Some New Mexico citizens will go to the polls tomorrow

For fundamental philosophical reasons thousands of citizens in the State of New Mexico refuse to declare themselves a member of EITHER the Democratic or Republican party.

Some refuse because they do not want to be branded. Others want to resist the conflicts of interest inherent in party politics. Still others are truly independent and chose to evaluate every candidate on an issue by issue basis.

The two major political parties in New Mexico have an answer to these types of citizens, those who refuse to join either “major” party. And their answer is this: “You will have NO say in the primary processes.”

Is it un-democratic to ban certain citizens from voting in the primary of their choice simply because they refuse to join a political party? Of course it is.

A second question comes to mind. What interests are served when voters are denied the right to vote in the primary of their choosing? The answer is simple. By squeezing all other potential competitors out of the election processes, it serves the polarized interests of BOTH partisan Democrats and partisan Republicans.

Don’t look for this rule to change anytime soon. Though it is regrettable that some citizens will be denied a voice tomorrow, there are some organizations that some people simply do not want to be associated with, no matter what the cost. And like everything else, true political independence has its price.

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The threats of insolvency in distant places (like Greece, Spain, and......California) should serve as a red flag for all of us. It doesn't take much to connect the dots. Look at the plight of Gov. Steve Christie in New Jersey.

At the end of the 19th century labor unions were absolutely necessary to improve working conditions. Unfortunately, for the last five decades of the 20th century too often labor unions held their employers, creditors, and stockholders hostage until unsustainably high wages and benefit concessions were extracted. Gradually business and job destruction followed. These days in states such as Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois labor unions have essentially priced many businesses right out of the global markets and themselves right out of jobs.

Americans are now seemingly surrounded by reports of ballooning state and federal budget deficits. Are there dots to be connected?

There is a certain win-lose brand of adversarial thinking prevalent in the minds of virtually all labor union negotiators. When labor unions brought General Motors to its knees everyone lost. With public labor unions there is actually no end user-customer to satisfy. Bad service and products don't matter. In the end, the negotiating adversary is the taxpayer's representatives.......the politicians. The warning signs are everywhere.

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