NM checking residency of immigrant license holders

From KOB-TV.com - (AP) - Gov. Susana Martinez's administration plans to verify whether immigrants who received a New Mexico driver's license continue to be residents of the state. Martinez announced Tuesday the Motor Vehicle Division will check a random sample of 10,000 license holders who are foreign nationals to determine their residency. Letters will notify people they have 30 days to schedule an in-person appointment with MVD. Documents to verify residency include utility bills, pay stubs and lease agreements. The agency will cancel licenses of individuals who are no longer New Mexico residents. The governor plans to ask the Legislature in a special session this fall to repeal a law allowing people without a Social Security number, such as illegal immigrants, to obtain a driver's license. Read more

House votes for huge deficit-cutting bill

From the Santa Fe New Mexican.com - (AP) The Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed legislation Tuesday night to cut federal spending by $6 trillion and require congressional approval of a constitutional balanced budget amendment in exchange for raising the federal debt ceiling and averting a threatened government default. The 234-190 vote marked the power of deeply conservative first-term Republicans, and stood in contrast to stirrings at the White House and in the Senate on a renewed effort at bipartisanship to solve the looming debt crisis. The House bill faces almost certain defeat in the Democrat-controlled Senate and President Barack Obama has vowed to veto it should it ever reach his desk. Read more

Political advisor to Gov Martinez calls resignation letter “pretty ridiculous”

From Capitol Report New Mexico.com - One of the top political advisors to Gov. Susana Martinez told Capitol Report New Mexico that the allegations made in a resignation letter by the deputy secretary in the state tourism office are ridiculous. Jay McCleskey (right) responded Tuesday (July 19) to a letter written by Toni Balzano, a holdover from the administration of Gov. Bill Richardson. On July 14, Balzano wrote to Martinez chief of staff Keith Gardner that she was quitting, saying “I … have had to defend myself against references that I am a Democrat Terrorist Al Qaeda member, a Richardson girlfriend, a spy poised to take down the administration.” Balzano went on to say that McCleskey was behind “these slanderous allegations.” “You have a Richardson appointee who chose to resign before she was being asked to leave,” McCleskey said Tuesday evening. “I don’t really have anything to say. The letter is pretty ridiculous. It speaks for itself.” Read more

One Obama Press Conference=36 Lies and Deceptions

From americanthinker.com -Obama held a press conference last Friday, July 15 which turned out to be a purely partisan effort to increase taxes and increase the American debt. His speech and the answers he gave to cherry picked questions from the press was fundamentally dishonest: in all I counted three dozen lies, deceptions and misleading statements.  Deception 1. "make sure that the United States does not default on our obligations, and that the full faith and credit of the United States is preserved." There is zero risk of a default to the creditors of US debt.  More News New Mexico

Unmanned Tolls on the Southern Border

From elpasotimes.com -The El Paso City Council voted unanimously to spend more than $1.7 million to upgrade the technology used to collect tolls at two international bridges, opening the door for possibly the first unmanned lanes on the southern border. The move will make it possible for four electronic kiosks to be installed as early as December, making them usable by January, said Said Larbi-Cherif, director of international bridges in El Paso.  More New New Mexico

Roswell School Suspends Students for Sharing Bible Verses

From charismamag.com -The suit alleges the Roswell Independent School District retaliated against a Christian group called Relentless, punishing and suspending its members for buying and giving fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts with Bible verses to each of their teachers. The students went to great lengths to share the Word of God. The closest Krispy Kreme shop was in Texas. Some members of the group drove almost six hours round trip, stayed overnight, got up at 3 a.m., filled their car's back seat with fresh doughnuts and got back to school on time to deliver the doughnuts. When they handed out the doughnuts, a Scripture verse was included. One student was immediately sent home and two others were forced to spend a Saturday morning sitting alone in the classroom for four hours as a punishment.  More News New Mexico

Bear Calls on Governor's Residence

SANTA FE – Yesterday, Governor Susana Martinez reminded all New Mexicans to be mindful of wildlife that has been displaced by drought conditions and fires across the state. Over the weekend, a bear was videotaped on a security camera at the Governor’s residence walking past trash cans as it searched for food.

Earlier this month, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish issued an alert to residents of the Los Alamos area regarding bears that had wandered into the community after being displaced by the Las Conchas fire. Governor Martinez echoed DGF’s calls to take steps to avoid attracting wildlife that may have entered New Mexico’s communities.
“In order to ensure our own safety and the safety of New Mexico’s wildlife, it is important that we all avoid encouraging animals displaced by the drought conditions and recent fires from visiting our homes and communities,” said Governor Martinez. “If you live near an area affected by drought or wildfires, take proactive steps to keep animals away from your home by removing or safeguarding items like pet food, bird feeders, and -- as Chuck and I learned this weekend -- trash cans.”
Governor Martinez also urged New Mexicans to refrain from attempting to “rescue” any animals that may appear to be injured or abandoned.
“If you come across a wild animal that appears to be injured or abandoned, it’s best to simply leave it alone and call the proper authorities,” the Governor added. “Handling these animals, even with the best of intentions, decreases their chances for survival.”
This weekend, Governor Martinez experienced firsthand what many New Mexicans have witnessed in the wake of recent wildfires as a bear visited the Governor’s residence early Sunday morning. The bear overturned two trash barrels in search of food. Security video of the early-morning visit can be found below.
“Chuck and I will certainly be taking steps to safeguard the trash cans and the dogs,” noted the Governor. “One bear nosing through the yard is more than enough to teach us that you can’t be too safe.”
If you believe that you have come across a wild animal that is injured or could be considered a safety threat, please call the nearest Department of Game and Fish office or your local police or sheriff’s office. Reports can be made at DGF offices in Santa Fe, (505) 476-8000; Albuquerque, (505) 222-4700; Raton, (575) 445-2311; Las Cruces, (575) 532-2100; or Roswell, (575) 624-6135.