Probe Reveals New Black Panther Ties to Hezbollah

From - Two separate investigations into the New Black Panthers have been conducted this month, one in response to charges of homegrown terrorism and the other in response to the group's placing a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman, the alleged shooter of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. The results of the twofold probe, one of which was released yesterday, reveals New Black Panther ties to the Middle East terrorist group Hezbollah.  Congressman Peter King, R-NY, has been investigating Hezbollah's activities within the United States as part of a Congressional probe into homegrown terrorism. King is Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. Part of the results of his investigation can be read here.  On the heels of King's report came another significant development yesterday as a researcher who works with retired General Paul Vallely, a former Fox News analyst, issued a separate report, published here, which exposes significant collaboration between Hezbollah and the New Black Panthers.

NM Ranked First In Solar Power Per Capita

From - The national Solar Energy Industries Association has ranked New Mexico No. 1 in the nation for installed solar power per state resident in 2011. The association’s annual Solar Market Insight report, released in mid-March, said New Mexico installed 116 megawatts of solar photovoltaic capacity last year, the fourth highest amount among all U.S. states.  The report says New Mexico has reached a total of 166.9 megawatts of cumulative installed solar generation, equal to 77.3 watts of solar power per capita. That makes New Mexico No. 1 in the U.S. for solar per person, and No. 1 in per capita additions in 2011, said SEIA President and CEO Rhone Resch.  More News New Mexico

Marathon Runner Micah True Found Dead

From -The ultra-marathon runner Micah True, missing for four days in the rugged wilderness of New Mexico, was found dead on Saturday, the police said.  True, 58, was found in the early evening in the mountainous Gila National Forest in southwest New Mexico, near the Arizona border, said Tom Bemis, incident commander with the New Mexico State Police. Nicknamed Caballo Blanco, or White Horse, True became a celebrity after he was featured in the best-selling book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall.   More News New Mexcio

The "Luevano Incident"

Life for active duty military servants is complicated. The words “permanent” and “residency” can never be used with any certainty.
Consider N.M. House District # 16 candidate Johnny Luevano who just finished a twenty year career in the U.S. Marine Corps. In doing so, he, like all others who serve in the military, essentially surrendered his freedom of movement. It was up to his commanding officers in the Marines to decide where his temporary residences would be. Whenever and wherever the Marines wanted Luevano to go, it was his sworn duty to go there.
Several years ago Luevano could see the end of his military career approaching. Accordingly, he purchased a building lot in House District # 16 in Albuquerque. In recent years, while paying taxes on his permanent residential lot, he made plans to build his post military career residence there. Construction of the new home began in 2011.
Luevano voted his entire active duty career as a New Mexico resident. Recently he was stationed in Tucson, Arizona. On January 1, 2012, Luevano’s retirement from active duty became official. And also early in 2012, the Luevano family began the joyful process of packing their belongings in anticipation of a move to a long awaited and well-deseved permanent residence. As luck would have it, construction and permitting delays at the city of Albuquerque kept the family move to the permanent residence in limbo until March. And then suddenly, all hell broke loose.
Progress Now New Mexico, a partisan radical fringe group made a huge media splash when it falsely accused Luevano of casting his final active duty vote illegally. Preposterously, the progressives demanded a "criminal" investigation.
Johnny Luevano
Since then the smear of this 20 year Marine veteran has been on. And so far there has been little or no recognition of the implications of Luevano’s active duty status in the media. Why would anyone want to smear Luevano and suggest he committed fraud? It is all very simple. He had the gall to run for elected office against one of Progress Now New Mexico’s favorite darlings, Representative Antonio “Moe” Maestas.
For his part Maestas, an attorney, has filed a lawsuit to try to have Luevano removed from the ballot. The hearing is set for April 9th. It is simply amazing to contrast this situation with the recent technical flaws in filing documents submitted by elected officials. If that contrast is not enough, consider the circumstances surrounding the candidates in the recent Sunland Park municipal elections.
With the unemployment rate for returning veterans at somewhere between 20 and 30%, and all of the seemingly heartfelt “Support the Troops” efforts made in our society, the “Luevano Incident” seems to have finally put all sense of shame and decency to rest. What people will do now days to hold on to political power is simply remarkable. American citizens who claim to “Support our Troops” should come from all over the nation and defend the rights of Johnny Luevano to serve his country and when he finishes, run for elected office.


Only One Blasting Cap Away From Tyranny

Americans fought itself free from England based on a fundamental rejection of the heavy hand of big government. In defining our rights as free human beings, the Bill of Rights was an unambiguous message for all ambitious future government officials. We wanted there to be strict limits on the power of government. And those ten basic principles, written in the clearest possible language, spelled out precisely what sort of RESTRICTIONS we wanted to always be imposed on our government.
More than anything else, the language used in the Bill of Rights provides protection against the worst elements of human nature. In breaking away from King George III, Americans were unwilling to give government an inch, because instinctively our founders knew it would try to take a mile. They knew why they fought and they knew what was won.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The Bill of Rights is supposed to protect us from all human beings who would dare to use government as a tool to deny freedoms. Specifically we are promised free: speech, press, religion, and assembly. We are also guaranteed the right keep and bear arms. Unreasonable searches and seizures by people in the government are prohibited. Our freedom is guaranteed by a due process guarantee in a court of law.
Elena Kagan
And we are also protected from our government through the requirement of speedy hearings, and trials by jury. Excessive bail, fines, or punishments are also prohibited. Most important of all we are provided with the specific guarantee that any authority not explicitly granted to the government, is reserved to us, as individuals. Make no mistake, the Bill of Rights is an irrevocable CAN’T DO list for ambitious elected officials. It is based on the assumption that one of the great failing of all human beings is the tendency to use the machinery of government to dominate life and usurp individual choices.
Sonia Sotomayor
Let’s turn our attention to the legal community. For most of the 225 years since the U.S. Constitution was adopted, a parade of crafty lawyers, acting as wordsmiths, illusionists, and legal magicians, have tried to convince the courts to countermand the fundamental protections of the Constitution. The latest effort came earlier this week when the Obama administrations lawyers tried to convince a majority of Supreme Court justices that the federal government has the authority to require all citizens to enter into private commercial contracts or face fines for not doing so.
John Paul Stevens
The questions offered by some of those lawyer-judges sitting on the Supreme Court shed light on just how precarious our constitutional protections have become. We can assume that as many as four of the nine Supreme Court justices are now ready to provide blasting caps to those who argued that the "mandate" provision contained in the Affordable Health Care Act is constitutional. The Obama administration has already placed legal explosives underneath the constitutional foundation of our country. All this president needs is one more lawyer-judge to give him a perverse "opinion." George III must be smirking somewhere.