Third, business people should be respected until proven to be not respectable….not the other way around. Fourth, just because people like Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, and John Conyers pretend they are morally superior……….simply because they want to be our self-appointed protectors from businesses, doesn’t make them morally superior. These Democrats are the moral equivalents of Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert. They talk the talk but they refuse to walk the walk. And finally, the majority of American people, when they looked the other way on Bill Clinton's crimes nearly two decades ago, enabled a flood of atrocious criminal behaviors. Why should anyone be surprised?


Sharyl Attkisson's 21st Century prophecy - Smear

© 2016 Jim Spence -  A few weeks ago I wrote of a book called, “Smear” authored by former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson. I urged my readers to buy and read this book.
In “Smear,” Attkisson documents in painstaking detail how smear merchants essentially control the narratives carried by the mainstream media every day. Through orchestrated efforts involving innuendos, bogus claims and counter-claims, and robotic digital assaults in social media, print, and television media, smear merchants exercise remarkable control over America.
Hundreds of millions of naïve Americans need to crawl out from underneath their naïve rocks and understand how fake virtually all forms of news are. We are talking news stories, polls, etc.
Consider what has been happening right under our noses the last couple of weeks. It all began with troubling revelations of criminal behaviors by Clinton and Obama White House buddy and campaign fundraising bundler….. Harvey Weinstein. It turns out that Weinstein is the tip of an iceberg. There are reprobates all over Hollywood and most of them are devout Democrats. What seems now like a trickle of revelations about Harvey Weinstein turned into a torrent as more and more women came forward to tell their stories. It did not take long before the atrocious behaviors of powerful Democrats served as a reminder to the public of what victims like Kathleen Willey told us about Bill Clinton two decades ago. It is important to remember that Willey, a LIFE-LONG Democrat had been sexually assaulted by one Bill Clinton in the White House when he was not taking time out of his Oval Office schedule to gratify himself with the help of young Monica Lewinsky. The treatment of Willey and other Clinton accusers by Hillary Clinton was so unabashedly aggressive it simply cannot be squared with what she is saying today about the behaviors of other men accused of far less than what her husband was.
The bottom line politically is simple. Democrats have been squirming for weeks trying to escape the hypocrisy trap they set and then got caught in themselves.
No problem. The best defense is a good offense and with a multi-billion dollar smear industry on retainer for Democrats, it did not take all that long for the Democrats to orchestrate an incredible diversion. Conveniently, the latest smear diversion served two purposes. First, it got the public’s mind off of what utter slime bags both Weinstein and Bill Clinton are. Second, the diversion is now about to help the Democrats pick off a formerly untouchable Alabama Senate seat.
Amazingly, what has happened in the U.S. Senate in response to the Democrat’s smear campaign tells you all you need to know about Mitch McConnell. As the Roy Moore smear job was unleashed, the Senate was already well on its way to shirking yet another solemn and sworn duty. Corporate tax reform was being put on the back-burner by McConnell and fellow GOP senators. Shortly after the Moore smear campaign was unleashed, Mitch McConnell and many other GOP senators stopped what they were supposed to be doing to help the country on taxes. Instead they became the self-appointed prosecutors, judges, jury members, and executioners of Roy Moore. This happened within a matter of a couple of days. Mind you there have never been any charges filed against Moore just politically charged accusations orchestrated by smear merchants. Still, Republicans in the U.S. Senate believe they are so profoundly wise they could become fact finders on the life of Roy Moore within 48 hours of the Democrat’s smear campaign. McConnell and his chimps did this on the fly to the delight of the smear merchants paid for by Democrats.
With absolutely no sense of urgency whatsoever, McConnell and his cronies announced late this week that they had decided to stop working on tax reform until AFTER Thanksgiving. That is rich. The rest of us will be back at it Monday because………we have jobs.
It is time to admit that the 2017 GOP Senate is the greatest political disappointment of a lifetime. And that covers a lot of smelly ground. America needs to bulldoze Washington D.C. and start over. I would not let Mitch McConnell walk my dog.

