Obama Defines Dysfunction With One Appointment

    -Kevin Hasett - Bloomberg News - If Democrats wonder why their political fortunes have shifted so much, they should study the appointment of Craig Becker (left) to a body that adjudicates labor disputes. It captures everything that is wrong with the Obama administration in a nutshell. Republicans should study the case of Becker as well, as it illustrates everything that is wrong with Washington. Democrats should run from Becker; Republicans should run against him. Read more here:


Franken - Concerned Over Truly Dangerous Agenda

Sen. Al Franken (left - D-Minn.), addressing a convention of liberal bloggers and activists Saturday evening, implored the left to fight to stay in power in the midterm elections. "If Republicans take back Congress they'll implement a truly dangerous agenda," Franken told the Netroots Nation gathering in Las Vegas. "Everything is on the table from repealing healthcare reform to privatizing Social Security." Read more here:

Savers Financing Treasury at Record Low Yields

For all the criticism of record budget deficits, President Barack Obama can take comfort knowing that for the first time in half a century, government bond yields are declining during an economic expansion and Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner is selling two-year notes with the lowest interest rates ever. The combination of record-low yields on two-year notes, 10- year rates below 3 percent and a deficit projected to surpass $1.4 trillion for a second consecutive year is a signal that the bond market is less concerned with government spending than with getting the economy back on track. Read more:

Mousavi Critical of Ahmadinejad Over Security Sanctions

Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi (left) took aim at President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (right) Wednesday for not leveling with Iranians about the effects of U.N. Security Council sanctions that were passed last month. "To say that this resolution is like a "used hankie" will not ease the hardships arising from demagogic policies, as it is clear to me that this resolution will affect our nation's security and economy," Mr. Mousavi said. Read more here:


Aggies Have Something to Prove - Get No Respect

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - The New Mexico State Aggie football team has been selected to finish eighth in the 2010 Western Athletic Conference football coaches and media polls, released Monday at the WAC Football Media Days. The Aggies received 81 points in the media poll and 21 points in the coaches' poll.

In 2009, the Aggies under first year head coach DeWayne Walker (right) were picked to finish eighth by the coaches and ninth in the media poll, finishing the 2009 campaign with a 3-10 overall record and 1-7 conference record.
    In the media poll, Boise State received the number one spot with 42 of the polls' first-place votes, followed by Nevada (333), who tallied one first-place vote. Fresno State (300) and Idaho (207) took the third and fourth spots, respectively. Louisiana Tech and Utah State received 200 and 196 points. Hawai'i (166), NM State (110) and San Jose State (66) rounded out the voting.
Read more here:


Humberto Fontova - The Real Guantanamo Horror Story

``We lived surrounded by rats, cockroaches, scorpions –and I have to say it--with human excrement, yes, with excrement…dengue and tuberculosis ravaged the prisoners. Forty prisoners were crammed into cells measuring 32 square feet.”' Julio Galvez

"I lived in total darkness with my hands tied; with rats and cockroaches and excrement everywhere. That was all I could smell." Lester Gonzalez
"“Many prisoners attempted suicide. I saw prisoners stick needles in the dark part of their eye. I saw prisoners roll themselves in foam mattresses and set themselves alight, prisoners who inject excrement and urine into their eyes, prisoners who inject petrol into their private parts and other places just so they will be attended to." Normando Hernandez.
“I spent 17 months of solitary confinement in a four by four meter cell.” Jose Luis Paneque Read more here:

Success for N.M. Minority Students Lies With Adults

From the Albuquerque Journal - By Matthew LadnerRio Grande Foundation - Is demography destiny? If so, say some experts, states with growing Hispanic populations seem doomed to fail, weighed down with ineffective school systems and abysmal test scores. One academic recently predicted states like New Mexico will become the "Appalachia of the 21st Century." He based his prediction on well-known statistics concerning the dropout and low achievement scores of Hispanic students. Nationwide, Hispanics drop out of high school at appalling rates. When they do graduate, they have achievement test scores roughly equivalent on average to eighth grade Anglo students. How about it New Mexico: Are you going to accept this fate for your children and your state? States can overcome this challenge. How do we know? Florida. Startling statistics show that with abundant school choice and systemic education reform, Florida's Hispanic students already eclipse the average academic performance of many states. Read more:

Frank DuBois on the bias of Daniel Schorr

By Frank Dubois - The Westerner - Daniel Schorr, whose aggressive reporting over 70 years as a respected broadcast and print journalist brought him into conflict with censors, the Nixon administration and network superiors, died on Friday in Washington. He was 93...more In July of 1974 I went to work as a Legislative Assistant to Senator Pete Domenici.On August 9, 1974 Richard Nixon resigned his Presidency.Several of us staffers sat with Domenici in his office and watched Nixon's resignation speech. Just as the speech ended, CBS called Domenici and wanted him to come to their studio for an interview. There were several senior staffers there, but for some reason Domenici asked me to drive him to CBS (I later figured out that since I was the last person to go on his staff from NM, Domenici figured I had been least influenced by the system and most accurately reflected the views of New Mexicans, especially rural New Mexicans, on Nixon).When we arrived at CBS they put us in a waiting room which was surrounded by tv monitors. After a short period of time a CBS employee came and took Domenici away to get his nose powdered for the tv appearance.That left me in the room alone. Keep in mind that at this point I had not quite bought into the media bias thing.I was watching the monitors as they interviewed Ronald Reagan who at that time was the Governor of California. In walked Daniel Schorr, chief White House correspondent for CBS. Schorr looked up at the monitors, saw Reagan being interviewed, and with a hateful scowl on his face said,"Burn, Ronnie baby, Burn."I remember thinking, "You know, there might be something to this media bias after all."That thought has been mightily reinforced over the last thirty-six years.

