Part 2: Are Radical Environmentalists Harmless Dreamers or Wealth and Job Killers

Jim Spence
Some observers might argue that radical environmentalists are merely harmless dreamers who are just trying to make sure our air and water stay clean. They ask so what if their outrageous predictions of global environmental catastrophe have proved to be ridiculous? How much harm have all of their false prognostications really done? The answer to these questions is pretty simple. They have done and will continue to do trillions of dollars worth of annual economic damage to America.
The problem with radical environmentalists is despite the fact they ran out of productive things to do many years ago, they behave as if the believe anything worth doing must also be worth overdoing. And because they continue to push for economy killing policies, they can only succeed at the entire nation’s expense.
The absolute death grip radical environmentalists have secured on America’s economic future isn’t a minor nuisance with some accompanying positive trade offs. Dumb radical environmental policies are spreading like a stage four malignant tumor on our economy. This group of zealots and their favorite policies are now easily the greatest economic threat we face as a nation.
Take a look at all the Energy Department loan guarantees to companies like Solyndra. These loans are nothing more than a government orchestrated effort to flush taxpayer money right down the toilet. In the meantime, true American breadwinners like Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and Conoco Phillips, companies who pay more than $37 billion a year in income taxes, are characterized by many Democrats as being on the government dole. These characterizations are nothing short of intentional lies.
The blockage of the Keystone XL pipeline is a case study in how America has stood by and watched a tiny sliver of our population force us to embrace utter stupidity. Hundreds of billions in federal and state tax revenues and hundreds of thousands of jobs have been destroyed so that an area that already has dozens of pipelines won't get one more.
Non-politically oriented voters had better take the November election as an opportunity to wake up. American businesses are having severe trouble bearing the costs of survival. The nation’s workforce participation rate is at an all time low. Policies pushed by radical environmentalists have created artificially high prices at the gas pumps, artificially low interest rates at the banks, escalating college tuition costs, outrageous building and development costs, rising insurance costs, and soaring food prices. Sustainability is one of the favorite terms of these radicals. However, what they are doing to American businesses and the U.S. economy is completely unsustainable. If we keep them in power they will turn America into an economic wasteland.