Vandals take down APD surveillance unit

From - ALBUQUERQUE  - Two vandals had to have known they were being watched by a clearly marked Albuquerque Police surveillance camera set up at a park. But that didn't stop two brazen criminals from walking right up and committing a crime. The mobile video surveillance trailer has cameras that stand roughly 30-foot in the air. Officer Robert Gibbs, of Albuquerque Police Department, said in this case, police were trying to capture an alleged flasher at the park.
     However, vandals sent that expensive surveillance tool to the ground Saturday. It's a camera that catches criminal activity when no one else appears to be watching. Video from APD's mobile surveillance trailer shows two vandals approaching the unit around 3:30 Saturday morning. The suspects check it out, then apparently try to knock it down.
     "This trailer is clearly marked with Albuquerque Police decals and markings," explained Gibbs. "These individuals had no regard to this property knowing that it belongs to the police, essentially the taxpayers. Also, it was set up for public safety."
     Although it took them several minutes, checking each side of the trailer, even climbing on top of it at one point, the two suspects eventually knocked the surveillance trailer down, causing thousands of dollars in damage. The mobile surveillance unit is worth nearly $70,000 and can be monitored 24-hours-a-day from APD's real time crime center. Read more