Get Real, Policies Are Exporting Jobs

Jim Spence
As professional investors we disect the financial reports filed by large U.S. based companies all the time. We also read what independent analysts have to say. It has become a matter of routine to come across this sort of comment in research reports:
"We project 24% compound annual revenue growth from 2009 to 2014, with revenue exceeding $2 billion. We think their core business will drive this growth. We predict that operating margins will hit 32% by 2014, as product mix shifts to higher-margin consumables and the company reduces its tax rate substantially by moving more manufacturing to Singapore."
As investors we interpret this sort of information as a positive. It tells us that the management team is growing their business and also recognizing the precarious nature of a hyper-competitive world. The decision to move manufacturing operations to Singapore tells us management is taking the necessary step to keep the onerous burden of tax costs down so the company can continue to fund research and development and offer better and more affordable products to customers. While we completely understand and appreciate the competitive dynamics in place, as loyal American citizens we are more outraged than ever that our anti-business domestic policy-makers think that prosperous job creating businesses operate in a vacumn.
Many of the most powerful politicians in our country hold the unswaying belief that they can impose high tax rates (and less competitiveness) on payroll makers and job creators without consequences. Unfortunately, the only thing naiive anti-business fools making policy in the U.S. are getting away with, is driving payrolls and the addition of more good paying jobs overseas. While the "big oil" witch hunts might make for good sound bytes, as long as prosperity-seeking nations like Singapore want these businesses more than U.S. policymakers do, our relative living standards are heading lower. The annual damage caused by the majority of voters not grasping this basic competitive premise, amounts to many trillions of dollars.


The Money Grubbing Government Among Us

Michael and Conrad
NMPolitics - Our nation’s founders worried that government without strong limitations, even government in a republic, could become as oppressive as King George III who inspired the American Revolution. They sought to keep government from unduly oppressing citizens. Over time, though, always for a “good cause,” government was able to grab more and more power. Government today is arguably as oppressive as it was with King George in 1776. Citizens today serve the government rather than the other way around. The authorities live regally as if they are our betters. We are just “giving units” providing the funding for their imperial authority. We have seen enormous changes in our society these past 50 years. Read full column here: News New Mexico

1,000 Attend Job Fair Hosted by Pearce

Steve Pearce at Job Fair he hosted in Las Cruces
Las Cruces, NM - Yesterday, Congressman Steve Pearce hosted his first job fair in Las Cruces. Approximately fifty employers were present, and over a thousand prospective employees attended throughout the day.
“It was exciting to be a part of bringing together employers and job seekers today” said Pearce. “Jobs and job growth have been my top priority in Congress, and today’s event was one more way to find jobs for people in New Mexico. Everywhere I go, I hear from people who tell me they need jobs. Today’s event was a great success, and I look forward to more like it in the future, in other regions of southern New Mexico.”
Congressman Pearce opened the job fair with a short presentation on the importance of jobs, and by cutting a ribbon to mark the first job fair held in the new Las Cruces Convention Center.
He then spent much of the morning visiting with attendees and personally helping employers connect with job-seekers. By noon, over 700 job-hunters had already attended the event. In addition to the large number of employers present, seminars were also offered on résumé writing and job interview skills. Since returning to Congress in January, Mr. Pearce has made jobs his top priority, and he has stated that he is constantly on the lookout for new ways to help put New Mexicans to work. In light of the success of today’s event, Congressman Pearce’s office has already begun planning for future job fairs in other areas in Southern New Mexico.