The top trending things people are stealing

From - By: Chris Ramirez, KOB Eyewitness News 4  - NBC News found some bizarre items that police are seeing as trending hot items to steal.
9. Truck tailgates. Many people have reported the tailgate to their truck stolen only to find it being sold on Craigslist.
8. Cloth napkins. Some restaurant owners report their patrons steal their cloth napkins. One restaurant chain owner reported that he replaces thousands of cloth napkins across his locations each year.
7. Maple Syrup. As the cost of 100 percent pure maple syrup rises, more people are stealing the pricey product. In New Mexico 12 ounces of maple syrup will cost about $9.
6. Paving Stones. Anyone who has bought paving stones for a driveway or patio knows the pricey cost of bricks. Some neighborhoods in England have reported a mass theft of pavers leaving many in a neighborhood without a driveway.
5. Hay. Droughts have forced the cost of hay to skyrocket. Because of an increased number of hay thefts, farmers and ranchers have begun securing their piles of hay in barns of secure areas.
4. Gold teeth. As unusual as it sounds, police across the country have reported instances where funeral home workers have extracted teeth out of corpses and tried selling the gold at pawn shops or gold buyers.
3. Human hair. A beauty supply store in Chicago lost $230 worth of hair extensions. Police believe thieves resell the hair to other salons or on the street.
2. Chicken wings. With the rising cost of poultry in the U.S, grocery stores report a rise in shoplifting of chicken, particularly chicken wings.
1. Tide detergent. Police call it “liquid gold.” The high price of laundry detergent has many shoplifting the product then reselling it on the black market. Read more

State Senator Lee Cotter Op-Ed

Commentary by State Senator Lee Cotter, District 36 - Not a Prediction, a Guarantee: State Loses Greatly if SB 547 Ruins New Mexico’s Oil and Gas Industry
     This will do it. SB 547 will ruin New Mexico’s oil and gas industry. It is more than a prediction, it is a guarantee. SB 547 prohibits the oil and gas industry from being able to produce the tax revenue our state so heavily depends on. The industry provides upwards of 30% of the revenue our state relies on to fund schools, roads, public safety and healthcare.
     SB 547 prohibits hydraulic fracturing in horizontally drilled wells. Currently, a vast majority of the oil and gas comes from hydraulic fracturing. If this technology is banned in horizontal wells by SB 547, the bill kills the economic future of New Mexico. SB 547 will eliminate nearly all of the drilling in New Mexico and any future drilling. New production will not take place. Companies with high paying jobs will close down, companies with even higher paying won’t consider relocating here. There will be reduced future production to tax to pay for schools, roads, public safety and healthcare.
     The bill, sponsored by Senator William Soules of Las Cruces, is being presented by a Senator with little knowledge of the oil patch areas of New Mexico. I appeal to those New Mexicans who understand that New Mexico cannot afford to lose these revenues. Our state has barely begun a recovery from the recent hard times and we cannot afford to lose any revenues now or in the future. Consider the number of private industry high-paying and middle income jobs that will be lost if this industry is shut down. That takes personal income tax right out of the state's coffers as well.
     This bill is on the calendar for Senate Conservation. If it passes, kiss goodbye the 30,000 high paying jobs directly attributed to oil and gas activity in the state. Kiss goodbye funding for schools, roads, public safety and healthcare in the state. Kiss goodbye our economic future.
Senator Lee S. Cotter - Room 416C State Capitol Building