LCPS Herb Torres to Appear on News NM

    This morning Herb Torres (left) Associate Superintendent for Operations - Las Cruces Public Schools will be our guest on News New Mexico. Torres will offer his observations and comments regarding the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Herb will talk at length about the financial impact on LCPS of the decision made by the Las Cruces City Council to stall the privately funded road extension of North Sonoma Ranch Boulevard. 
We will also discuss student safety issues caused by traffic congestion as well as impacts of emergency vehicle access to Monte Vista Elementary School (right) which is due to open in three weeks. LCPS staff and City staff were involved throughout the planning stages of the extension of North Sonoma Ranch Boulevard which was to have provided access to the school.


John Moscato to Appear on News NM

The mystery man to News New Mexico listeners since July 7th when Mayor Ken Miyagishima first confirmed his offer to build a two mile extension of North Sonoma Ranch Boulevard is John Moscato (left). Moscato raised four children in the Mesilla Valley along with his wife Fran. Moscato developed much of the land around Picacho Hills Country Club (PHCC). 
Though he was not the original developer of PHCC he did pay for the entire upgrade of the old two lane road leading to PHCC into a four lane road. Moscato has offered (along with partners) to pay for the entire extension of North Sonoma Ranch Boulevard. He will explain his views on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams at 8:00am on News New Mexico Monday morning at 8:00am. Moscato will be followed by LCPS Associate Superintendent Herb Torres on Wednesday to shine more light on the puzzling blockade that is stalling the project. One mile from the end of the proposed four lane extension is a stranded golf course (above), which has also been held up from use by local citizens and visitors by a long series of City Council delays.


Geithner Tries to Restore Confidence

WASHINGTON — As the White House geared up for a fight to end controversial tax cuts of the last administration, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said Sunday that allowing the expiration of those targeted at wealthy Americans was "the responsible thing to do" and would not deter economic growth. The president's plan would end tax cuts for only 2% or 3% of the highest-earning Americans, Geithner said, while sending an important message to the world about commitment to fiscal austerity. Read more here:

Concerns in Juárez Climb as Bombing Threat Grows

The threat of more deadly car bombings like the one earlier this month has forced Juárez authorities to take measures to protect police stations, and authorities reported finding more explosives in Chihuahua on Wednesday. The car bombing that killed three people apparently was ordered because law-enforcement agencies are perceived to be siding with either the Sinaloa and Juárez drug cartels, which have unleashed a wave of violence in the city that has claimed the lives of nearly 6,000 people since 2008. Read more here:

Gonzales Also Cleared - No Charges in Justice Probe

The U.S. Justice Department has decided not to file charges related to the firings of federal prosecutors during the Bush administration. A department investigation, triggered by the 2006 dismissal of nine U.S. attorneys, concluded there wasn’t sufficient evidence to pursue a case, according to a letter to lawmakers today from Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich. Read more here:

Star Parker - Why?

Can anyone tell me why suddenly race is the hot topic of national discourse? According to Gallup polling of last week, the issues most on the minds of Americans are the economy and jobs followed by dissatisfaction with all aspects of government. I didn’t notice racism on the list anywhere. The NAACP says it was “snookered” by Fox News on the Shirley Sherrod story. I say we’ve all been snookered by the NAACP. The NAACP has shown that those who have written this organization off as irrelevant are wrong. It demonstrated this past week that if it so chooses it can dominate the national discussion with its racial agenda, regardless of what the real pressing issues of national concern may be. Read more here:

Progressive Magazine - North Korea Being "Provoked"

Progressive Magazine continues to provide insight into their subscriber's viewpoints. The eye-grabbing headline on the magazine webpage says: Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates Needlessly Provoke North Korea.  Site visitors are then directed to an audio podcast explaining why. Listen here:

Lurita Doan - The Latest Scam

The Senate Finance Committee recently announced its latest scam: a small business jobs act that will do little to promote entrepreneurship or create jobs. The legislation, seemingly designed to give Democrats cover with voters in the fall, is much ado about nothing, for nothing is what the legislation does for small business. Memo to Congress: no new laws are needed to grow small businesses, just enforce the laws already on the books.
Few members of congress or the Obama Administration have ever had to experience what Jerry McGuire calls the "up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege," of starting a company and trying to win a customer's business. So, it’s not surprising that they do not know what’s important and what’s window-dressing.
After 15 years as a small business owner, and as the former Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration, I've been to the circus a few times and seen all the strings connected with small business initiatives and the federal government. Too often, small businesses are used as convenient pawns in larger political battles. This legislation seems just another political ploy. Read more here:

Los Alamos - To Share in Billion for Nuclear Weapons

The Senate Appropriations Committee has proposed a billion-dollar hike for the nuclear weapons program, with significant increases for New Mexico's nuclear weapons laboratories. In a joint announcement, New Mexico's two Democratic Senators, Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall, called the result good news for the state. "The spending bill working its way through the Senate gives unprecedented support to Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories," Bingaman said. "President Obama has plans to shrink our stockpile deterrent, and that means the stockpile stewardship programs at our two labs will be more important than ever." Read more: