Are Judges Mere Foils in a Political Witch Hunt Orchestrated by Martinez and Chandler?

Bill Richardson
According to the Albuquerque Journal, Bill Richardson has been listed together with more than a dozen current and former judges as potential witnesses that could be called to testify in the trial of Judge Michael Murphy. Murphy was indicted by a grand jury last month on bribery and other related charges. The Journal also quoted an email response from Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos. Regarding Richardson's potential testimony, Gallegos reportedly replied, “Governor Richardson doesn’t comment on political witch hunts.”
Judge Lisa Schultz
The response from the Richardson camp echoes insinuations offered by New Mexico Democratic Party Chairman Javier Gonzales. In a press release shortly after the Murphy indictment, Gonzales implied that vindictive political motivations held by Governor Susana Martinez and Special Prosecutor Matt Chandler (Clovis) might well be at the heart of the prosecution of Judge Murphy. The Murphy indictment initially sent shock waves throughout the state. In recent days it has captured the attention of national media outlets, given Richardson's high public profile and the dark implications of the charges. Legal experts have suggested that the strength of the prosecution's case against Judge Murphy will rest with several judges and former judges, especially the sworn testimony of current District Judge Lisa Schultz.


The Two Faces of Martin Heinrich

Martin Heinrich
New Mexico Congressman Martin Heinrich is a man of many faces. In announcing his candidacy for the Senate, the Congressman issued statements blaming the national debt and federal budget deficit on wars that are unpaid for (George W. Bush's wars). He went so far as to issue a press release in late April trumpeting the fact that he had sent a "letter" to President Obama. You can read the letter here: Heinrich: It's time we start bringing our troops home. Yesterday, Congressman Heinrich had a golden opportunity to cast a vote to force the removal of U.S. troops from the military conflict President Obama initiated with Libya. Heinrich voted no. And earlier in the week Heinrich voted to raise the nation's debt ceiling without requiring any spending cuts. It leaves observers wondering what Heinrich supports and what he opposes. Apparently it depends on which face of Martin Heinrich he is showing you.


Don't Be Fooled by Claims of the Off-Reservation Casino

When you peel away the disguises, clear out the smoke screens, and work only with facts, the Jemez Pueblo's off-reservation casino proposal is simply a taxpayer-subsidized scheme that is sure to take millions of dollars and thousands of jobs away from taxpaying entities in Southern New Mexico. This scheme will completely devastate the City of Sunland Park. Other important entities that are certain to lose millions of dollars are Dona Ana County and equine farms and related operations all over the state. The State of New Mexico revenue coffers are certain to suffer catastrophic losses in tax revenues if this scheme slides by. We are talking tens of millions of dollars every year.
Unfortunately, there have been volumes of misinformation, half-truths, and outright deceptions associated with the public relation effort to advance the off-reservation application at the U.S. Department of Interior. Make no mistake. These are slick marketing efforts backed by deep pockets. And they have understandably duped more than a few people into avoiding the serious discussions necessary to expose the terribly negative impacts of this scheme. Below are the inescapable facts. (1) The intent of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was to support economic development and job creation for Native Americans. This scheme violates the very intent of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act because it will not create jobs for tribe members. (2) If the Jemez tribe’s tax-free status is permitted to be effectively “leased” to non-tribal entities and expanded beyond its reservation boundaries, countless businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, retailers, and many others THAT ACTUALLY PAY ALL THE TAXES TRIBAL CASINOS DON’T PAY, will suffer from an astonishing competitive disadvantage. Many good faith business operations are sure to cease operations and file for bankruptcy protection.
(3) Governments at all levels will lose millions of dollars in tax revenue:
• Since tribe-owned businesses pay no gross receipts taxes, various municipalities and Dona Ana County will experience significant declines in revenue from gross receipts tax as the non-taxpaying off-reservation casino is able to capture business from operations that do pay those taxes.
• Since tribe-owned businesses do not pay excise taxes on gasoline, the revenue losses to New Mexico’s road funds will amount to tens of millions of dollars each year.
• Since tribe-owned businesses do not pay excise taxes on alcohol or tobacco products, all taxpaying entities selling tobacco and alcohol products will be at severe cost disadvantage. Government revenue coffers that normally receive tens of millions of dollars in so-called “sin tax” revenues will suffer significant shortfalls.
• Since tribes pay no property taxes, the State of New Mexico, Dona Ana County, and surrounding municipalities will experience significant declines in property tax revenue as property taxes paid by surrounding businesses fall.
• Hundreds of millions of dollars are already invested in farm land and facilities for horse training and breeding operations all over the state. Each season Sunland Park alone pumps over $17 million in taxable purse money into this industry to support these farms and breeding operations. Reductions in investment in farms and breeding facilities will be immediate if a casino with outrageous tax advantages is allowed. Reductions will be followed by disinvestment. The permanent loss of jobs in this large long standing employer and member of the New Mexico-based tax paying community will run into the thousands.
• Scholarship funds available from the state lottery will decline following an approval of the off-reservation casino application.
• State tax revenue collections from Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino are nearly 30% of their gross. These revenues will fall dramatically in favor of an off-reservation casino that pays roughly 6% of their unaudited net.
(4) The social damages caused by increased access to gambling are well known. The incidences of bankruptcies, domestic violence, child abuse, and drunken driving can be expected to rise significantly in Anthony and surrounding areas if the application for an off-reservation casino is approved.
(5)  Mr. Stan Fulton has earmarked a permanent 50% ownership stake in Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino to New Mexico State University upon his death. The annual revenue from this bequest to NMSU is estimated to be well in excess of $12 million per year. Approval of the Jemez off-reservation casino application would effectively destroy a substantial portion if not all of the value of the largest bequest in the history of NMSU.
(6) Scientific studies have shown that this off-reservation casino proposal is nothing more than a one time offer to build a facility that will be engaged in legalized wealth transfers from all the sources named above. It has absolutely nothing to do with creating jobs for Native Americans or adding sustainable new jobs for Southern New Mexico.
New Mexico Economic Consultants (NMEC) did a study that can be read here: The analysis contained in the NMEC study shows: "the positive impacts of the proposed Anthony casino could be negligible once its effect on other businesses is considered. Under reasonable assumptions, the loss of revenue by existing business could significantly offset the benefits of the new casino on local economic activity. Moreover, the loss of gross receipts tax revenue to the state and local governments could total up to $6,500,000 per year."
(7) Finally this scheme involves non-tribal businesses attempting to “franchise” or replicate the Jemez tribe’s unique tax-free status, which because it is so POWERFUL, it was meant to only be available on the reservation. If this enormous economic advantage is allowed to be used off-reservations, it will establish a horrific precedent. This scheme should be treated like an economic malignancy and halted before it spreads like an economic cancer in New Mexico and then elsewhere. Taxpaying citizens everywhere can make their voices heard by writing Secretary Ken Salazar, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street, NW, Washington, DC 20240 and Governor Susana Martinez, 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Room 400, Santa Fe, NM 87501.


