Mitch my would-be friend.....

© 2016 Jim Spence - This will be the shortest column I have ever written for posting on this site.
On a video I watched Democratic Party Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico say rather emphatically that on "principle" he was personally against the filibuster of judicial nominees. He called it "the tyranny of the minority." He said this when he was a member of the Senate majority and he wanted Marxists on the Supreme Court. Now that Udall is a member of the Senate minority......he says he is for the filibuster. He has learned to embrace tyranny apparently.
There is only one solution for the Democratic Party that wants a free pass/no filibuster principle to apply to the likes of Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, but retain the "right" to filibuster a superior Supreme Court nominee like Neil Gorsuch.
Mitch McConnell my distant and would-be friend.....Senate civility is a pipe dream. Nuke the bastards and remain in civil war mode until your death.

Seaworld, snail darters, and baby killers in California

© 2016 Jim Spence - In this column recently, I lamented a problem with both the Democrats and the Washingtonians (Republicans). Republicans who won’t truly repeal Obamacare have officially joined Democrats in rendering most words meaningless. Male can be female, up can be down, in can be out, and repeal can be retain. In this worldview, laws can not be enforced despite the clear meaning of the words in those laws. You get the picture.
Are we talking about political “theory” or bone chilling reality when it comes to words being meaningless? Sorry friends, but we are talking bone chilling reality.
One can look no farther than the state of California for a bewildering recent example of how far the perversion of the law can go when Democrats rule without challenge. California’s criminal law statute defines the act of murder as the, “The unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus, with malice aforethought.” Good enough. Let's hold that thought.
Thanks to incredible investigative journalism by David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, crimes against humanity were exposed in San Jose, California recently. Daleiden and Merritt actually extracted with virtually no effort, murder confessions from two co-workers at StemExpress in San Jose. Their confessions were captured on the reporter’s videos describing their actions at Planned Parenthood’s Mar Monte Alameda Clinic in San Jose. You can watch the video by clicking HERE.
One co-worker begins the description of the bone chilling homicide. “I want you to see something kinda cool.” This is kinda neat,” the other killer chimes in. “So I’m over here, and . . . the moment I see it, I’m just flabbergasted. This is the most gestated fetus and the closest thing to a baby I’ve seen. And she is, like…….“Okay, I want to show you something. So she has one of her instruments, and she just taps the heart, and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here, and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.”
One of the killers tells the other to “harvest” the child’s brain: “She gave me the scissors and told me that I had to cut down the middle of the face.” The other killer said she took the scissors and did what she was asked of her. Of course, the baby died. This is not only morally repugnant, it is an atrocious crime.
Image result
Xavier Becerra
This video evidence of this unconscionable atrocity was presented to both the local and national media as well as to California law enforcement. Other than news outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, and the Drudge Report, there was absolutely no interest in the propaganda ministries in playing this astonishing video that essentially contained a remorseless murder confession from two Planned Parenthood employees. Democrats have no interest in exposing genocide that involves the infant children of people who made a “choice.” But what about California law enforcement? It would seem that city and county officials decided to look the other way on murder of an infant outside the womb.
However, under pressure, eventually Democrat Xavier Becerra, the Attorney General of the state of California felt like he had to make a decision. It would seem his dilemma was not what you think it was. He had to decide to take a stand on whether or not he would prosecute the journalists who exposed the murder. In what can only be described as appalling, the Democrat Becerra filed 15 felony charges against journalists Daleiden and Merritt. Apparently, according to Becerra, he decided that exposing the ghoulish murder of babies outside the womb at Planned Parenthood violated the law, because the journalists did not obtain the “consent” of the killers to use electronic devices to record their admission of murder.
This folks, is what progressive thinkers have come to be all about.
Put this into perspective and context in California. The state investigates scurrilous claims of animal cruelty at places SeaWorld, because the aquatic mammal lovers there house and train Schamu to perform for adoring audiences. In a place where protecting the lives of snail darters (bait) have created water shortages that threaten to destroy the agricultural industry, holding murderers of babies with hearts beating outside the womb accountable……..well that is unthinkable. In fact, let's indict the journalists who uncovered this atrocity and charge them with 15 felonies.
Perhaps there is a special place in hell for Xavier Becerra.


Democrats: Let's stick it to New Mexican families and businesses, again

© 2016 Jim Spence - Governor Susana Martinez is fighting the same forces bent on economic destruction that have relegated New Mexico to a long history of being an economic basket case. It does not have to be this way. Our state is surrounded by five prosperous states. Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas are states where Republicans have a say and poverty is lower, while living standards are much higher. In New Mexico our best hope is for Governor Martinez to keep the idiocy coming out of Santa Fe to a minimum.
Martinez says she is preparing to furlough state employees very soon. This plan is of course coming thanks to a refusal by New Mexico Democrats to EVER reduce the size, scope, and overwhelming domination of bureaucrats in Santa Fe. Yes, the state of New Mexico is going to be out of money again very soon. What a surprise.
“I will keep fighting against the typical Santa Fe mentality, that of sticking it to New Mexican families and businesses in a crisis,” Martinez said. “I will not let politicians bail out big government on the backs of New Mexicans.”
The typical Democrat response came from two of the best friends unproductive and inaccessible bureaucrats have ever had in this state. That would be Representative Brian Egolf and Senator Peter Wirth.
A lawyer, Egolf is now the Speaker of the House. “This is needlessly frightening state employees,” Egolf said of the governor’s demand that Democrats stop protecting the wasteful bureaucracy that funnels millions of dollars in campaign contributions the Democrat's way every year.
Susana Martinez
Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth, D-Santa Fe made a ridiculous statement about the intransigence of Democrats. Wirth said if the governor were, “acting responsibly,” she would be, “Raising the recurring revenue necessary to prevent further cuts to public education, health care and public safety programs.”
What Peter Wirth really meant by his statement was, “We should just throw another five or ten pounds of weight on the backs of non-government employees all over the state, so nobody in Santa Fe ever has to make a tough choice.”
Martinez has yet to veto the state budget that was passed by Democrats in the recently ended session, but she says she will do so. Martinez is expected to call a special session after she vetoes the budget. In the meantime, Martinez officials say they are preparing to cut the hours of some nonessential state services.
The real solution is actually pretty simple. Anyone who is not “essential” should go find a job some place else where they are actually “essential.” The arrogance of the Democratic Party in New Mexico and the reason why 72% of all babies born in this state have the costs of their births picked up by Medicaid (instead of the parents), is because working citizens are forced to shell out many hundreds of millions (if not billions of dollars each year) that Democrats insist must go to Santa Fe for things that are NOT essential.
The basic fundamental truth here is New Mexico has taxed and regulated itself into a poverty doom loop that makes New Mexico’s state economy the disgrace of the nation.
“We have a tremendous opportunity right now to reduce the size of government,” Martinez said yesterday. Sadly, opportunities like this have been passed up every year for more than six decades under the stranglehold of one party rule.
Public labor union representatives were quick to dismiss Martinez and her call for heavier burdens on New Mexico’s workers (except bureaucrats). Charles Goodmacher, a teacher’s union political operative, who milks the political system in this state for a living, made this absurd claim: “They spent 60 days compromising, the budget is a compromise.”
With Democrats in charge of the legislature for the last sixty-plus years, there has been very little compromising. What we have seen is Democrats getting their way 99% of the time, and the state leading the nation in Medicaid funded births.
There is no mystery here. The Democratic Party is doing to New Mexico what they have done to cities of Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore, along with the states of Illinois, California and many other locales.
Don’t look for a single major news outlet in the state to tell the truth on what ails New Mexico. All major media outlets in the state suffer from a legion of journalists with no clue....thanks to the public education system that is run by……you guessed it, the Democrats.

