Two Home Grown Jihadists Arrested

It just seems to go on and on. Thank goodness for high caliber undercover law enforcement work in the tri-state area.  Read the chilling details of the latest arrest of two America loathing terrorists living in the U.S. here:

Notable Quotes: John Wooden

As the "entitlement and over-reliance on government era" reaches its crescendo, consider this quote from the Wizard of Westwood.....

"Why do we dread adversity when we know that facing it is the only way to become stronger, smarter, better?"

On the Border

Southern New Mexico rancher Chip Johns talks to Las Cruces Sun-News reporter Diane Alba about border security. Read here:

Mac Goes on the Record with Teddy Feinberg

NMSU atheltic director McKinley Boston answers budget questions posed by the Las Cruces Sun News.  Read here:

Dead End? Where is the road to the new school?

When driving north of Highway 70 on Sonoma Ranch Road, drivers wanting to have a look at the construction site of Mesa Vista Elementary School will encounter this dirt road (photo below). The new school, which is nearly 90% complete, is located up this dirt road and to the east on Peachtree Hills Road.

At this point, it is uncertain how or when the Las Cruces Public Schools and/or the City of Las Cruces plan to get this dirt road ready for the school buses and parent's vehicles that will carry students to the new school. 

The uncertainty arises because recently state funding for the paving of this road was refused by Las Cruces City Commission. Funds had been made available through the New Mexico Finance Authority, and backed by special property fees from a local assessment district. The money was made available to pave four lanes all the way to Peachtree Hills Road.

However, in a surprise vote reversal by the Las Cruces City Commission, (only Mayor Ken Miyagishima voted to accept the state funding) the money for the paving of this road was allowed to slip away.

In the meantime, construction of the Mesa Vista Elementary school continues to move along (photo below).  The school is reportedly almost 90% complete.

At some point, and very soon L.C.P.S. and our city councilors are going to have to explain what the new plans are for an adequate road to the school (photo left).