Privilege and poverty

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Sometimes pictures are worth thousands of words. One word that has been getting tossed around routinely the last few years, mainly by whacked out professors at universities all over the nation, and Democrat activists, is the term "privilege."
The connotation that comes with the term "privilege" seems to be that nobody but white men enjoy "privileges" in the U.S.
At its core, the idea of white privilege is an effort to capitalize on the great scandal of slavery. Of course slavery ended seven generations ago in America. Blacks are seven generations removed from slavery as are the descendants of slave owners.
Image result for ucla shopliftersThis column contains a few pictures worth contemplating. The first picture after my mug (left), shows three UCLA scholarship basketball players at a press conference earlier this week. These three young men were arrested and detained in China for stealing sunglasses at a boutique. They admitted their crimes and seemed remorseful. Fortunately for these young men, (the term "fortunate" is a synonym for the term "privilege") Donald Trump happened to be right there in China when they were stealing. Trump was visiting the Chinese President Xi Jinping. With some encouragement from Trump, President Xi arranged for these men to avoid serious jail time and exit the country quietly. One has to wonder what would have happened to these three men if they were not high profile athletes.
The next photo (right) shows the residence of one Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick of course is the "poor and oppressed" quarterback who turned down a multi-million dollar contract offer from the San Francisco 49ers to test his value on the open market. He did this after repeatedly taking a knee during the national anthem last season and angering the 49er fan base. Even in anti-American northern California, Kaepernick's behavior was considered offensive to most of the customers. After the photo of Kaepernick's gated residence, poor Colin is shown (below) standing next to one of his cars. I might be mistaken, but it looks to me like Kaepernick is living just a bit on the north side of the "privilege equator."
The final picture is one of a family living in Appalachia. There are literally millions of Americans living in that area of America in abject poverty. It is pretty easy to say that there is no signs of privilege in that least none that I can see.
Perhaps we should all try to reconcile these pictures with the false narratives you see on television, in the movies, and in the newspapers. It seems to me that it is pretty hard to paint with a broad brush where race is concerned in America these days. However, that does not keep Democrats from trying to do it all day every day. In their narrative, all white men have "privilege" and should be neutered politically and economically. Their personal property should be confiscated by the state to be used to address the problems all others have with "white privilege."
I prefer to leave race out of the discussion except to lament the horrific black-on-black crime rates in America's inner cities, which are being managed Democrats. This violence situation is surely the greatest scandal of our time. It goes under-reported every single day. The heart-breaking death counts in Afghanistan and Iraq made our national news for several years, while the murder counts in places like Baltimore, Chicago, and Detroit, counts which dwarf the soldier deaths, continue to pile up every day. These killings are merely local footnotes on local newscasts and in local newspapers. Even the so-called "opium epidemic" gathers more press than the killing of young black men by other young black men. This situation should not be ignored.....but it is. Most certainly there are many other problems to solve and tossing money at them has not worked for fifty years. But stopping the killings seems to have taken a back seat to lower priorities like advancing the failed policies of socialist Democrats.
The truth is there is plenty of privilege out there for members of all races, along with plenty of poverty and crime for members of all races.
Personally, I long for the day when all of us Americans will not be subject to crass manipulation by politicians and their friends in the entertainment industry and news media. It is time to stop pretending that minority communities are the only communities that are poor. Even more important, I hope for an end to the big lie that brazenly magnifies the rare instances when bad cops hurt or kill members of racial minorities. We have to stop pretending a handful of atrocities are more commonplace than the epidemic of hundreds, perhaps thousands of black-on-black killings every month.
Concerning the UCLA basketball players......these young men have enjoyed more privilege in the month of November 2017, than most people do in a lifetime. And as for Colin Kaepernick........he and his gated home and red sports car make him the biggest joke in America in the last quarter of a century.
That's John McCain holding the sign


Swickard: Not in my backyard

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  Jet engines make lots of noise, especially military jets. It seems several communities in New Mexico are bothered by the thought that jets from Holloman Air Force Base may fly over their towns and surrounding lands while they are training for the role of combat pilot.
            The Air Force leadership at Holloman has announced that the jet pilots they are training need more area to practice what they do before they get into actual combat. Naturally it goes without saying that when you are in combat is a bad time to learn some things that should be taught before they get into combat.
            The rub is that many people in these towns don’t want to hear military jets flying over their homes. The very thought of it annoys some people. They are writing angry letters and protesting having to hear the noise of jets. They say that the pilots should fly somewhere else. What they are saying is don’t fly over my backyard.
            When I was much younger I was working on a barbed wire fence one day about twenty miles south of Carrizozo on my grandfather’s ranch. It was a warm quiet day and I was almost falling asleep on my feet while I worked on this fence. Bees were buzzing and birds were singing. Then it happened.
            Four F-4 Phantom jets from Holloman AFB came over me doing about 400 knots at two hundred feet above the terrain. Instantly I went from being almost asleep on my feet to throwing the hammer and running over the fence in a panic. Then it was quiet again.
            It is much worse for those cowpokes on horseback. There can be quite a difficulty for a rider when a horse is spooked this way. That said, I am not troubled by the military jets. To me that is the sound of freedom and I normally look up appreciatively.
            The syndrome is called, “Not in my backyard.” Be it jets overhead or highways or power lines, people will object and demand that these things not be in their backyard, they should be in someone else’s backyard.
            How do we decide who has a backyard that should be protected from things that annoy and who does not? In 1965, I lived in Aurora Colorado under the landing and takeoff pattern of Stapleton Airport. It was often very loud but we got used to it. The airport moved after we left.
            What we are dealing with is volunteers to our nation’s military who put their lives on the line for our freedom. They must have a place to train. The rigors are such that some pilots will not survive the training. And we should worry that the noise bothers some people?
            Every effort should be taken to not annoy people up to the point that the pilots are not able to get the very best training preparing them for real combat. At that point, we should take their training as more important than our convenience.