A picture from Tony Branco is worth a thousand words

GOP Suasage Factory
Tony Branco


Swickard: Getting home safely in self-driving cars

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  “Baseball is like driving, it’s the one who gets home safely that counts.” Tommy Lasorda
            This last weekend there was a car accident which involved a self-driving vehicle. The media had a great visual of this car on its side. To our way of thinking that is never supposed to happen. It’s a self-driving car which should be programmed to stay out of accidents.
            The good news is that it wasn’t the self-driving car’s fault. But the car ended up on its side. That is never good. Seems the car ended up on its side after someone, a human, not another self-driving car, didn’t yield when it was a yield situation.
            Are we to assume self-driving cars are not going to get into accidents? Of course they will have accidents because they are out there with all of us humans. Regardless of the fact that self-driving cars will not be texting or talking to a spouse, the human other drivers do.
            Like Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Tommy Lasorda observed, it is the one who get home safely that counts both in the game of baseball and driving. When I took a defensive driving course the mantra was to arrive safely despite the actions of others. Even if you are a self-driving car.
            Imagine how hard it would be to sit in a self-driving car as it gets into an accident. What can you say since there is no one else in the car? In a regularly driven car you might resort to colorful language for a driver that gets you into an accident but if you are the only one in the car the best you can say is, “Shuckins!”
            Obviously, some statistician can point out that you will be many times safer if a knucklehead isn’t driving but there is that media picture of a self-driving car on its side to consider. And if you think that the self-driving car is doing something wrong, what can you do other than gasp?
            One time I was in a commercial jet taking off from Dallas when as we were heading onto the runway I noticed that the pilot had not engaged the flaps. Normally to take off or land the flaps are extended. Someone traveling with me noticed I was agitated.
            I mentioned the flaps to which this person just shrugged. Then the pilot announced, “Most times we use flaps to take off but for you pilots there are a few times when we have a no-flaps takeoff. This is one of those times.” I went whew.
            So, it may take a bit of trust to ride in self-driving cars, especially in traffic with the usual amount of human knuckleheads. I guess we could get used to it or perhaps some of us never will. It could be that we can consider what Will Rogers wrote, “When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.”


Poverty goes hand-in-hand with tyranny

© 2016 Jim Spence - Santa Fe, New Mexico is a city where political vipers are sent to say things that are untrue and do things that have never worked. New Mexico voters seem to like it that way. The proof is in the pudding. Voters in our state have chosen to be dominated by the Democratic Party for more than sixty years despite the fact that unlike our neighbors, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas, states that actually vote for a Republican-led legislatures sometimes, New Mexico has made sure Democrats run our legislature for more than sixty years.
Unfortunately, one party rule has worked about as well in New Mexico as it has in Cuba and North Korea. Economically speaking it has quite been thin in New Mexico for a long time with no relief in sight. This is true despite our state having better weather or more natural resources than each of our neighboring states.
The problem is simple. Democrats spread poverty in New Mexico like stage four cancer.
How bad are the most basic measures of future prosperity in New Mexico? The most compelling statistic is a measure of the lives of children. According to a recent study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 72 percent of all babies born in New Mexico require the costs of their births to be covered not, by their moms and dads, but by Medicaid. Essentially, this means that three out of every four babies born in this state are being created by people who simply cannot afford to have them. In effect, they are created at taxpayer expense. This 72% "rate" is by far the highest rate of any state in the nation. The fact that only 28% of all babies born in New Mexico are born to females who can afford to be pregnant, is a direct result of Democratic Party domination of public policy for more than sixty years that encourages and fosters government dependency. Yes, Democrats are literally manufacturing a steady stream of people to live in poverty with their public policies.
Sadly, New Mexico has never been satisfied to simply populate Santa Fe with Democrats who keep repeating failed processes. New Mexico also sends some of our most stubborn and hypocritical jackasses to Washington.
Not surprisingly, perhaps the biggest hypocrite in the United States Senate these days hails from New Mexico. That would be Tom Udall. A few years ago Udall made the following statement regarding how despicable he thought filibustering of Supreme Court nominees was and why the Democrats were justified in changing Senate rules to stop filibusters:
“I think what our role is, is to step out there, advise and consent, and if we don't believe the person's qualified, if there's some real serious problem, vote against them. You remember Bork. He wasn't filibustered. He was voted down, 58 votes against him. People like Scalia, everybody says, oh, well, there are going to be more Scalias. Scalia passed unanimously. Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court passed with just three votes against her, 96-3. So the issue really is advice and consent, not with super majorities. Right now, we have the tyranny of the minority. And that's what we have taken care of."
Yes, you read that right. Tom Udall called the tactic of filibustering a presidential nominee to the courts, “The tyranny of the minority.” Those are very strong words of condemnation. Obviously this is a principle that Udall seemed to hold dear right?
This week Udall indicated he was going to be just fine with Chuck Schumer’s calls for a filibuster of Judge Neil Gorsuch, the same Gorsuch Schumer voted FOR when he need Senate confirmation a few years ago. Schumer is not alone in his previous vote FOR Neil Gorsuch. Also voting for Gorsuch was Senator Barack Obama, Senator Joe Biden, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Maria Cantwell, Senator Tom Carper, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Robert Menendez, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Jack Reed, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Ron Wyden. None of these same Democrat Senators, who are still in the Senate will vote for Gorsuch now, and most will support a filibuster.

We have plenty of poverty, tyranny anyone?


