Everything should be free!

© 2016 Jim Spence - Consider how little the average American knows these days. A bad education system has produced bad journalism. And bad journalism now supports and helps perpetuate a bad education system. What we see is an endless negative feedback loop.
Many of us find ourselves scratching our heads too often. My previous two-part column dealt with the intellectual disintegration of America. Sadly, the points I tried to make in those columns get affirmed every single day in the news reports.
Speaking of negative feedback loops. Think about Bernie Sanders wife Jane and her bankrupting of the Burlington College in Vermont. Did Jane Sanders engage in fraud or stupidity? When you pretend you know something about prudent management, it has to be both fraud and stupidity. Vermont is over-run with both. The Sanders are all the evidence we need.
Think about Bernie’s popularity on college campuses and in large metro areas. Bernie can be heard railing against all forms of free market capitalism while calling for everything to be “free” in America nearly every day. Bernie, like millions of Americans, has no idea how goods and services are created or successfully provided. And worse yet, Bernie and his millions of devotees have no idea that what he calls for, will destroy the availability of goods and services in America. All Bernie knows is what he wants. And what Bernie pretends is that everything he wants for himself and his devotees can somehow be free.
It is one of the great scandals of 2017 that there is virtually no U.S. media coverage of the self-inflicted economic tragedy taking place in Venezuela every day. Pregnant Venezuelan women cross their borders when they are close to term, simply so they can have their babies under basic care in Columbia. They do so because Hugo Chavez, the anti-capitalism Marxist of Venezuela (and his successors) said everything would be “free” in Venezuela including hospital care. Here is the reality. Nothing is free. People have to work to produce things. Thanks to Bernie Sanders-like thinking, the hospitals inside Venezuela cannot even provide basic care for pregnant women. Thanks to Sanders-style socialism, Venezuela has squandered every advantage it had, including once being among the top energy producers in the world. People are starving in Venezuela. But don’t look for the socialists in the U.S. media to connect the dots for their viewers. This is bad journalism.
Nobody bothers to tie the ongoing Venezuelan tragedy to the policies American Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and yes oh yes……Barack Obama pine for in the U.S. every day.
The story is simple. Venezuelan socialists nationalized everything a couple of decades ago. They made government as big as it could possibly be. Now the country is enduring bloody food riots every day. Only the socialist politicians in Venezuela get the food and medical care they need. The masses have been reduced to fighting for scraps. But there are no profits in Venezuela. Instead, the shortages of everything are “free.” Starvation is free.
It is the same story in North Korea. The North Korean people starve while their socialist dictator runs an international extortion racket. Ditto for Cuba where living standards are a complete disgrace. The only thing socialism produces in abundance is garbage. Sadly, some people develop a taste for garbage. It is the cuisine of choice on college campuses all over America.
Long gone are the days when American students were taught that the three most maniacal mass murders in human history all called for socialism and raged against free market capitalism. The common weapon associated with the trail of more than 100 million dead human beings who were killed by Stalin, Mao, and Hitler is that in Germany, China, and Russia, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao used big government as a weapon against free market capitalism. Hitler actually called it “Jewish capitalism.” Their rhetoric on economics mirrors that of Bernie Sanders.

Would Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren slaughter millions of innocent people like Mao, Hitler, or Stalin? It seems unlikely. These people aren't killers they are just stupid. What these two stooges would do is exactly what Jane Sanders did when she was in charge of Burlington College. They would destroy the availability of living standards for everyone including those tenured college professors who seem so enamored with Bernie, Betty, Hillary, and Barry at Burlington.
It is sad that so few Americans understand this. We brought this on ourselves.