The NFL is in a free fall

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Watch a few commercials these days. Inclusion is wonderful. In almost every commercial you will see Asians, whites, Hispanics, blacks, Native Americans etc.using the product the sponsor is selling. Another trend these days is to show inter-racial couples pitching products. I think this is great. This is how things should be. Human beings enjoying each other.
Don't look now but the NFL is in denial and the NFL is in a free fall. Recently minted NFL millionaires, 70% of whom are black, claim they want “social justice” and “equality.” Let's explore these demands.
How does equality and social justice work exactly? The numbers don’t lie. Blacks commit a disproportionate number of crimes and accordingly, they are subject to interdiction by law enforcement officers in disproportionate percentages. Often in the inner cities it is black police officers arresting black criminals. However, talk to a dozen inner-city blacks and you will find that most do several things in grossly disproportionate numbers. First, the vast majority of inner city blacks do not trust police officers white or black. Second, the vast majority of inner city blacks vote for Democrats if they vote at all. And we are not talking voting 60% for Democrats here. We are talking 95% of the time inner city blacks vote for Democrats. No party has ever commanded a stranglehold on an ethnic group of voters like the Democrats have with black voters. There is scarce diversity of thought. In fact, often in America’s major cities, there are no Republicans to vote for. Also, out of wedlock births are still an epidemic in the black communities. Over 70% of all black children in America are born to single parent mothers with little if any participation in parenting by black fathers.
Image result for mlb logConsider the data for young black couples who wait to have children until they are adults, working, and married. It turns out there is no difference between the average income of whites and blacks who make these better life choices.
So what are we to make of these calls by multi-millionaire black athletes in the NFL and their calls for equality and social justice? The answer is pretty simple. Not much. One of the most outspoken blacks in America regarding “social justice and equality” is the NBA's LeBron James. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not recall seeing where LeBron James donated all but $59,000 of his annual income of $71 million per year so he could know what it is like to be “equal” with the median income of Americans. I don’t see him spending his fortune to educate young blacks to make better life choices and stop committing black-on-black crimes in the inner-cities. Maybe LeBron tosses a few crumbs in that direction, but talk is cheap and we should all be spared the guilt lectures on equality and social justice.
On the other hand, there is no doubt there are bad cops out there. But there are bad everythings out there. Implying that the problems of the inner-city blacks are primarily the fault of bad law enforcement officers instead of remorseless law breakers is a colossal con job. Sadly the NFL is enabling the con artists. Black NFL players continue to pretend that blacks can’t get a fair shake in America. To make their case they choose to show no respect for the national anthem. This is going to prove costly.

Image result for nhl logoWhat is a person to do? I for one continue to watch football, but only college football. I cancelled my subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket, got a refund, and have vowed to watch only the NHL, MLB, professional tennis, the LPGA, and the PGA. Apparently, I am not the only one who has freed up his or her Sundays for other activities. Ratings for the NFL are plunging faster than bimbos at the Clinton residence when Hillary is out of town.
The great news for sports fans is the NHL puts on a good show from October until June. I recommend giving this terrific sport a try. MLB also puts on a great show from April to November. These two sport seasons cover the entire year. Just last night the underdog Houston Astros beat the $265 million annual payroll of the Dodgers in the World Series. In fact, the Astros beat the three highest payroll teams in MLB this year to win the title. Unlike the NFL, in both the NHL and MLB, self-aggrandizing behavior after routine plays is frowned upon. And more important, politics is left outside of those arenas. Though I love football, the game has changed. It is more like professional wrestling than anything else. And the last thing I want to hear from a freshly minted millionaire is a hypocritical lecture that implies that law enforcement officers are the problem instead of a cultural bias towards horrible decision-making in the black community. I have choices too.