The stealth Washingtonian Party

© 2016 Jim Spence - There is a stealth political party dominating America. It is unnamed, but seems more organized and purposeful then the GOP. It should be called the Washingtonian Party.
Upon reflection, the rise of the Washingtonians has been logical. There is more power and control over the nation’s wealth to be had by controlling government, than merely embracing fundamental truths. And accordingly, it makes sense to be a Washingtonian if staying in Washington is the objective, which it is much more often than not.
The sole requirement for being a Washingtonian is to be ambivalent to the fact that in Washington, where the rules of society are made, words do not matter. Once one makes this compromise on basic personal integrity, being a Washingtonian gets to be pretty easy.
Virtually all Democrats caucus with the Washingtonians without admitting it. This is so because in the world of the Washingtonians, up can be down, in can be out, round can be square, good can be bad, female can be male, and yes, male can be female. All illegal immigrants can somehow be living here legally. And most important of all, every non-U.S. citizen must be treated as if they enjoy the privileges of U.S. citizenship which are bestowed by the U.S. Constitution......on U.S. citizens (along with messy little responsibilities, like registering for the draft).
Because words have no meaning to Democrats, they will fervently argue with a straight face, that laws passed by Congress and signed by a president (any president), are merely enforcement optional. If the president likes the law, he or she can feel free to enforce it. If not, feel free to ignore it. Additionally, laws may only be enforced by a GOP president, if every single Federal Circuit Court judge in the land likes those laws. The U.S. Constitution is irrelevant if one judge can be found who does not like the law.
Anyone who objects to this absurd charade can expect no help from any Washingtonian. Sure, Washingtonians might well “say” they object to this situation too, but they will never do anything to stop it. Instead, the little people, people who are not Washingtonians or Democrats, will be required to spend money endlessly on lawyers and argue about the basic meaning of simple words. Judges will continue to be allowed to act as dictators, because impeaching dictatorial judges never enters into the national discussion.
Unlike Democrats who make very little effort to hide their penchant for stupidity, Washingtonians will pretend they are angry about how Democrats portray America and poison America from within. Democrats will play the race card and stomp their feet and demand that refugees from countries that train all of their children to hate America be allowed to flood into the U.S., while Washingtonians will feign disagreement with them but do nothing. When the federal government hands thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars every month to each refugee family, while never fixing a system that is supposed to provide decent health care to U.S. veterans, Washingtonians will “act” is if they strenuously object. Then Washingtonians will do nothing other than fund raise.
Democrats prefer to ignore the true legacy of slavery, a human atrocity that has been practiced by people of all races, and began thousands of years ago, and instead suggest that somehow 21st Century white Americans are responsible for all of the atrocities associated with slavery in the U.S. seven generations ago. Washingtonians always take the ridiculous guilt-by-association slavery bait, and agree to throw freebies funded not by them, but by taxpayers, at the petitioners and the army of Democrat bureaucrats that slurp from that public trough.
When Democrats in public education ignore teaching the fact that the two biggest butchers of human beings in world history were Mao and Stalin, Washingtonians won’t bother to demand that the fact that both Stalin and Mao were also fervent anti-capitalists be taught too. When Hitler’s atrocities are appropriately taught in school, the fact that Hitler was also fervently anti-capitalist is left out of the narrative as well. Democrats don’t want any of the anti-capitalist dots connected to the murderous nature of the most famous socialists in history. And Washingtonians don’t have the inclination to demand that our children get educated instead of indoctrinated. Demanding an education based on truth gets in the way of the Washingtonian's goal which is not to facilitate change but to simply remain in Washington.
Curiously, the ACLU and the Democrats used to strenuously object to any move to create opportunities to fundamentally violate privacy.....until Mr. Obama’s henchmen engaged in particularly outrageous assaults on privacy. Not to be outdone by Democrat ambivalence towards the 5th Amendment, Washingtonians have also been astonishingly silent about the fact that Obama’s henchmen gained illegal access to NSA privacy data for political purposes.
There is a great irony in the way Washingtonians, disguised as Republicans, have governed since winning majorities in both houses of Congress. They have done very little other than talk a good game. There are so many Washingtonians in the GOP that “say” they want smaller government, while taking actions that makes sure government never shrinks and always grows larger. This explains why a White House budget, that trimmed the size of government substantially, was labeled “dead on arrival” by Washingtonian Senators who garnered less than 1% of the Republican votes in presidential primaries. This is what Washingtonians do. Democrats have been decimated nationally because the American heartland despises them. And Washingtonians say they they are with the heartland voters, but they collaborate for status quo every day.
Finally, you may wonder why:
  • it is considered OK for men to pee and poop in the ladies bathrooms with little girls present,
  • people who enter the U.S. illegally are called “immigrants” now instead of illegal aliens,
  • producing an I.D. to use your credit card is fine, but asking everyone to do so to vote is racist,
  • it isn’t greedy to game the federal, state, and county governments for taxpayer-funded freebies, and raise taxes to do so, but simply wanting to keep more of the money you work for and earned is,
  • “choice” is considered a wonderful term that signifies freedom when it comes to killing babies, but it is an awful term when it’s applied to owning a gun or picking which school to send your children to.
There is one basic reason why these fundamental violations of common sense are proliferating in America. Democrats embrace these violations and the Washingtonian Party members cannot be bothered with the inconveniences required to halt the assault on the idea that language should have meaning.

The Supreme Court and the voters

© 2016 Jim Spence - For years in this column I have railed against the public education system and suggested that its absolute failure will be the downfall of America. Of course with so many other nations mired under the constraints of anti-business socialist policies, our demise is likely to be far off in the future.
Still, one has to wonder about our country.
The day that Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch for the open spot on the Supreme Court, I made the statement that Gorsuch was the reason why I voted for Donald Trump, I just didn’t know his name at the time. Many people who shared our concerns with the importance of making sure the court respected the U.S. Constitution also voted for Trump for that very same reason.
Still, I must admit that while I have never been a Trump fan, in fact I have been much more of a detractor. his policies have been a pleasant surprise.
Apparently Americans are not so uneducated yet that they do not know how much power court rulings have over their lives.
Blessings From AboveAccording to a C-Span report, 90 percent of U.S. voters believe that decisions made by the U.S. Supreme Court have an impact on their everyday lives. And a whopping 76 percent of U.S. voters think TV coverage of the high court's oral arguments should be allowed. This is somewhat heartening. But there is more bad news than good.
Astonishingly, a staggering majority of American voters cannot name a single Supreme Court justice.
The C-Span report – which was released as confirmation hearings started for Gorsuch found that 57 percent of U.S. voters could not name a single Supreme Court justice.
Doddering old Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who is often photographed dozing in public is the most recognized name on the court. Still, only 16 percent of respondents in the C-Span survey named her. Chief Justice John Roberts followed at dismal 12 percent, while Justice Clarence Thomas was named by only 10 percent. A tiny 3 percent of respondents named Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito and Elena Kagan were named by just 1 percent. Not a single respondent named Justice Stephen Breyer.
Clearly America is junked out on pop culture rather than up on civics. There is little priority given to being curious about the names of those people that 90% of Americans believe have an impact on their everyday lives.