Swickard: A funny thing happened in line

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  Many years ago, I was standing in a line at the university. It was the usual kind of line that college students stand and have stood in since the beginning of time.
            No one was speaking, each barricaded in their own world, secretly wishing the other people would have heart attacks so they could step over the fallen bodies to the head of the line. No matter what happens to our world, we will still have lines to stand in.
            Someone walked up, looked carefully at a piece of paper and then looked worriedly at the sign in front of the line. He started to leave, wavered, almost spoke aloud. He was fearful of being in the wrong line.
            At last, with an air of resignation, he stuck the paper in his pocket, sighed heavily and stepped into line; having decided it was the wrong line but he was going to have to go to the front of this line to find out which line he should have been standing in.
            I turned to him and said, “I wouldn’t mind lines so much if it wasn’t for all the waiting.”
            The effect on the people in line was immediate. Most smiled. I also smiled. Like the air rushing out of a balloon, the tension in the line vanished and people started talking to each other.
            You cannot stand in line with people who are on edge, ill-tempered and full of anger without it affecting you. Likewise, if person after person steps to the front of the line full of bile, it rubs off on the people behind the window until they are surly.
            Sooner than later, they hand that mouthful of bile right back to someone in the line forming a very destructive cycle.
            The way out is to talk to the people around you. Try a little humor if you like. Something like:
            I hear Governor Martinez just flew in from Santa Fe, I’ll bet her arms are tired. Or, how many psychology students does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the bulb has to want to change.
            You can just speak to the people in a friendly manner. You will be surprised how much better you both feel. While it is true that all workers should be nice to us regardless of how they are treated, the way it works is simply: the nicer you are, the better your chance to succeed in getting what you want.
            Seriously, when standing in any line to pay bills, get loans, buy stamps, ask simple questions, ask hard questions, ask unanswerable questions; whatever you are doing in lines, take your humor with you. Be gentle, I may be in the same line.
            Also, if you can’t bring yourself to laugh, at least smile, when you hear: I understand the Aggie football team is so tough that when they play horseshoes, they don’t even bother taking the shoes off of the horses.
            That will move the line right along.


Swickard: In praise of dabblers

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   Working smart is a mainstay of our country. I sometimes find people who I call “Dabblers” able to work smart in many different endeavors. My uncle Ralph and my Grandfather McKim were both dabblers of many different abilities to fix things.

            A hallmark of a great dabbler is not being entirely into a college career. Rather, it is the ability and inclination to take on an impressive array of jobs and do each one well. These people are not usually experts but they are completely competent in many areas.
            Myself, I’m competent at most home and auto repairs. But what I really know is when to call in someone who can fix whatever I’m working on. This last week I ran into a dabbler extraordinaire who amazed me with his abilities.
            The way this came about is that my uncle that I took care of many years until his passing in 2015 built his house in 1959. He had a 1934 Plymouth Coupe that he drove occasionally. The house was done in September and he parked the Plymouth in the garage. One of his friends helped him take the engine out to rebuild it. They disassembled the car.
            Then it happened, his mechanic friend was suddenly transferred by his job to the East Coast. Said Plymouth sat all these years awaiting a new mechanic. My uncle never reassembled the car.
            The dabbler this week bought the car from my uncle’s estate. We had to get it out of the garage. My uncle was from the Great Depression and didn’t throw anything away in all those years. Even plastic spoons. We carefully cleaned out the garage and loaded the car body on a trailer along with boxes and boxes of parts.
            This dabbler mechanic knew instantly every bolt, nut and piece of the car. He was able to mentally reassemble it in his mind. The real reassemble at his place will take a long time.
            We need the next generation of kids to learn how to dabble in many areas of fixing stuff. We have enough people who can sit and pass paper back and forth. We will need the next generation to have dabblers who can look at things that break in a house or car and fix them.
            For me it was taking three years of shop when I was in public school. No longer is shop a core curriculum and our society and students are missing out. In my three years I learned woodworking, electronics repair, automotive repair, welding and using tools.
            Shop needs to return to our public schools for every student. Boys and girls. Make all of them handy and then let them sort out what needs to be fixed. For every person who looks at the stars we need someone who can look at the biffy and know how to get it working again.
            Our society has a bountiful amount of goods but someone (dabblers) must be encouraged to learn how to fix these things.


