Neighbors react to home invasion shooting

From - By: Maria Guerrero, KOB Eyewitness News 4 - A South Valley Homeowner apparently decided to take matters into his own hands and shot a suspected intruder early Wednesday morning.

     "No I didn't hear it," said Juanita Balulis as she walked down her driveway. Balulis said she had no idea there was a crime scene right down the street from her home. "That's really scary," she said looking at the police tape.
     Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the 5300 block of Southfort Drive early Wednesday morning. They found a man in a home with a gunshot wound to the chest.
     Investigators say the homeowner told them the man broke into his home so he shot the intruder. Deputies say the intruder, who they are not naming, even drove up to the home in his black car. The sheriff’s office had the suspect’s car, which has a license plate, towed from the home.
     Neighbors described the homeowner as a good man with a wife and a little girl. "They are really good neighbors. Very calm," said Chaviera. “I love this area out here,” said Balulis. “I moved here from Virginia. I've liked it so far but now I don't know if i'm going to like it too much anymore after this or not.”
     The suspected intruder wasn’t killed. He’s still in the hospital after being shot and is the only person facing charges right now. The sheriff’s office says the suspect could be charged with burglary. The homeowner isn’t facing any charges at this point. Read more