Just another sign.


Swickard: An Overdue New Mexico Celebration

Sheriff Pat Garrett
© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  There is a celebration missing in New Mexico. Naturally our tourist industry would love to have another festival where tourists come celebrate with us. Better, this celebration would be about a real New Mexico hero. Unfortunately, New Mexico does not currently celebrate this man and he should be celebrated.
            Over the years New Mexico has developed a large celebration involving famous western outlaw Billy the Kid. Me, I would rather celebrate lawmen than outlaws. So why not celebrate Sheriff Pat Garrett? There is so much misinformation about Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett, which is why Pat Garrett still is not celebrated.
            No longer. A new book is out written by David G. Thomas: Billy the Kid’s grave: a history of the Wild West’s most famous death marker. It’s Volume 4 of the Mesilla Valley History Series.
            The author is the son of former New Mexico State University President Gerald Thomas. David Thomas is a careful historical researcher combining a background in history and competition chess. What David learned as a chess master translates to his history research. He researches history like it is a chess match.
            There are many parts of the Billy the Kid story that I had wrong from traditional sources. David Thomas’s book clears up several inaccuracies that I had embraced. I am thrilled to really see what happened.
            Nothing is more so than the actual location of Billy the Kid’s grave. Previous reports are now shown to be wrong. It took a researcher of David Thomas’s ability to prove the location. There’s a wealth of this kind of research in the book. I was most interested in Pat Garrett.
            Over the years, I have called for some celebration of this lawman who was a Sheriff of Lincoln County then later of Doña Ana County. He is a New Mexico hero with plenty of blemishes.
            Regardless, he deserves a celebration at least equal to that of Billy the Kid. This is difficult because people are stuck in their ways of thinking from popular movies where Garrett is the villain and Billy the hero.
            This is false. The real hero was lawman Pat Garrett while Billy the Kid was a criminal who murdered people including three New Mexico lawmen. Over the last forty years I’ve written this several times. The Billy folks always point out that Garrett was known to visit taverns. And was a rotten gambler.
            While having human failings, Pat Garrett performed heroically when duty called. If Pat Garrett was living today he would provide plenty of stories for the tabloids about his drinking and gambling.
            But when duty called, Sheriff Pat Garrett didn’t shrink back. He performed his duty. Like the stories about the police and fire personnel on September 11th, Garrett ran toward danger, not away from it.
            We remember Pat Garrett mostly because he is currently depicted as the villain in the Billy the Kid movies. However, Billy’s character, by actual western standards, was that of a coward, cheat and horse-thief. The community in 1881 heaved a collective sigh of relief when Sheriff Pat Garrett finally got Billy the Kid in Ft. Sumner that July 1881 night as David Thomas’s book conclusively documents.
            As we think of Garrett, let us reflect on these facts: Garrett only used his guns to bring peace to New Mexico. Billy killed at least seven people in cold-blood. Garrett raised a family. His blind daughter Elizabeth was a nationally recognized opera singer. In 1915 she wrote New Mexico’s official song, “O Fair New Mexico.”
            We should have Pat Garrett Days. Perhaps tourists would not buy Pat Garrett trinkets the way they buy Billy the Kid trinkets, but decent folks would appreciate community values being celebrated.
            I cannot right the wrong done to Pat Garrett and to the generations of Garretts still in our community other than tell the truth about him. We need a Pat Garrett celebration to make up for the fact he was murdered foully and treated in death even worse.
            David Thomas has written a history book for the ages which tells the truth about Billy and Pat Garrett. I believe Las Cruces should be the center of the Pat Garrett Days Western Celebration.


Attention New Mexico, if you are in a hole stop digging

© 2016 Jim Spence - Governor Susana Martinez is considering calling a special legislative session immediately after the regular session ends today at noon. It seems that New Mexico Democrats, who want the size of state government to grow until we have an economic disaster like California or Illinois, is forcing a showdown and a shutdown.
Bring it on.
Yesterday, the Democrat dominated legislature, which has made it exceedingly difficult for the oil and gas business to grow prosper and continue to carry the state budget with generous tax revenues, approved a $6.1 billion budget that includes a whopping $280 million in permanent new tax increases for the coming fiscal year.
The situation is disgustingly simple. Democrats have already crippled the breadwinner in New Mexico, the oil and gas industry, now they want to move on to crippling other productive entities. They do not seem to care that their asinine policies have driven productive taxpaying oil and gas companies across the border into Texas. They have put us in a hole and they are screaming for more digging.
New Mexico in general and Las Cruces in particular have cast self-destructive votes as a matter of reflex for decades. Instead of helping Governor Martinez change this state from an economic laughing stock to a competitive southwestern state, Democrats prefer to cast votes that are sure to push the number of poor people living here higher. They want to keep digging.
Governor Martinez has warned the Democrats repeatedly that she will not sign any new tax increases. However, it is predictable that Democrats continue to never learn from their mistakes. So they press forward with more self-defeating policies that have failed for decades. They want to keep digging.
Accordingly, Susana Martinez is gearing up for a state government shutdown in response to the budget standoff that pits her rational reform proposals against the Democrat’s absolute obsession with taxing productive citizens so bureaucrats can continue to live the good life without a care in the world.
Keith Gardner, who is Chief of Staff for the governor, has indicated that non-essential state government agencies will close if there is no deal.
Sadly, non-essential state agencies should not close temporarily, THEY SHOULD BE ELIMINATED PERMANENTLY. Clearly lawmakers and the governor already know the state agencies that are not essential. The big question is why is New Mexico wasting its precious resources on them when the state is expected to run out of money next month? This is lunacy.
The Democrats solution is more lunacy. They want to tax you, me, and everyone else who is productive in our state, to pay for things that are clearly not essential.
The governor’s office has indicated there is still “hope” for a budget deal today. But if none is reached by noon, when the session must end by law, Martinez is likely to call a special session.
Susana Martinez
Other than minuscule one percent cuts in funding to still fat-laden state universities, colleges, and specialty schools, the Democrat run legislature has refused to force any other highly paid bureaucrats who serve as economic balls and chains on the state, to reduce waste in their fat laden fiefdoms. Instead, the Democrat-led House voted yesterday to raise taxes and fees on gasoline, diesel fuel, retail sales over the Internet, trucking permits, and nonprofit hospitals. More balls and chains on the productive sectors.
It is astonishing to continue to hear Democratic lawmakers stick to the idea that making government bigger, bureaucrat’s days cushier, and taxes higher, will not hurt the economy in this state as it has since statehood. It is puzzling that New Mexico voters keep empowering Democrats to perpetuate dumb policies that fatten state government and produce more poverty.
The proof is in the pudding. A quick glance at the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, where the Republicans have had chances to run the legislatures often over the last 105 years tells you all you need to know. New Mexico has languished badly under Democratic Party domination while these states have prospered. Our state is an island of poverty in a sea of prosperity. Our neighbors thrive with an electorate that has trusted the GOP, while we suffer under the domination of one party, the Democrats. Susana Martinez is the only thing standing between us and a more rapid acceleration in the deterioration in living standards in this state. She wants to stop digging.