Pearce Votes to Remove Troops From Libya

Steve Pearce at a Recent Meeting with Veterans
Washington, DC (June 3, 2011) Congressman Steve Pearce today supported H.Con.Res 51, a resolution before the full House that would have directed “the President, pursuant to section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution, to remove the United States Armed Forces from Libya.” The resolution received especially heavy support from those members of Congress who, like Pearce, have served in the armed forces. “Americans are doing enough to secure the world,” said Pearce. “Our taxpayers are spending enough and our soldiers and their families are sacrificing enough. We can’t fight all of the world’s battles. The Administration is putting American lives in danger without Congressional authorization. Gaddhafi remains alive, and the American people have been forced into a stalemate. The President has ignored even the most basic requests from Congress with regard to this engagement. Even his own secretary of defense has admitted that we have no pressing political or security interests in Libya.”
President Obama with Nobel Peace Prize
The President’s actions in continuing this war are not only reckless, but illegal and unconstitutional. The President has acted without regard to the War Powers Resolution of 1973, and has failed to meet its requirements, continuing to wage a dangerous and unnecessary war. This week, House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Bill Young contacted Rep. Pearce and explained that he wrote a letter to President Obama requesting information on the projected costs of U.S. action in Libya over two months ago. Despite the fact that the request was for information vital to Rep. Young’s role as subcommittee chair, he still has not received a response. “I find this lack of response concerning,” said Young, “especially since [Wednesday] we completed the Subcommittee markup of the Fiscal Year 2010 Defense Appropriations bill without any information from the Administration on the Libyan operation that we had originally requested in my letter on April 1st.”
In a recent email survey conducted by Congressman Pearce’s office, over 84% of respondents stated that the President should not be able to commit our troops to military action without approval from Congress if American security is not threatened. Furthermore, more than 76% stated that Congress should cut off funding for US involvement.


Obama's Job Recession

Larry Kudlow
Townhall - Political advantage can be fleeting. A couple of months ago, during the winter quarter, job gains looked to be picking up, unemployment was easing lower, and President Obama’s reelection hopes looked more secure. But things sure have changed. In recent weeks, a whole bunch of new economic stats have been pointing to a sputtering economy -- maybe even an inflation-prone, less-than-2-percent-growth recession. Stocks have dropped five straight weeks, as they look toward slower growth, jobs, and profits out to year end. And Friday’s jobs report didn’t buck these trends. “Anemic” is the adjective being tossed around the media. According to the Labor Department, nonfarm payrolls increased a meager 54,000 in May, while private payrolls gained only 83,000. A week or two ago, Wall Street expected 200,000-plus new jobs. Didn’t happen. Read full column here: News New Mexico

Weiner Pulls Out

Anthony Weiner
Jsonline - U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has canceled his speaking appearance at the state Democratic Convention on Friday night in Milwaukee. Graeme Zielinski, party spokesman, confirmed the cancellation and said the decision was Weiner's, and that the party's invitation to him was still good. "It's understandable, considering what's going on," Zielinski added. Weiner, an outspoken liberal voice in Congress, has been in the midst of a controversy over a photo of a male crotch in underpants sent to a female Twitter follower of his. Weiner has denied sending the photo and says his Twitter account was hacked, but he has not denied the photo might be of him. The story has occupied much of the political world for the past few days. Read full story here: News New Mexico