Part 1: Are Radical Environmentalists Harmless Dreamers or Weath and Job Killers?

Jim Spence
Radical environmentalists make up a small portion of the U.S. population. However, they have learned how to spread influence through every nook and cranny of the political system. In 2008 this over-represented faction achieved its ultimate goal when it seized control of our massive and all-powerful federal government. How did they do it? 
Within the Democratic Party radical environmentalists have forged powerful alliances which they lubricate regularly with hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions. More often than not, and simply as a result of the sheer intimidation of malleable influence-peddling politicians, support is secured for costly economic policies that are based on widely discredited forecasts of environmental doomsday.
Within the radical environmentalist’s ruling coalition are public sector labor union bosses. Shameless union hacks look the other way while one job and wealth destroying policy measure after another is pushed through. And in exchange for looking the other way, radical environmentalists support Greece-like taxpayer funded salaries and pensions for unions. 
Al Sharpton
Other dependable allies are the burned out old civil rights gas bags from the 1960’s. Radical environmentalists help these types earn a living as race baiting hucksters in the 21st century, by agreeing to affix the “racist” label on anyone daring to oppose nonsensical green initiatives. In exchange, race baiters, like their union counterparts also look the other way on policies that kill jobs.
Radical environmentalists engage in a multi-pronged assault on businesses. One of the cornerstones of their comprehensive effort is to manipulate language and pervert American’s views of businesses. They have been successful. The term “corporation,” has gradually been transformed into dirty word that is fictitiously associated with negative concepts like exploitation and unscrupulousness.
So insidious are radical environmentalists unprincipled attacks on America’s private employers many companies routinely feign concerns for the latest predictions of environmental catastrophe and make extortion-like donations to bogus environmental causes. For no reason other than sheer intimidation, many CEO’s find themselves willing to do just about anything to avoid a carefully orchestrated smear campaign. The cost of being unwilling to appease environmental paranoia is just too high.