Swickard: Two big problems with the minimum wage

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  “The real minimum wage is zero.” Thomas Sowell
             Two problems: government imposition of a minimum wage is price-fixing. Worse, it doesn’t work because people don’t live an hour at a time, they live month to month.
            It’s not in the best interest of consumers when governments price-fix the price of labor. Technically, price-fixing is when participants in a market buy or sell a product, service, or commodity only at a fixed price.
            Besides causing higher prices, price-fixing a minimum wage raises employment barriers for unskilled workers since workers trade productivity for wages. If what a worker must be paid does not return an equal economic productivity, they cannot be employed.
            The media bombards us with heart-wrenching stories of abject poverty for people making the minimum wage. But people live by the month, never by the hour.
            There is no amount guaranteed other than the hour worked. The workers are injured when businesses, reacting to rising labor costs, trim the workforce hours or workers.
            Consider if someone is making $7 an hour for thirty hours a week. Their gross pay is $210 a week. If the minimum wage rises to $9 an hour, since the business labor costs may be fixed, that business may cut minimum wage employees to fifteen hours a week which is $135 a week.
            The government requirement is an hour, not a month. We live by the month. Of course, minimum wage earners may be the first cut since they have the least job experience. Then their minimum wage is zero.
            Price fixing has been illegal in our country since the Sherman Act in 1890. When has any government price-fixing worked? Soviet Union price-fixing caused low prices for groceries in empty grocery stores.
            In World War Two our government froze wages so for businesses to hire someone from a competitor they had to offer something else of value. It was health insurance which was not used much before then.
            Over the years, the health insurance industry grew into one sixth of our economy as our resources were given to Insurance and pharmaceutical companies along with lots of lawyers, lobbyists and politicians. Smaller amounts went to doctors and hospitals. Finally, we people became just the giving units to the high and powerful.
            Price-fixing by our government on domestically produced oil brought us the gas shortages and higher prices for energy in the 1970s along with the increase of economic power for the Middle East Oil Cartels.
            President Reagan stopped the price-fixing and oil prices went down. The more governments price-fix, the worse it becomes for their citizens. Economist Milton Friedman wrote, “The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit.”
            My biggest concern in these Minimum Wage increases is that it precludes some people, usually very low skill or no skill workers from even getting a job since they must return in productivity what they are paid or the business will fail at some point.
            Often work hours are cut for the already employed low-skill workers which reduces their gross amount of monthly money. We used to work a standard forty hours a week. Lately it’s thirty-two or twenty-eight hours.
            The living wage is touted but what should be the amount? If it’s tied to $15 an hour and full employment of forty hours a week, that’s $31,200 a year. The government requiring a living wage means low-skill workers will never be employed since they cannot return that much monetary value to their employers.
            Now, if the government doesn’t like what I, as an employer, pays, they are free to add any amount they want to the paycheck of my employee. But I have three factors always: markets including prices for my goods, labor costs to produce those goods and the return on investment that keeps me in business.
            If you take the cost of labor over the possible return from the sale of my goods, I must either trim the work-force or close the business. That’s Economics 101.
            As President Ronald Reagan said at his first inauguration, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” Amen to that.

The Fix Is In - A.F. Branco Political Cartoon

Gutless bastards

© 2016 Jim Spence - Government does not exist to solve problems. Government exists to perpetuate government and consume more and more resources.
Yesterday I met with a nurse who has worked in the healthcare industry for nearly forty years. She lamented the fact that the tug of war between two gigantic bureaucracies; government and insurance companies, has destroyed the option for doctors and nurses to use their common sense. This regrettable circumstance is going to continue to get worse now that we have seen the GOP's healthcare "fix."
What you are seeing unfold in Washington D.C. is the latest round of absurdity. 
The problem with healthcare is actually pretty simple. Resources are scarce and government is consuming them in the name of helping to solve problems. Ronald Reagan summarized this situation well. Government is not the solution, government is the problem. Nobody on either side of the aisle understands that fundamental truth anymore.
In 2010 the Democrats, without a single GOP vote, passed Obamacare. In doing so, they transferred more and more power to consume resources to federal government. The carrot used for this power grab was more freebies for some Americans. The stick was much heavier taxation, mandates, and more expensive insurance for most working Americans.
A few years ago I wrote a column in this space and pointed out the simple fact that the emperor (Obama) had no clothes. Despite what was claimed, Obama and the Democrats were not fixing anything. They simply accelerated the massive wealth and power transfer from everywhere in America to Northern Virginia and Maryland where grossly over-compensated government bureaucrats have continued to swallow up trillions of taxpayer dollars each year without a care in the world.
Highly paid bureaucrats were nervous when the GOP won in November. Their fears were unfounded. Nothing is going to change.
Senators and House members refuse to deal with reality. This includes Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who are supposed to be "leading." The D.C. bureaucrats that Ryan and McConnell are protecting do not serve taxpayers as if they were their very valuable customers. Taxpayers cannot even see the invisible Washington bureaucrats that have the authority to make critical decisions regarding their lives. They can’t reach them by phone (their voice mails almost always pickup), and taxpayers really have no direct claims or leverage on bureaucratic efforts or results. The proof is in the pudding. The counties in Maryland and Northern Virginia that border Washington D.C. are now the wealthiest in the nation. And yet the customer service taxpayers receive from the bureaucrats living in these areas is atrocious and getting worse all of the time.
GOP Congress Afraid
Watching the Republicans celebration after the November election was a charade. They claimed they were happy because they finally had healthy majorities, plus the White House to sign the laws they passed. They were finally going to set about the process of fixing the messes made mostly by Democrats.
So far Congressional Republicans have proven themselves to be the sort of gutless bastards that has kept me registered as an independent for decades.   
Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are not problem solvers. They are self-serving elected officials that have been part of the problem in America for decades. Speaker Paul Ryan produced a weak excuse for his failures yesterday when he said that, "governing is hard." Here's a news flash. Governing is even harder if you don't lead.
The Obamacare repeal that was unveiled earlier this week is nothing but a band-aid. What we are seeing from the GOP now that they "have the votes," is a hapless proposal that assures the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world is going to continue. Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas are going to continue to get richer along with the crony capitalists who buy politicians. The rest of the nation is going to suffer pretty much as it has under Democrats. Eventually when the productive capacity of America is severely diminished, Maryland and Virginia will implode too. Golden egg laying geese will eventually starve when they are ignored and abused.
In the short run, it will be business as usual in the D.C. area. Bureaucrats will continue to pretend they serve the people instead of themselves and the long lines in the doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, and clinics are going to get longer. The V.A. customer service model is spreading like cancer.
Deep State Shadow Government

