UNM & NMSU on list of 25 Most Dangerous Colleges

Most dangerous - University of South Alabama
From Business Insider - Between academics, extracurriculars, and lack of parental supervision, college is already pretty crazy. Serious crime should not come into the picture. Yet crime is a reality on some college campuses, often involving locals with no affiliation to the school.
The FBI's Unified Crime Report identified 2,696 violent crime incidents and 87,160 property crime incidents on college campuses in 2011. This is a controversial report due to, among other reasons, how some colleges include data on non-campus areas. Nonetheless, the FBI considers it a valid way to "shed light on crime in schools, colleges, and universities."
To put the data in context, we ranked the most dangerous colleges. We averaged crime data per capita from 2008 to 2011 for schools with enrollment over 10,000. Schools were ranked based on a combination of violent crime rank and property crime rank, with violent crime weighted four times higher.
#8 University of New Mexico - 2011 was an extremely violent year, with two forcible rapes, four robberies, and 30 aggravated assaults.
#2 New Mexico State University - Property crimes spiked to 461 incidents in 2011, including 69 burglaries, 385 larcenies, seven motor vehicle thefts, and one arson. Read story