Predictably, Environmentalists Double-Cross PNM

Now that Public Service Company of New Mexico has been forced to risk huge investments in so-called renewable energy facilities as required by a series of laws passed during the Bill Richardson years, two environmental groups are planning to challenge PNM’s application for an annually adjusted renewable energy charge that will attempt to recover its costs.
In PNM's plan to recover its investment, the company wants to add less than $1.40 each month to the average residential bill. This will enable PNM to recover its costs for renewable projects brought on line since January of 2011. Ultimately the utilities next general rate case would provide the final determination method for PNM’s cost of investment recovery.
Both Western Resource Advocates and the Coalition for Clean and Affordable Energy were huge advocates of passing the legislation forcing PNM to make investments in the renewable facilities. As predicted by experts appearing on News New Mexico and in other forums, now both of these so-called environmental groups intend to deny PNM the right to recover the costs it was forced to make. Western’s Steve Michel told the Albuquerque Journal his group and the Coalition for Clean and Affordable Energy will contest the utility’s proposal.
PNM spokesperson Susan Sponar responded to the attacks by environmental groups in the Albuquerque Journal. “PNM is only proposing to recover costs that have been fully identified and approved after hearings for its annual renewable compliance plans.”


Lone Ranger to be Shot in New Mexico

Susana Martinez
SANTA FE – Governor Susana Martinez and the New Mexico Film Office announced yesterday that Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ The Lone Ranger, directed by Gore Verbinski and starring Johnny Depp, will begin principal photography in New Mexico in February 2012, with production planned in and around Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Shiprock and other locations around the state through the middle of August 2012.
“The Lone Ranger is proof that New Mexico’s film industry is alive and well,” said Governor Martinez. “This administration is committed to fostering productive relationships with film studios so we can continue to offer our talented workforce and breathtaking backdrops for major productions. As we continue to build upon our reputation as a premier film production center, we are pleased to welcome The Lone Ranger to our state.”
State and local officials have been working with the Walt Disney Studios for over a year to bring the project to New Mexico.
Richard Berry
“We couldn’t be happier to bring The Lone Ranger production to New Mexico. The state’s world-class crews, local talent and spectacular locations will be critical in helping us take this iconic story and legendary characters to new heights,” said Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer. “I’d like to thank Governor Martinez, the New Mexico Film Office, and the people of New Mexico for welcoming The Lone Ranger to your state.”
“We welcome The Lone Ranger to Albuquerque," said Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry. “We’re pleased that our local filmmakers will have job opportunities and appreciate the significant economic impact that this great film will provide to our city.” The film is slated for a May 31, 2013 release.


"We Have a Mole in the White House"


Seven Steps to Restore a Healthy America

A Plan for Prosperity by Greg Sowards, U.S. Senate Candidate

Greg Sowards
Every year, one out of six dollars generated in the U.S. economy - $2.5 Trillion - is spent on medical care. The high cost of quality care is the root cause of America’s 21st Century health crisis. Fraud, a broken medical malpractice system and illegal immigration accelerate runaway health care costs. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, is incompatible with consumer choice and free markets. The American people are calling out for leaders who can provide solutions that alleviate high costs and deliver accessible health care. Americans do not want a bureaucrat from Washington standing between their family and their doctor.
When I am elected as the next U.S. Senator from New Mexico, I will work to Restore a Healthy America with a seven step plan:
Step 1 - Repeal Obamacare
Step 2 - End Fraud
Step 3 - Cut Waste
Step 4 - Save Medicare
Step 5 - Empower States
Step 6 - Reward Responsibility
Step 7 - Defend Doctors
Read rest of plan here: News New Mexico