Mystery solved

© 2016 Jim Spence - Sleuthing is fun. Books, televisions shows, and movies that are written as mysteries, will always have a good chance for success because readers and viewers love to solve puzzles.
It is all starting to make sense now, this political puzzle we have been scratching our heads over. The Democrats seemed compelled to formulate a narrative in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat by Donald Trump last November. Democrats settled on attempting to connect the Trump administration to the Russians. As I said in my previous column, this narrative is absurd and downright bizarre.
Well, maybe not.
On the surface, this Russian narrative has to be the dumbest thing imaginable. It is so ridiculous it has been very puzzling. Still, the Democrats have stayed on the offensive with this Russian con job, feeding a rabidly anti-Trump press one tidbit with a Russian inference, after another. Understanding why the Democrats have felt the need to perpetuate this Russian nonsense holds the key to solving the puzzle.
Last month the New England Patriots proved that the best defense is a good offense. The Democrats knew they had to go on the offensive with this Russian thing, simply because they knew they were eventually going to have to play some very serious defense. Democrats are about to go on defense.
What are Democrats going to be required to defend?
Astonishingly, the Democrats must defend a decision by the Obama Justice Department to engage in electronic surveillance of the opposition candidate (Donald Trump) in the late stages of last year’s presidential election. In the Democrat’s world, screaming the phrase, “the Russians hacked the election,” every five minutes, is nothing more than an orchestrated ruse to obfuscate police state like actions by the Obama DOJ.
Obama wiretapping Cartoon
The pieces of the puzzle fit snug. Early in 2017, leaks coming from the Obama DOJ revealed that General Mike Flynn had a discussion with the Russian ambassador. Flynn showed serious shortcomings on the integrity front by denying contents of that discussion to V.P. Mike Pence, before later admitting them. Flynn lied about something silly and in doing so he blew his reputation for truthfulness. Accordingly, Flynn was asked to resign, which he did.
Feeling successful with the Flynn scalp, last week Democrats shifted the target of their Russian con, pointing to a meeting then Senator Jeff Sessions had with the Russian ambassador. This time the ruse backfired when there were quick revelations that dozens of Democrat senators had also been in meetings with the Russian ambassador.
Criminal activity is hard to cover up. The idea that the DOJ holdovers knew Sessions met with the Russian ambassador was a smoking gun. It made it obvious to the Trump people that the Obama DOJ had been tracking Trump and other Trump official’s activities and eavesdropping. Worse yet, DOJ employees have also been committing felonies by giving misleading information to their friends in the anti-Trump press that is actually classified.
Here’s where this trail of crime leads. Only President Obama had the authority to order eavesdropping without a court order, and Obama has denied giving that order. The DOJ had to obtain a warrant to eavesdrop. Either way it is bad news for the Democrats.
If the Obama DOJ actually did get a warrant, it would have had to.....get this……..“alleged,” that the target of the warrant, was a "foreign agent attempting to do damage to the U.S." This strict requirement for obtaining a warrant provides the connection to the Democrat’s puzzling false Russian narrative. Democrats had to allege something completely outlandish to make their wiretapping/surveillance request "legal." However, even if they procured a warrant under false pretenses, which they most surely did do, nobody at the DOJ can disclose anything about the process because the whole process was classified.
Things got very complicated once the Democrats lost the November election. With Trump's appointees coming in, Democrats had to know that eventually much of the evidence regarding their atrocious surveillance of Trump was going to surface. The Obama DOJ officials knew they had to get out in front of what was eventually going to be a devastating Nixonian revelation. By developing a plausible lie built around Russian connection allegations, they would at least have a reason for getting a warrant. Of course, the leaks of the information gathered remain an indefensible felony.
Late last week it must have finally become completely clear to Donald Trump and his team that they had all been under electronic surveillance and might still be. Naturally, Trump went on the offense. He charged that Barack Obama was in on the bugging, which is only logical, though there is no proof of this......yet.
Obama quickly countered the Trump charge by issuing a non-denial denial. Obama did not deny that the presidential candidate he vehemently opposed was bugged by his DOJ during his presidency. Obama simply denied that it was he that used his presidential authority to order the surveillance. No doubt going forward, Mr. Obama is going to say that the decision to bug the Trump communication system was made by people way downstream at the DOJ, and it was done without his knowledge. Obama made these same types of claims to shield himself from the criminal activities of Eric Holder at DOJ, as well as Lois Lerner at the IRS. Nixon did the same.
However, even if Obama is telling the truth, the Obama Department of Justice has some very serious constitutional explaining to do. Not only did DOJ officials make false allegations to get a warrant, they leaked half-truths and innuendos to their buddies in the news media, which is also a crime.
In my last column, I suggested that Trump should fire hundreds and hundreds of people at the DOJ and start all over. The reason is the DOJ is infested with the most poisonous parasites known to mankind. This would be lawyers that came in as radical political appointees under Obama. These people are unprincipled political operatives who have been, while drawing government paychecks, engaged in dirty tricks, cover-ups, and lawless activities that would make Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell and Nixon Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman blush.
Why would the Democrats at the DOJ do this? The simple answer is, power corrupts. Perhaps this scam began when Clinton’s chief imbecile John Podesta clicked on a phishing email that gave Wikileaks damaging access to his personal files. Perhaps the Obama DOJ decided with the Wikileaks incursion that it was cyber crime game on and they needed to eavesdrop on Trump just as A.G. John Mitchell decided he needed to bug the Democrats headquarters in 1972.
It would seem now that both Wikileaks and the Obama DOJ have engaged in widespread cyber crimes. However, there is at least one major difference. Wikileaks criminals like Julian Assange are indicted fugitives. Many of the Obama DOJ officials are still cashing government paychecks while having cocktails regularly with so-called journalists at ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.
Thanks to the power of the subpoena, we are going to find out more about the cyber crimes committed by the Obama administration. As this process unfolds, we now have the context that explains why the Democrats have been running with this absurd Russian con since early November. It has been a perverted effort to blur the public’s perception of the crimes committed by the Obama DOJ while justifying the use of government machinery to conduct surveillance on political opponents.
The mystery is solved.


