The EPA's Shocking Power Grab in NM

From -The Washington, DC-based Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and the New Mexico-based Rio Grande Foundation have released a new report on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s)rampant abuse of power in enforcing the “Regional Haze Provision” of the federal Clean Air Act. Full text of the new report is available here

Occupy Gets the Ink, Tea Party Gets the Votes

From -Occupy Wall Street and the movement's brethren in other cities ranging from Chicago, to Baltimore, to Oakland, to London -- has been getting all the press lately.  But it's the Tea Party movement and its small-government ideology that continues to win elections. Is that a harbinger for 2012? Probably. More News New Mexico

Egolf's New Idea: Create a "State-Owned Bank"

Representative Brian Egolf of Santa Fe has a solution that will seemingly address the "Occupy" movement's disdain for "banks." This morning Egolf boldly tweeted the following:
"Heading to Taos to talk with Taos Move On about moving NM's money out of big national banks and my idea to create a state-owned bank in NM."
We will provide additional details of the Egolf state-owned bank plan as they become available.


The Attempted Political Assassination of the Presidential Candidacy of Herman Cain

Jim Spence
As a person willing to openly express my opinions and ascribe my name to them, I have often been asked why I don’t run for office. Actually, I did run unsuccessfully once for the school board many years ago. I am reminded of the country music song, Thank God for Unanswered Prayers. Though I can’t say that I ever prayed for that election victory, it is clear I should have been more careful about what I was wishing for.
Herman and Gloria Cain
When we have elected officials for guests on the News New Mexico program my co-host Michael Swickard always ends the proceedings with a heartfelt thank you for what our guests....“do for New Mexico.” It is a sincere thank you from both of us. Why? Many good people are unwilling to subject themselves to the kind of motivation-questioning attacks that come from philosophical opponents.
Five weeks ago I wrote a column entitled, Herman Cain: Barrack Obama’s Worst Nightmare. Apparently there are others in the media who are big supporters of the president who have now reached the same conclusion. And so it was with great interest, that we followed the attempt at political assassination last week of the candidacy of Herman Cain.
Hearsay is information gathered by one person from another person concerning some event, condition, or thing of which the first person had no direct experience. Use of "Hearsay” evidence is generally speaking, inadmissible in a court of law. Fairness dictates that the "accused" be able to confront his or her accusers. Accordingly, those wishing only to accuse anonymously, are treated as completely lacking in credibility.
Unfortunately, in politics, and in reporting on stories associated with high profile political candidates, unattributed and anonymous accusations somehow become fair game, particularly if the stakes are high enough.
As the Cain story unfolded last week, we waited and waited for an accuser to go on the record. Nobody was forthcoming. Still, the mission seemed to be accomplished since some serious “political” damage was done. My wife Kristi watched the process with a discerning eye all week and finally concluded, “No wonder there are so many good people who unwilling to run for public office.” Kristi is usually right. And as I pondered the way we do business in the leadership selection process it became clear that if we continue to allow anonymous and unattributed accusations to sway us away from people who have built remarkable records of accomplishment, we will get precisely the kind of leadership we deserve. Pity.


Krebs Has Interviewed Candidates for Lobo Job

Paul Krebs
Around the Land of Enchantment Paul Krebs is the man blamed for running off former UNM head football coach Rocky Long. Long is considered by most longtime Lobo fans to be the most successful coach in UNM history and Paul Krebs is quickly becoming the consensus choice for least effective athletic director in UNM history.
Fresh off the firing of Mike Locksley, who was Krebs own hire, the highly paid UNM athletic director ($330,000 plus per year) took to the airwaves last week to spell out what he is looking for this time around. Krebs says his latest search for a new football coach will target a current or former head coach. Krebs has admitted he has already interviewed several people for the Lobos head coach position.
There is no word yet from UNM President David Schmidly on whether he is going to make a change in the athletic department and conduct his own series of interviews. There are many fans who think the man who hired Mike Locksley and ran off Rocky Long should take his share of the blame for what has happened to the Lobo football program under his watch.