The intellectual disintegration of America - Part 2

© 2016 Jim Spence - By the late 1990’s, it was obvious that the corrosive effects of a sorry public education system had damaged America in ways that were profound. Bill Clinton was allowed by all Democrats and many Republicans to defy the basic tenets of integrity and then tamper with witnesses on taped conversations and encourage them to commit perjury. Clinton himself committed blatant perjury. For Clinton’s breeches of fundamental integrity, he was disbarred. Even lawyers have standards.
However, thanks to pop culture and a culture of gutlessness in Washington, Clinton was not removed from office. Scores of Democrats were caught on the record swearing they would never defend the indefensible Clinton, only to go back on their word and dismiss his crimes as partisan attacks. Of course, the GOP Senate discredited itself too during the Clinton era, just as it continues to do to this very day. Sensing that the nation no longer had the stomach for holding elected officials to the same standard as the little people, GOP senators allowed Bill Clinton to continue to hold the office he had so clearly disgraced and disqualified himself from. The bar was set to ground level for integrity. It is even lower today.
Pop culture continued to accelerate into the abyss when Democrats nominated the most unqualified man in history as their presidential candidate in 2008. Not only had Barack Obama never accomplished much of anything but dope smoking and the exploitation of racial paranoia, he had claimed many times on his student financial aid applications to be foreign born. Obama maintained his foreign born assertions until it was clear that he was ineligible to run for president because he was, as he claimed.....foreign born.
Pop culture's reaction to Obama lying about his citizenship (either way) was not to realize he would say or do anything that was in his interests at the moment. Instead, all of the documents Obama signed that affirmed he was foreign-born somehow became not his lies, but falsehoods told by people derisively labelled as “birthers.” In the Democrat-dominated media up was down and hot was cold. Instead of insisting Obama admit which tale he told was a lie, he got a pass. This all took place when Hillary pointed out the discrepancy in 2008, not the GOP.
Of course nobody knows which tale Obama told about his place of birth was a lie. And perhaps not even Obama knows where he was born. However, since Obama lied at least once about this, it is clear that at best, he would lie without hesitation when it was convenient.
Obama was also the man who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for sixteen years. There Obama and his wife went along with a constant flow of anti-Semitic and anti-American ranting. The Obama’s got a pass on this behavior too. Again this is what a politically motivated public education system does to pop culture. It mass produces zombies who ignore facts.
What unfolded during the eight years of the Obama presidential terms was the greatest unveiling of hypocrisy in the history of the nation. Not only did Mr. Obama and his surrogates do everything they could to destroy basic values that made America the most powerful and prosperous country on earth, the putrid rotting of pop culture in America became obvious during his reign.
The most puzzling double-standard any culture has ever witnessed took place under Obama. Anyone who began watching late-night talk shows in the 1960’s understands that all talk show hosts until 2009 made fun of every president during their comedy monologues. This was done without exception with all presidents, Democrats and Republicans alike. This tradition came to an abrupt stop when George W. Bush left the White House and the Obamas moved in. Somehow, telling any jokes about Obama became off limits. Comics were completely intimidated by the racially paranoid pop culture our failed education system had created. For the first time in American history, comedians were unwilling to treat the Obamas exactly like they had treated everyone else. It was so absurd it was startling. Yep. They got a pass.
Ultimately Jay Leno began to break ranks with all the other “comedians” when he started telling Obama jokes a few years before the end of his second term. This quickly got Leno crosswise with the Democratic political hacks disguised as executives at NBC. Despite the fact that Leno’s ratings soared, eventually Leno was forced out at NBC. It is a sign of just how poisoned NBC is.
Sometimes it is difficult to grasp the how much erosion of a free and independent press and entertainment industry there has been. Thanks to a failed education system, journalists and entertainers have melded themselves to our rancid pop culture, which is at best uninformed, and nauseatingly misinformed. All we ever saw from the press (minus Fox) during the Obama era was an unwavering adoration for Obama. All of the free passes he received skewed everyone’s sense of reality. In fact, the emergence of Fox News over the last twenty years is nothing more than a symptom of just how out of touch the rest of the media had gotten. Fox, a blatantly pro-Republican network, immediately stood in such stark contrast to the rest of the news media, which had become blatantly pro-Democrat. You have to scratch your head that journalism is completely dead. And sadly, we did this to ourselves by neglecting what has been going on in our schools for decades.
The emergence of Trump and the shameless treatment of Trump are both living proofs that journalism is dead. In watching how the media covers Trump, we see everything we need to know about how dead journalism is. Trump gets crucified daily in pop culture. If you watch useless pop culture stooges like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, and particularly the way they have rediscovered their testicles when it comes to presidential jokes, you began to grasp the magnitude of the hypocrisy that swirls around all aspects of our existence. Suddenly, these pop culture eunuchs and many others are going after Trump with reckless abandon. It is this incredible contrast between the free passes for Obama and the all-out assault on Trump, that helps you understand how much fanaticism there is in public education, the Democratic Party, and accordingly, in American pop culture these days.
How asinine has America become? Earlier this week the Boston Globe reported that a group of graduate students at Harvard University decided it would be appropriate to host a separate graduation ceremony for black students………”the Black Commencement 2017 ceremony will take place on May 23, two days before regular commencement exercises, and it is open to those receiving their degrees from Harvard’s many graduate schools.”