Swickard: A better solution using an engineering idea

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   Our nation has been talking about the problem of immigration into our country involving people without legal status for decades. No one has done anything about it. Much of the talk has focused on the country of Mexico since many people coming into our country without legal status come from Mexico. Many, not all.
            As I said in last week’s column, the politicians for and against immigration solutions have been and are mainly using the controversy for their own fundraising. Politicians on both sides don’t want resolution of immigration issues because they themselves are making so much money fundraising on the fears.
            For all these years, what we know is that many people from other countries are bypassing our legal immigration processes. Over the years one of the plans is to build a wall. And it would appear a doer rather than just a talker, President Donald Trump, is set to build a wall between our country and Mexico.
            Don’t do it President Trump, I have a better plan. The wall is a thumb in the eye of Mexico. Plus, we are building a wall with no utility other than stopping people entering our country outside of legal processes.
            It won’t work. China found that after building the more than five-thousand-mile Great Wall of China. It didn’t work because invaders just bribed the Chinese guards to go through the wall when they wanted. Sounds like the problem Americans have with Drug Cartels bribing our authorities.
            I do not like win-loss political solutions. A wall does nothing for our country other than provide jobs building it and bribes for our authorities from Cartel members to get past the wall.
            There is another way to spend that money and spend it on a better win-win solution. Rather than just build a wall on the border, build a fifteen-foot raised six-lane super-freeway along with an easement on our side for two-way railroad track construction, multiple pipelines, powerlines and cellphone towers.
            The cost of just building a wall is similar to building a fifteen-foot-high super-freeway which would act as a wall. We get the benefit of an easement on our side. My friend, former State Senator Lee Cotter, a civil engineer, first mention this to me a couple weeks ago. I really like the idea.
            One of the great improvements of our time is super-freeways. President Dwight Eisenhower was an Army Lieutenant-Colonel in 1919 when he was joined a convoy of equipment and men from the nation’s Capital to San Francisco. It took the eighty-vehicle convoy sixty-two days averaging a rate of six miles per hour.
            He vowed that if he was ever in charge, he would build superhighways. At the time, Germany was doing so with its Autobahn. Eisenhower was lifted out of obscurity at the start of WWII to become the Supreme Commander of the military and then the 34th President of the United States.
            Now coast to coast travel on freeways is only a few days. So why not put another path across the Southern Border which would allow better transportation along with more access to our country’s markets for Mexico and to Mexico’s markets for our country.
            Queen Elizabeth II said, “At its heart, engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions.” I agree, engineering solutions are much better to use than political solutions. Our nation, using engineering sent people to the moon and returned them safely. While politician President John Kennedy started the quest, it was engineers that achieved that mission.
            Just having a wall out in the middle of the area with nothing around it will still require constant monitoring which would also be what the freeway would require. A fifteen-foot rise would make it harder to just walk across the border, but it would not be impossible. Having traffic and regular rest stops would make it attractive to our citizens and would be heavily monitored for anyone trying to cross without authorization.
            Let us build something useful to use on both sides of our southern border while still being a barrier to those who would enter our country without legal status. It is an engineering solution rather than a political solution. I like win-win solutions.


"That's my story and I'm sticking to it"

© 2016 Jim Spence - Songwriters Lee Roy Parnell and Tony Haselden must have had a vision of the Democrat Party strategy for 2017. It is a strategy Democrats have embraced in the wake of their total election wipe out in 2016. The wipe out actually began a few years ago and culminated with Hillary Clinton being only able carry 15% of all American counties just four months ago in the election.
There can be no doubt that Democrats have decided collectively to coalesce around a false narrative that ties the Republicans to get this……..the Russians.
Hey, hold on a second. Didn’t Joe McCarthy try this ridiculous strategy a long time ago? Students of history remember Senator McCarthy insinuating Russian conspiracies at every turn. It did not end well.
It is bizarre, let me repeat this, it is BIZARRE that Democrats from top to bottom, with the help of Democrats in the media, have been running with stories that attempt to connect Trump administration people to the Russians.
To support this bizarre narrative, Democrats seem to think that merely because some Republicans have had "meetings" with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, this in itself is evidence of clandestine activity.
Folks, this dumb lie was not well thought out. With very little effort to clear the air, the record now clearly indicates that the Democrats themselves have had even more meetings with Kislyak than Republicans.
The list of Democrats who have met with Kislyak recently is like a who’s who of the party: Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Claire McCaskill, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Nancy Pelosi, Former Senator Mary Landrieu, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Jack Reed, Senator Bob Casey, and Senator Maria Cantwell.
Image result for schumer and putinEarlier this week, Kislyak was actually filmed sitting with Democrats during President Trump's address to Congress. Kislyak visited the White House 22 times when Obama was president. Late in the week several photographs of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer having meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin surfaced. It would seem that Senators and House members tend to have meetings with ambassadors as well as presidents from all kinds of different countries, especially Russians. There have been no absurd stories conjured up to explain all of these meetings, just meetings with the GOP draw the scrutiny of "suspicion."
Still, Democrats and their propaganda ministers in the media stayed out late last night refining this Russian story again, only to be caught at the front door of life by the truth:

I came in as the sun came up.
She glared at me over her coffee cup.
She said, "Where you been?"
So I thought real hard and said,
"I fell asleep in that hammock in the yard."
She said, "You don't know it boy, but you just blew it."
And I said, "Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

That's my story.
Oh, that's my story.
Well, I ain't got a witness, and I can't prove it,
but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it."

I got that deer-in-the-headlight look.
She read my face like the cover of a book and said,
"Don't expect me to believe all that static,
'cause just last week I threw that hammock in the attic."
My skin got so thin so you could see right through it,
and I stuttered, "Well that's my st- story and I'm st- stickin t-t-to it.

This is the Democratic Party plan since losing badly to Donald Trump. They are telling lie after lie. They are getting caught repeatedly. But apparently this Russian thing is going to continue to be their “story,” and yep.......they are sticking to it.