Nobody in the media seems to realize that George Wallace became an infamous rogue for advocating what these students now advocate. “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever,” Wallace said. 
In 21st Century warped America, hot is cold, up is down, and segregation is good.
Got it?


The intellectual disintegration of America - Part 1

© 2016 Jim Spence - To understand why America is the last great hope for the world, you have to understand the essential nature of people involved with government.
When the U.S. gained its independence from England, it was not long before the flaws within the original Articles of Confederation, which was the government format the U.S. adopted immediately after the American Revolution, became obvious. The Articles of Confederation were America's reaction to the horrific dangers associated with yielding too much power to an oppressive centralized government. If you can intellectually grasp how little trust Americans placed in government in 1783, you will also understand why the Bill of Rights was a necessary component in our Constitution, if it was to ever get ratified and replace the Articles of Confederation. Fresh off of a long war to gain their freedom, 18th century Americans were simply not about to create a new “king” to answer to.
The U.S. Constitution and particularly its amendments continue (at least in theory) to protect all of us from the tendency towards over-reach of all governments in human history. Sadly, Americans are no longer taught that we need specific protections from the natural tendencies of all governments. As a result, politicians have been successfully chipping away at our freedoms, as they gather more power for themselves. We are letting them do this.
It is time for Republican voters to realize that neither party in Washington is much interested in having less power. Accordingly, nearly every decade since the 1790’s American citizens have seen unprincipled politicians conduct subtle assaults on the Bill of Rights and especially on the separation of powers. You can expect neither Mitch McConnell nor most of the other GOP senators to do a damn thing about these assaults. In this sense, they are indistinguishable from Democrats. How can this be?
Big government proponents have made sure that public education no longer teaches basic principles regarding freedom. Public education has become a political institution of the Democratic Party. American children don’t learn historical truths at school. Instead, they are brainwashed about gender, race, and class. The merits of free enterprise are downplayed as if prosperity comes from politicians instead of creative forces in the private sector. We never needed the term "private sector" until recently. Almost everything was private. Big government wants fundamental truths to either be ignored or twisted in both history and civics classes. Big government is getting its way. The examples are endless. Franklin Roosevelt is characterized like a god. Students do not learn that FDR tried to stack the Supreme Court, not by nominating his favorite judges, but by having the gall to try to increase the size of the court so he had a majority. Like some sort of third world dictator, Roosevelt wanted to get his unconstitutional laws declared constitutional by his buddies, but he did not have enough buddies on the Supreme Court. No, FDR was not the hero he is made out to be by the Democrats who dominate public education. FDR was just another unprincipled enemy of freedom who decided he could simply jail all Japanese Americans without ever charging them with crimes. Sorry folks, this is a far cry from merely stopping illegal immigration or the flow of refugees.

FDR tried to use big government to confiscate the entire economic system for control from Washington. Fortunately the courts enforced the Constitution and stopped him. And while Japanese Americans stayed in “camps” under FDR for years, even Democrats united behind the principle of keeping our separation of powers in place. Roosevelt was stopped from becoming the dictating despot he wanted to be. Sadly, 21st Century Democrats are much more like King George’s bureaucrats than they are like the communist fighting Democrats of Harry Truman's era.

Watching the impact of public education on the evolution of pop culture in the U.S. has been like watching a train wreck. Being a student of the American Revolution, studying the U.S. Constitution, and staying well-informed has gradually become a nightmare. In part II of this column I will review the evidence that tells us how intellectually bankrupt America has become.


Swickard: We need real driving tests

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   One great adventure is driving. From sitting safely in your home within seconds we can be at the edge of death. Just seconds. Turn the key and away we go. Most of the time we are fine.
            Our society has a blind spot. There are people who should not be driving. It is not that they cannot drive down a road. It’s they cannot deal with emergencies.
            After one large and three small driving issues, I took the keys away from an older relative. He was unhappy but that’s my job. Then I would see him out in the second car trying to start it.
            Nope, I fixed the car since he no longer had a driver’s license. He’d say, “I think I can still drive the car.” I would reply, “That car will take you right to the scene of the accident and you will be there ten minutes before the police. That gives you ten minutes to think of a reason why you are driving without a license.”
            He didn’t like it but saw the humor. Truthfully, he could drive but he was unable to deal with emergency situations. We owe our older citizens to take the keys away before a wreck.
            More so, we don’t test this aspect of driving. When renewing a license there’s no test to check those skills. In flying there is and it should be something we do with driving.
            Likewise, there is the notion that someone can drink and drive providing it isn’t past a limit. However, “Buzzed driving is drunk driving” means any impairment is potentially fatal.
            We talk a good game of safety but we don’t play the game. Example: I was standing in line and a person was describing that they had their sixth accident that year. Yikes! Why does that person have a driver’s license?
            Yes, we hear often of drivers driving on suspended licenses. The consequences of violating the law must be robust enough to stop all but the most egregious offenders and those we will have to incarcerate for our own safety.
            Are we going to get serious about safety or is it such a good living for the accident lawyers and undertakers? We need to have driving academies for anyone in an accident whither our fault or not. And, for everyone we need rigorous driving tests every two years. This needs to be not just for commercial drivers but for all drivers.
            Our society must take away the driving privileges of those people no longer able to deal with emergencies. It is not good enough to get the car in gear, like flying, every two years we must recertify our ability to deal with life or death driving situations.
            Yes, I know my license to drive will most likely be taken from me some day. Shuckins. But it is better safe than sorry. It would be nice if it was the driving tests that show my inability to handle emergencies rather than a real emergency.


Chuck Schumer gets into a heated argument....with himself.

It's just a game

© 2016 Jim Spence - Let’s play a game. The game is called: “Let’s try to guess what the Democrats will say.” We begin with a theoretical headline news story:
Now, given that headline, predict what Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer would say about this announcement.
My best guess is Schumer would immediately call a press conference and say he is, "appalled.” The reason why this is a good guess is simple. This is exactly what Schumer said about Director Comey six months ago. Schumer did so immediately after Comey announced he had reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. Comey did this less than two weeks from Election Day.
Perhaps Schumer would add, "I said I did not have confidence in Comey six months ago, and I still don’t!”
Again, I am guessing he would say these things because he said them in early November of 2016.
It would be a good guess to predict that Schumer would also say, “If Comey wasn’t there, we would have won,” just as Schumer did as recently as late March of this year…...two months ago.
Ok, you can post your guess as to what Schumer and the Democrats would say if Trump had extended Comey’s term in our comments section.
Now let’s try this headline: TRUMP FIRES FBI DIRECTOR COMEY
Strangely enough, this is today’s headline. No, Trump did not extend Comey’s term, which would have drawn the ire of one Chuck Schumer. Instead Trump fired Comey, which get this…….also drew the ire of one Chuck Schumer.
So what did Chuck Schumer "say" after Trump fired someone that Schumer has lambasted for six months (along with every other Democrat)? Schumer called for a press briefing and defended Comey. Instead of re-affirming his condemnations of Comey and thanking Trump for finally canning the troll, Schumer had the gall to say he saw a, "deeply troubling pattern" by the Trump team.
Chuck Schumer is mindful of the accountant who is applying for a job at a shady company with a well-deserved reputation for cooking books. The CEO asks the applicant, “What does 2 + 2 equal?” The applicant leans forward and winks as he looks the CEO straight in the eye. He responds, “What do you want it to equal?”
This is what Chuck Schumer does 24-7. He looks the cameras right in the eye and willingly contradicts things he said quite emphatically not long ago. This is true of what he said of the nuclear option for filibusters, which Schumer has argued for and against with equal moral outrage, along with countless other situations where he says up is down, on is off, go is stop, wet is dry, and cold is hot.
Don’t look for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, or most of the local daily newspapers in the country to point out what a shameless liar Schumer is. They don’t have a problem with it. If you watch Democrats in the press, you realize what they are really saying is James Comey should only be fired……if Republicans won’t fire him. If Republicans do fire him, that is wrong too. They will do this even though they will also with equal faux sincerity say, Comey cost them the election.
Go figure how a guy like Schumer can win easily. Yes, you guessed it. He lives in deep blue New York with the Clintons.

Swickard: When technology breaks suddenly

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   Early in life I learned how technology can let us down. It was my seventh birthday and I had lobbied desperately for a drum without much hope considering the look on my mother’s face.
            So, my Uncle Gene bought me a guitar for my birthday. When I opened the package my mother and I said simultaneously, “Oh my God!”
            It wasn’t a real guitar, rather, it had a crank which when turned played the tune “Oh Susanna.” This was before anyone with that name became the Governor of New Mexico.
            I turned the crank and the song was a hit. Uncle Gene had a big smile, even when my mother, while bringing him hot coffee, accidentally spilled it on him.
            I played the song again, and again. Then I decided to sing and even added some yodeling and a few yips. I was Johnny One Song all day long. My parents looked a little frayed.
            Then it was time to say my prayers, brush my teeth and go to bed. I played the song one last time for my mother as she tucked me in. What a present!
            Next morning, I jumped up, grabbed the guitar and turned the crank. No sound came out. The technological wonder broke while I was asleep. I was crestfallen. My uncle looked glum.
            I asked him, “Can you fix this?” He looked at my mother and then slowly shook his head. We all called him Uncle Genius, and I immediately knew that if he couldn’t fix it, heck, it was broken for good since he was an electrical engineer.
            I’ll admit I suspected that one of the grown-ups had some hand in the guitar not working, so I asked my mother if she or my dad had been playing “Old Susanna” on my guitar after I went to sleep. Her expression wavered between hysteria and alarm.
            She firmly stated that no one had been playing “Oh Susanna.” That meant I was forced to accept that the guitar broke on its own. Over the years other technological wonders have broken and they have broken at the most inconvenient times. In fact, I have come to expect it.
            We don’t know when our technology will break except it will be unexpectedly. That rule has been true. Lightning hit a few houses away and everything connected to the cable died. The power in the house wasn’t affected, just everything tied to the cable.
            I brought the almost still smoking cable box into the local cable office. The representative immediately proclaimed that when lightning hits and blows up technology, “It is an act of God.”
            I smiled, “Can I quote you?” He hesitated a moment and then nodded. So, I wrote a column a few years ago that a major international company affirms that there is a God. He seemed cranky the next time I saw him.
            It is likely that it wasn’t God who broke my guitar. But I now understand and have long since forgiven her.