Let's leave tons of garbage and abandon puppies

© 2016 Jim Spence - Wow what a great party man!
You have to shake your head at the professional protesters who showed up and stayed in North Dakota to voice their concerns for the “environment.” They did so as they ranted, raved, and encouraged the propaganda ministers at the major media outlets to amplify objections to the Dakota Access Pipeline. These people behaved as if there have never been any energy pipelines crossing under rivers anywhere. There was no word from this group concerning the other eight pipelines in the area which have been transporting oil safely across rivers in the region for decades.
The truth is the United States is covered in energy pipelines and has been for many generations. In recent years, as environmentalists have stopped the construction of new pipelines, with the help of the Obama administration, above ground trains have been used to transport oil via tanker cars. This is alternative is illogical as transporting oil above ground is much more dangerous to the environment and to ecosystems than using pipelines. Occasional train derailments can and do lead to horrific accidents as was the case in Quebec in 2013.
Dakota Pipeline ProtestThe bottom line is simple, the protesters of this energy pipeline project drove their gasoline burning cars, trucks, vans, RV's, and SUV’s to this pristine site to object to.....the use of gasoline. Of course some Hollywood Democrats flew to the protest site in their private jets. It would seem that the the photo opportunities that came in the wakes of their gigantic carbon footprints were too irresistible. Pretending they are more "sensitive" and "compassionate," the protesters pompously implored America to stop using gasoline in front of cameras. It was reminiscent of environmental versions of television evangelist Jimmy Swaggert, who frequently objected to premarital sex while riding around in his limousine with hookers.

Image result for piles of garbage at dapl protestWhat happened when the protesters abandoned their absurd demonstrations against the pipeline was more instructive because it showed their true colors regarding their deep concerns about the environment. Literally tens of tons of toxic garbage including untreated human waste had piled up during their stay. These so-called environmentally conscious protesters simply walked away from their trash. Government officials had to quickly bring in bulldozers to clean up the mess before the untreated human waste and other toxins began to leach into the watershed. This would be the exact same watershed these protesters "claimed" they were concerned about.
Piles of garbage and human waste is not the only thing these protesters abandoned. Dogs with puppies were also left behind to fend for themselves in the North Dakota winter as all of the “Save the Planet,” types headed off to protest something else someplace else.
It is important to recognize these protesters are core Democratic Party constituents, except of course for the abandoned dogs and their puppies.


To hell with a grieving widow

© 2016 Jim Spence - Let me begin this column by calling attention to Democrats Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Keith Ellis. This pair actually were seen debating whether to stand and applaud as the widow of a Navy seal was honored during Donald Trump’s speech to Congress Tuesday night. In the end these two partisans quickly chose to remain seated. Had Hillary Clinton been president and presented this very same grieving widow for the same basic honor what would they have done? No doubt these two despicable Democrats would have jumped to their feet and applauded enthusiastically. How pathetic it is that they could not stop being petty for thirty seconds to show support for a grieving widow. This is what far too many Democrats are all about these days. Let's illustrate the problem.
Image result for wasserman schultz and keith ellison
Wasserman-Schultz and Ellis
Americans have been routinely calling for a change in direction with a super-majority saying the nation was on the wrong track in 2016.
Out went the Obama administration on January 20th after eight years in the captain’s seat. In came Donald Trump and his appointees to try to get America turned around.
Trump, despite all his shortcomings in terms of style points, actually won 85% of all American counties. This is a stunning statistic. Only 15% of American counties wanted Hillary to replace Obama. Minus most of the large metro areas in America where crime is sky high, public schools are little more than cesspools of corruption, and disintegrated family units mass produce welfare recipients, America overwhelmingly rejected the Democrats ideas in favor of change.
With the inauguration of Donald Trump we see the ugliest sequence of events any liberty loving American has ever seen unfolding.
The problem is Americans “thought” they were getting change when then Senator Obama the presidential candidate called the budget deficits racked up under George Bush “immoral.” However, once he had the keys to the White House, President Obama signed budget bills into law that borrowed more money than all 43 of his predecessors combined. Um….that was not the change Obama was preaching about as a candidate. Apparently having a credit card wherein someone else has to pay off the charges can “change” people, even those who indignantly call for change.
There are even worse things going on now. At one time most Democrats could be counted on to resist efforts to legitimize unwarranted spying on Americans. Senator Obama himself lamented bureaucrat’s reprehensible privacy invasions on many occasions…….before he gained control of the intelligence agencies. Yes, the former Illinois senator pompously warned us of the possibility of national security spying somehow morphing into political spying. Sadly, just as Obama the president doubled up on reckless government borrowing after calling it immoral, he also embraced unencumbered political spying after calling it dangerous.
Michael Moore Attacks War WidowWith all of the Obama holdover political appointees still working in the intelligence communities, the practice of using information gathered during intelligence operations for advantages in domestic political battles is an insidious reality now. Many partisan Democrats are now showing us they embrace an utter disdain for personal privacy now that most of their power has been stripped away by the voters.
Clearly Obama holdovers are tracking the whereabouts of those who they perceive to be their domestic political enemies and eavesdropping when they can do so. Still worse, these bureaucrats are insinuating to their friends in the press what they think might have been said, based on their shared partisan biases. As slimy as this behavior is, to be somewhat effective, Democrats need domestic weapons to make their false insinuations sting.
How low have the New York Times and Washington Post sunk? These propaganda ministries are now part of a corrupt arrangement where they are the weapons used to help shamelessly entrenched Democrat bureaucrats in Washington fight their new bosses.
In what cannot be described as anything less than a relentless effort to drive the bogus “Russian narrative” into the space of public discussion, these news outlets, using alleged “leaks” from anonymous Democratic Party sources within government, are now publishing story after story that try to insinuate treasonous behavior is taking place. This the ultimate form of corruption. It is no wonder American have a lower opinion of the press than any other entity.
Sadly, the American Civil Liberties Union is busier these days trying to coerce the U.S. courts to extend constitutional rights to every non American citizen on the planet, while their fellow Democrats are eroding the basic foundations of constitutional guarantees for U.S. citizens.
Be clear about what is going on in America. Democrats in Washington D.C. are far beyond anger. That the voters in 85% of U.S. counties and 60% of American states wanted change has not been cause for any Democratic Party self-reflection. Instead, it seems their being rebuked by voters is used as justification for even more dastardly behaviors. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi don’t represent anything except blind fanaticism.
More sad, there are no rules now and nor fundamental truths associated with journalism. If anyone thinks the power hungry pack of Democrat jackals remaining in Washington won’t use the incredible power of government and their friends in the press to come after you someday, think again.
What should be done? There should be mass layoffs in Washington D.C. Tens of thousands of unprincipled parasites working there need to get real jobs. The nation must rid itself of this horrific parasite infestation before it destroys us.