Bill McCamley: An example of what is ailing Dona Ana County and New Mexico

© 2016 Jim Spence - Normally I listen to music in my car. My phone has my music collection on it and it connects automatically via Bluetooth wireless when I start the car. Monday my phone was on the charger at the office when I ran a couple of errands, so I switched on the radio.
Listening to the KOBE AM 1450 the news came on and suddenly I was listening to Bill McCamley. McCamley was allowed by KOBE to offer his views about the budget impasse in Santa Fe. In typical McCamley fashion he distorted reality to fit his false narrative.
The fact that Dona Ana County keeps sending economic illiterates like Bill McCamley to Santa Fe helps explain why Dona Ana County, with all the natural advantages we have, continues to be one of the most impoverished counties in America. For some odd reason the news people at KOBE decided to provide a forum for McCamley to engage in raw partisan indoctrination. He did so as the KOBE news staffer disguised the piece as a news story.
What was almost comical was that in this so called news story, McCamley was lecturing about the budget impasse’s impact on local businesses. The comedy lies in the fact that McCamley knows very little if anything about business, local or otherwise. I have interviewed Bill McCamley a few times. When it comes to what is best for business, he is about as clueless as they come. McCamley once told me he sold a few t-shirts out of the trunk of his car. He offered this assertion as proof of his business acumen. Basically, McCamley has been getting his living money from various forms of government his entire adult life. In exchange for his wages, he votes for poverty perpetuating policies every time.
McCamley suggested in this "news" piece that Governor Martinez was going to destroy NMSU, which was an absurd lie. It went unchallenged as there was no input at all from the governor’s office on the story.
Here is the real problem that continues to never be addressed. Consider America's ten cities (over 250,000 in population) with the highest poverty rates. Detroit, Michigan which is 1st on poverty rate list hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1961. Buffalo, New York is #2. Buffalo hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1954. Cincinnati, Ohio #3 has had no Republican mayors since 1984. Cleveland, Ohio, not since 1989. Miami, Florida has never had a Republican mayor. St. Louis, Missouri #6 not since 1949. El Paso, Texas is #7. El Paso has never had a Republican mayor. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is 8th, not since 1908. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania #9, not since 1952. And poor Newark, New Jersey # 10, not since 1907.
Not only is Dona Ana County one of the poorest in the nation, New Mexico itself, while surrounded by prosperous states to the north, east, and west of us, is one of the poorest states in the nation, and most surely the poorest in the southwest. The difference between New Mexico and Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas is clueless anti-business Democrats like McCamley have been running New Mexico into the ground for six or seven decades, while these other states have elected Republican legislatures for long periods of time. Notice a pattern that plagues New Mexico also plagues all of those cities? Poverty and Democrats go hand in hand. Democrats convince poor people to elect them. And poor people stay poor while the businesses in these areas suffer or move on.
No doubt McCamley is a smart guy, when it comes to shaping his preferences for policies that are destined to perpetuate poverty. McCamley always has a boogieman to beat up, and that boogieman is always free enterprise and the business community. Of course this is the very nature of Democrats. They always do things to destroy businesses except for crony capitalists who siphon off government funds.
What is a joke is that KOBE would play McCamley’s words as if he is some sort of authority on business people or cares that they make payrolls that keep people from being poor.
It is also no wonder I was thrilled when my phone was re-charged later in the day so the chances of me having to endure the McCamley con game on the radio in Dona Ana County were completely eliminated.